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Why is OnePlus So Popular? | Tecvalue

Business is both very complex and simple simultaneously, but it requires the ability to manage its operations carefully and with foresight. In simple words, it requires the right marketing strategy to accomplish the objectives.

Many companies have proved their worth with the marketing strategy, and there are ample examples of it. But before we highlight some examples, let us try to understand the various facets of marketing.


Firstly, marketing is directly related to the branding of the company and the products or services it offers in the market. Secondly, it tries to elevate the sales to the maximum level, having an indirect effect on the company’s brand value.

This article focuses more on the brand part of marketing than sales which vary from product to product, and the company we are studying is OnePlus.

It is a company that has achieved miles in its brand value and therefore has managed to capture the attention of many tech enthusiasts. 

What does OnePlus have in its branding values that makes it different from its competitors? 

Before answering this question, one should try to comprehend the values of other companies.

Macdonald is one perfect example of branding. It realised that serving food to customers in their cars was very time-consuming and developed a whole new system of delivering food to the customers- self-service.

They developed a time-bound model of packing the food and handing it over to the customers. It became very successful and popular. However, other important features of Macdonald’s contributed to its branding value, but the most crucial one mentioned above.

Given the above example of branding values, we will study the same and learn why OnePlus is so popular? Did they bring forth something to the smartphone industry as Macdonald had brought to the fast-food industry?

We will strive to answer these questions in the following passages. 

OnePlus came with a set of principles, and they managed to implement that successfully as well. Let us understand the initial core values that One Plus strived to share with its customers. 

There is no doubt that providing a unique product at a reasonable price was an essential feature that elevated the popularity of OnePlus. 

The first phone of the OnePlus was the OnePlus One, and it managed to gain traction in the market as it managed to stand to the expectations of the customers and the techies at the same time. 

Oneplus one with its red Battery
Courtesy of OnePlus

The central reason for the success of its first product was the marketing strategy. It started a unique way of getting the product into the customers’ hands via an invitation process.

It would send invitations to particular customers after going through the selection process.

It made purchasing a OnePlus product very interesting and made a lot of customers excited. However, it ended the invitation model for selling the products after its third smartphone was launched into the market- The onePlus 3. 

The most important feature of all was the provision for providing a stock-like Android experience in the form of Oxygen OS which was greatly loved by the community.

Oxygen OS was clean, bloat-free, snappy. It was one of the USP of  OnePlus, which was lauded by techies and customers alike.

Many such features contributed to the popularity of OnePlus. It is difficult to end up with a single statement that would justify the answer concerning the question of its goodwill. Therefore, having a chronological sequence will help us to direct to a better conclusion.

The chronology provided below will aid the readers in getting a better picture of OnePlus’ elevation as a popular brand.

Innovation: It provided a stock-like Android experience with CyanogenMod 11s to its users with the first OnePlus One smartphone, and it helped the users understand android features explicitly. In simple words, it made the stock UI very exciting for the users.

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Marketing strategy: The strategy applied for the sale of its first two products was at par excellence than the marketing strategies of other tech giants. It had a positive multiplier effect on its brand value. 

The strategy of letting the customers log in to the OnePlus portal to get an invite to purchase the product was a huge success. The success of its brand value came with the reason cited for using such a system of purchasing the product. It stated that the growing demand had compelled them to develop such a system.

The very inference of high demand for a new company launching its first product was a gigantic marketing strategy that benefitted them entirely. They may have had the demand but to say that because of the demand, we will let you purchase differently was a brownie point for OnePlus.

Catchy Quotes: The company was marketing their products with very impressionable quotes, and especially a lot of youngsters were taken in by that. One of the central quotes used in the marketing of their products: “Never Settle,” was very powerful and a direct inference of the principles that OnePlus was preaching to its customers.

It was a well-planned out quote because it directed people to keep using different versions of their products and experience the newest technology in smartphones. It is fitting to say that it was indirectly indicating that the OnePlus phones are the best and that the users must not settle for anything but the best.

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Price: This is by far the most important aspect in the chronology of events that elevated the popularity of OnePlus. It provided the users with a reasonable price for their products and it was worth the cost for techies too. The price margin for every OnePlus smartphone was significant to the growing popularity of OnePlus.


It is pretty clear that the OnePlus stock-like android experience with Oxygen OS at a decent and affordable price for the same aided them in gaining their popularity. But, it was possible because of the Marketing genius of the CEO of OnePlus Carl Pie who brought in the features we have discussed so far.

So, to answer the question of what it gave to the smartphone industry?

In simple words, OnePlus is just another smartphone brand aiming at specific demography that lives and breathes technology. It is the innovation in technology that attracted a lot of users and catapulted to a stage of having a fan base or a community who share the same values as OnePlus and this is what it gave to the smartphone industry.

So, If one has to simply answer why OnePlus is so Popular? It would direct oneself to one common and central aspect of what it gives to its users. It gives a sense of togetherness and community building of shared values on developing technologies on smartphones and this is why it is so popular.

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.



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