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What is Steve Jobs’ IQ and Why He is The GOAT?

Intelligence is what makes homo Sapiens different even after they belong to the same species, and it is this very thing that makes one measure the superior and inferior characteristics possessed by human beings.

In this article, we shall study the IQ of yet another iconic personality who revolutionized the world with his beliefs and painstaking design and marketing takes and by founding a company that became a trademark for both its quality and brand value that is incomparable to the heights that any company might have reached in history.

It is of Steve Jobs. The brilliant and complicated co-founder of Apple. He is a symbol of creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship all over the world, and to learn about his intelligence is a subject in itself, keeping his personal history and philosophy in mind.

We know that there are a lot of things on the table when Jobs is a matter of discussion. However, we will be focusing primarily on his IQ followed by his major contributions to Apple and to the world through the products he endeavored during his tenure.

But as usual, we request our readers to understand the basics of IQ studies which we covered on Elon Musk’s IQ.

What is Steve Jobs’ IQ?

Steve Jobs’ IQ is estimated to be 160 which is the same as Bill Gates and equivalent to that of Albert Einstein. Steve was no engineer or a technician but there was something about the way he saw things that could develop in the technological space that made him really contribute in areas that no one was looking at.

Moreover, the IQ needs no justification because of the image he has created in the business world and the market through his innovations and interviews and of course, the biography of him written by Walter Isaacson that has inspired many entrepreneurs around the world.

Now that the IQ is established, let us get into the characteristics of Steve Jobs to better understand his intelligence.

What are the Characteristics of Steve Jobs?

The following are the characteristics of Steve that have been curated after reading his biography “Steve Jobs.” The book truly establishes the good and ugly sides of him and therefore using it as a reference makes it a more reliable source for the study that we have undertaken:

  1. Delusional: He can be extremely persuasive about things that others don’t agree or believe about and can also make someone believe in a reality that only exists in his mind. It sounds pretty crazy but the truth is that it works. His pain-staking influence to bend reality works for all the products that he had been involved in. In the process, his opponents even named this tactic of him “Reality Distortion Field.” A wave of powerful manipulation into believing his imagination that he uses when someone is not persuaded by his take on something.
  2. Visionary: He was a visionary from the initial stages of Apple for he always had a philosophy about Apple and about building great products that are incomparable to the products of other companies and that it would have a distinct feature of their own and he managed to do that successfully. 
  3. Hated Conventional Dictums: He hated conventional ways of dealing with a problem and wanted a more direct and straightforward approach to resolving problems. For instance, he would be outraged if somebody starts with a presentation using Slides to discuss an important issue. He would immediately heckle that person to stop with the presentation and instead would take the lead in explaining the problem by taking a whiteboard and a marker and scribbling on it, old school style. Thus, making his personality less conventional from a corporate point of view and more impulsive and intuitive in nature.
  4. Loved Designs: His love for designs paved the way for Apple to have very attractive products that elevated the brand value to a level that could never be outnumbered by any other company on the planet.
  5. Aggressive: He was always aggressive about a lot of things and received a lot of flags too for his behavior, but it always paid off and that’s the sole reason for his employees and colleagues’ toleration.

The characteristics are a long list when it comes to Steve but these fives are the most prominent ones in his professional life. In the forthcoming passage, we would be concluding it by asking that one question that we often ask at the end of our study to every personality we have written about.

Was Steve Jobs a Genius?

This is probably the first time Tecvalue has taken a firm stand on any personality’s IQ to be considered a genius and we have our reasons for that.

Steve didn’t invent something but created a very different vision of marketing his products and representing them to the customers providing his philosophy in it. He was the first person to see the design in an artistic way and used that same lens in the development stages of Apple’s products, be it the Macintosh, iMac, or the iPod. It always had a very special take on it.

In simple words, he was truly a genius for his marketing tactics, the best example of which would be the “Think Different” campaign that really helped in kick-starting the revival of Apple from being less than 90 days away to insolvency.

Steve’s genius was in the way he described things and had a passion for perfection that normal people would eventually ignore. He really knew what the customers didn’t know and also knew how to tell the customers what they really needed. 

Be it his business tactics, marketing, or business modeling, he excelled in everything with flying colors as he managed to change every field he ever entered, from the music industry to television, to mobile phones. He changed all of that with his ideas and snarky behavior if one has to take into account his behavior.

Ultimately, Steve was a genius because there is enough evidence of it available in the market. In other words, he is a genius because we believe so, his biography, documentaries, and so forth are evidentiary materials to suffice this take of ours.

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.


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