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What is Brave Browser & Is It Any Good?

Many browsers have gained traction over the years with the kind of services they provide to their users. Some popular browsers are firefox, google chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, UC Browser, and so forth. Today with this article, we will have a look at Brave browser, the pros and cons of it and the Brave Search engine they are coming up with.

A browser’s primary task is to request web page resources from the server and display them to the user, but a modern-day browser like Chrome can do more than just that.

These browsers are different in their graphics, design, functions, etc. However, there is one commonality in them, and i,e, advertisement.

All these browsers facilitate ads, and these ads are visible on every ad-sense webpage that the users click on, which is irksome to the users. But what if I tell you that there is an alternate browser with no advertisement on its searches? 

Yes, you would be thrilled. The browser is brave. It is the most talked-about browser currently as it found a way to not endorse ads on its searches, and the business model is very different from the browsers mentioned above.

So, what is a brave browser? What are its characteristics? Why should you be interested in it?

Read this article to find the answers.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is like any other browser performing normal operations such as streaming, accessing web pages, and for the use cases that users normally use.

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It is different because it blocks all kinds of online ads and pays attention to the users’ privacy concerns, and therefore it allows for the blockage of website trackers.

brave shield

It has a feature called Brave shields, which can block third-party advertisement and also ceases the auto-playing of content. In addition, it provides the basis for users to make an adjustment to cookies, scripts, and others in their shield settings.

On the privacy side, it is very strict in keeping the user’s data from getting into the hands of a third party as there is no basis for accessing the user’s data. The servers of Brave have no feature for storing the users’ data, and it is only visible to the user.

welcome to brave

As a matter of fact, in a study conducted by the University of Dublin, it was found that Brave had the highest level of privacy out of all the browsers scrutinized by the researchers. This validates their commitment to user privacy.

In addition, user data can be collected from a fingerprint to identify a user’s source through remote computing. This is a loophole for any third party to get access to user data. But, sad news for them as Brave is the only browser that protects the users from any fingerprint data to be outsourced.

Brave browser passed 25 Million active users just early this year, this seems to be very nominal when compared to a behemoth like Google, but hey it’s a slow and steady rise.

Small browsers like Brave has been on a slow and steady rise for quite some time, just like we see with DuckDuckGo and Ecosia, it’s an uphill battle for them but options don’t hurt the users.

Pros and Cons of Brave

The table below provides a detailed list of the pros and cons of Brave browser:

It allows for the users to block third-party ads and cookies via Shield settings.It doesn’t facilitate a feature for an extension that is provided by every other browser.
It doesn’t store the user data on its serversIt is an unfinished technology as it is a beta version and needs a finished version for better credibility.
It allows for crypto transactions to take place to reward the content creators with a payment. In addition, it is also facilitating a payment method wherein the users can watch targeted ads.It suffers from the same problem of not working properly with some websites. However, this is a common demerit found in every browser
It restricts the usage of fingerprints and restrains the users from creating one.It is considered a browser that can bankrupt content creators who rely on advertisements.
It is the fastest web browser and the most secure one to have ever been developed.It is in need of more users to implement its advertisement model more realistically.
Pros and Cons of Brave

What is Brave Search Engine?

While streaming or browsing, the readers must have seen the Brave advertisement stating that Google is old and that you should join the 8 million users already using Brave and enjoy the ad-free services.

When Brave endorsed that advertisement, it wasn’t playing around, and it is competent enough to challenge Google as the Brave search engine is already available to the public as a BETA.

brave search engine

So, what are the features of the Brave search engine, and should you use it? The following passages will try to answer these questions.

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Before the readers could speculate further, let me declare that Brave has not reached the level where Google is right now, and it will take them more than a decade to achieve the milestone that Google has achieved over the years, if they ever do.

Brave is the future search engine for normal day-to-day users who are consumers, which is not acceptable to the content creators because their livelihood is based on advertisement and limiting that would be harmful to them, and this is why there is a lot of backlash against Brave search which is the actual name of the search engine developed by Brave.

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When it comes to information, Google has billions and billions of data stored in its database and is perhaps the most advanced search algorithm today.

It is also true that Google is mostly focused on ads than user privacy, but this seems to be slowly changing, with all the regulations coming after it left and right Google is lately paying some heed to user privacy.

The disturbances of ads are significant in numbers, but the quality of the information matters, so we stick to Google. But, if there is an alternate search engine that is the best in privacy, ad-blocking provides information and deals with every other problem that the users want to get rid of. Why not give it a try?

Therefore, the Brave engine is a perfect example of how to find solutions to problems escalating in the digital space, and I would recommend using the Brave search engine for experience but would not recommend abandoning Google.

The quality of information you will experience with Brave search will be very poor at least for an initial couple of years, when I say Quality I mean how relevant these results are to your search.

But luckily whenever Brave search feels that these results are not quite relevant to what you searched for, it will ask you if you want to make a quick Google or a Bing search.

I would rather say use both and check the differences, and with time, you can switch to the search engine that satisfies your requirements.

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.


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