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8 Easy steps to create an invitation video

The world of digitization has advanced and how. It feels like yesterday when people used to send paper invites for any occasion or party. The digital space arrived and transformed everything we knew in less than a decade.

Everyone around us started owning a smartphone, and before we knew it, invitations were sent out through text messages and Email forwards.

Well, it’s time to amp up our game. Why send textual invites when you can create and send attention-capturing videos in minutes?

Now don’t say that you don’t have that creative forte. You don’t need the help of graphic specialists every time. The accessibility and features of online video editing tools have made it possible for even a newbie to create videos in minutes.

This article will guide you in creating your first-ever invitation video. Whether it’s an upcoming birthday party for your kid or a corporate event or a wedding invite, you can always be creative with the invites. And the best way to get creative is through a video invite.

How To Create An Invitation Video Online?

Before we decode the 8 steps to create an online invitation, let’s quickly understand why you need a video invite.

  • Video invites are far more attractive and personalized than textual or graphical invites. You get the creative freedom to play with music, texts, animations, transitions, and whatnot.
  • Why would people attend your event if they don’t feel excited about it? With a video invite, you can create excitement in them and give out a feeling that you would appreciate their presence.
  • With a video invite, you can lay down essential information without making the invite bland. You can play around with texts and graphics in the video invite also. However, with the added benefit of motion, the video would become naturally compelling.
  • You get to create a cinematic experience for your viewers by creating a beautiful blend of music, sound, and effects. Such invites create anticipation in the mind of people that the event would surely be worthy of their presence.
  • It’s an eco-friendly way of sending invites however, you are adding the personal touch of traditional, by going paperless. What a wonderful way to celebrate Earth. 
  • It’s prompt. You don’t need to call everyone and ask for their confirmation. People can watch their invites and send their RSVPs for you to plan things better.
  • Video invites will save you a lot of money compared to traditional invites. They are economical, however, and more captivating than their traditional counterparts.

Now that you have known the beauty of video invites, how about you start making one?

Let’s give you 8 steps to create an online video invitation without any hassles.

1. Plan a theme

Everything about your video invite depends on how you want it to be. You don’t need to be a creative pro to think of ideas.

Look for inspiration online, create a mood board and create a rough outline for your video. The central video theme needs to be clear before starting the video-making process.

theme for an invitation video

Let’s say you have to send out a wedding invite. What kind of wedding invite do you want? Do you want a save-the-date type of invite, a video invite made out of pictures, an animated video, or a caricature video invite?

You can also use a mix of these kinds and create your unique video. However, before you plan a theme, think of the resources at hand.

If you want a video made out of pictures, check whether or not you have good-quality images to add to the video. If not, can you plan a shoot and get the pictures? If not, what are the options?

Creating videos is a time-consuming process. Get realistic with what you want and the efforts you are willing to put in.

2. Choose the template

Once you have a theme in mind, pick a template from your video invitation maker. There are thousands of editing apps available for free use on the Internet.

The Invitation maker has a collection of stock images and videos, an extensive portfolio of templates, and myriads of lucrative features which will aid you in creating a video invite.

template for an invitation video

Now, the template you choose will directly and greatly affect the results of your video. You can say that the template establishes the theme and mood of the video. So pick wisely. Get opinions of your sibling, friend, or partner and get their point of view.

3. Select and add your images

If you are making a video out of images, you need some high-quality, theme-resonating images to add to your video. If not, you can download free stock images and video clips and add them to your template.

Depending on how long you need the video to be and whether or not you want to draw focus on images, you can choose the number of pictures.

Adding images to the video

Always keep a mix of images and video clips as the motion captivates attention. Select the raw data, sort them and start updating them in your template. At this point, you can see the rough flow of the video.

4. Get creative with your words

You will have to convey important details about the event in the video. So get creative with your words. Pick a font that compliments your theme and place them where needed.

Be creative with your words is the key

Don’t cram the template with loads of textual information. Comments are minimum and don’t place them all together. The texts should look pleasing and not overcrammed.

5. Add a befitting soundtrack

To create the online invitation, we would advise choosing a video editing tool that allows you to download free music. Without a soundtrack, the video invite will give a feel of the slideshow.


It’s not appealing. A befitting music track will add to the cinematic experience of the video. It will create an atmosphere and a theme, thereby creating a curiosity for your event.

If you are doing a voice-over video, get it recorded in systematic settings to get audio clarity. You can also add music to the voice-over videos to create an immersive experience.

6. Add and blend special effects

The best and tiring part of making a video starts here. The animated effects, transitions, text styles, overlay effects, and other special effects like graphics need to be added, edited, and blended in the correct form here.

The video should flow smoothly, and by correcting every transition into the smooth flow, you get a truly captivating end video. Editing can take time but make sure you don’t rush this step as this will decide the quality of your video invite.

7. Add final touches

Watch the video repeatedly and lookout for minor errors. Correct the effects and ensure that you haven’t missed any details.

At this step, you perfect your video by giving minute attention to details. Take suggestions and reviews from your friend or family before finalizing the invite.

8. Download and share

Download the video in its highest quality. Ensure that there is no watermark of editing tools on it. Share the video through Emails, social media, and website to your invitees.

sharing your video to the invitees

So what are you waiting for? Have you created your video invite yet? For once, ditch the text and image invite and send a video invite. We assure you that you will get addicted to making video invites thereafter.

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.


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