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What is Memechat and How to Make Money with it?

Are you known for making sarcastic tummy-tickling memes that are worthy of being viral? Do you take pride in yourself being the Meme-King among your friends and family?

Well, say no more because we got you the right job for your sarcastic skills. In other words, you can make about Rs 200 a day just by posting on Memechat, which is our topic of discussion today.

It’s Lockdown time, and the means of income for people have become narrowed down to only essential services.

Passive income has become the need of the hour, and we can utilize these windows of opportunities to make some extra bucks on the way, and many people have ended up making a living out of it. But it might take some time to reach the top, but it is always worth the effort.

What is Memechat?

Memechat possess a feed that displays the funniest memes, which the topmost members will approve of the Memechat community, and you will have to climb the ladder as you go on to get that approval status. The Memechat App was developed by the friends-duo Taaran Chanana and Kyle Fernandes in 2019.

The App has more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. They also belong to the team that manage the S*** Indians Say Instagram page.

You will find memes of various topics like Dank memes, Political memes, Noob memes, Doge memes, and more.

Every Meme gets you points that will rank you on the leaderboard. Memechat is more like a social network where you get to see millions of Memes, and it is for both Memes watchers and Members alike.

There are three types of leadership boards in the Memechat App: All-time, Weekly, and Rising.

Memechat can also allow beginners to make memes directly from their App, so you don’t need to search for any other editing software or an Application. They have a stellar collection of native templates that automatically updates with the coming trends.

When you switch over to its inbuilt editing tools, some options let you add text, images, stickers and everything you would normally need to make awesome memes in your free time. It’s a cakewalk for small-time meme-makers for making quality content. 

If you want to make money by just giving out the stash of your funniest memes via the networking connection of Memechat, then this App is maybe the biggest break for you.

If that isn’t enough for you as laurels, Memechat even got the “People’s Choice Award in the Aatma Bharat Nirbhar App Innovation Challenge” in 2020.

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Is it Legit?

Yes, I know, it’s very easy to fall into money-chain conundrums, and all those scams scattered all over the internet, and you might wonder how these people even get the money to pay for memes in the first place.

Memechat is more or less like a Startup, and it is still under development so that even better features can be added to this app ecosystem. The popularity of the App has sky-rocketed since the lockdown has started.

Memechat has a payscale between Rs.5 to Rs.30 for every Meme that gets approved when you upload it. The payment is always dependent on the category of the Meme you have uploaded.

Memechat does its work in the following steps. Firstly, a company that wants to gain popularity among its target audience approaches Memechat for its marketing media.

The company provides them with their pics or some Meme related stuff. Memechat will now take these pics/promo stuff, and they will add them along with a meme template they have collected from their meme community, which will be provided to their pages, which will also be promoted on social media.

That’s how Memechat makes their money with our collection of memes, and they give some cut from the revenue to the members, which is very low if you compare it to the actual contract between Memechat and the companies.

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Now you might be wondering what kind of companies approach them for contracts. The founders are pretty confident with their rock-solid revenue model.

Even though Meme Chat is currently partnered with many video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Alt Balaji, Disney+Hotstar, they still have many offline brands well in their big fat portfolio of clients.

Fernandes, the founder and CEO, has reported that the revenue has increased by 5 to 10 per cent monthly.MemeChat is still in the works, with new features and are in the talks to venture off to new horizons.

For this aim to be achieved, Memechat recently raised US$ 150,000 (More than one crore rupees) from the early-stage venture fund, 500 Startups.

How to Make Money on Memechat?

Now we will answer the question you had from the start, how can you start making some of those extra bucks?

To earn money via meme chat, you will have to start making a Meme pic in this App through your own creativity. The more Memes you create and upload in Memechat, the more you will be making it rain through this App. This will only take you 30-40 seconds tops, provided you already have a fresh idea in mind.

It will undergo approval when you are finally done with your humorous work of art and have uploaded your Meme. After approval by the top members in the Memechat community, you will get the money for the Meme created.

Make sure the Meme is original and trending. Please note that the payment is always dependent on the category of the Meme you have uploaded, which means the Dank memes may be less valuable than trending political or cinema-related memes.

In the Memechat-verse, 1 MC = Rs. 1, and the MC is earned through an approval rating. In other words, If the Meme you made is funny and more people liked it, then more than one 1MC can be earned.

This gives you an incentive to make funnier memes and gives you a major confidence boost when you see hordes of people liking it and the content you made go viral, which means you can earn money by making memes in this way.

When you finally make 100 rupees through Memechat, you can transfer that money directly to your bank account or through Paytm too.

On top of this, Memechat regularly conducts meme-making competitions where you are asked to create memes on a specific topic and take part. The winners can go home with cash prizes as large as Rs 1000 for a single meme.

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Memechat Minimum Payout

The minimum payout, that is, the minimum money you need to make on Memechat to withdraw from your bank account or PayTM, is Rs. 100. Once your earnings reach Rs. 100 in your Memechat wallet, you can get it transferred directly to your own PayTM or bank account.

How to make the most out of your memes?

Let us give you some tips on making the most out of your meme-making skills-

Install the Memechat app on your mobile and join a few trending groups for getting the hang of the platform to know how the meme chat community works, or you can go ahead and create your group and invite your friends on it. If you have enough followers on Instagram, you can invite them too.

There is an alternative way to find top trending memes on Memechat. If you don’t know which topic people have currently taken a liking to, go to the trending topics, and you will see many options that may help you make memes around that topic; you can also find fresh content, and you can create original memes around that too.

Post every day on Meme chat earning App

Consistency is Key, and Content is King!

Never forget these when you are on your Meme-making Spree. So try to post at least 2-3 memes every day, which will help you grow fast on memechat and many people earning lots of money from it.

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Final Take by Tecvalue

Now, you might have understood the potential memes can have, and the virality of memes is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Marketing and Social Media Promotion.

We can harness this potential for our own good through the means of such opportunities.

We hope this article has given you a deep insight into how you can create a steady flow of passive income through the means of meme-making.

Would you please make sure to read the rest of the articles on this site over here to enrich your knowledge in the tech domain?

Basim Parapathil
Basim likes to assert himself as the Chandler Bing of Technical writers, which is why you would find him struggling to blend sarcasm and technical stuff.


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