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What is Bill Gates’ IQ?

Like all the other big personalities who have brought forth something new to this world, here we are again to study the IQ of yet another personality who pushed the human race forward. This time, it is none other than Bill Gates.

In this article, we shall provide the IQ score of Bill Gates and also discuss some of the characteristics of Bill Gates that makes him one of a kind.

The study is limited to his character traits followed by that one ultimate question of him being a genius.

The study does not emphasize more on the justification of his IQ or to the genius question, but rather tries to answer the questions generally.

But before we move to the part where we answer the anticipated question, it is important for the readers to, first of all, understand what IQ really means and how it is estimated.

There are two methods of evaluating a person’s IQ and both these methods have been briefly discussed in the Elon Musk Article that we have written earlier.

It is important that the readers understand the subject matter first and then proceed with the understanding of the context pertaining to Bill Gates’ IQ. It will only make the study more interesting for the readers.

What is Bill Gates’ IQ?

Bill Gates beats up all the personalities that we have studied so far, as his estimated IQ is 160 according to IQ-Test.net. There is no denial to the fact that it is no surprise that a man of his position would have an IQ lesser than that. 

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Now that we have established his IQ, let us try to get into the characteristics of Bill Gates as it would help to further understand him better and perhaps answer some of the impending questions associated with him.

What are the Characteristics of Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is one of the consequential people who shaped the end of the 20th century and paved the way for the 21st century’s digital age. Therefore, it is necessary for our study to understand Bill and his characteristics:

Characteristics of Bill Gates
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  1. Clarity of Vision: Bill is one of those people who see things with a different lens and therefore can be very intolerant to other people’s views. It is so because they have a strong conviction of things working their way. Bill has often criticised his fellow employees for their ideas because, deep down, he has a driving force that makes him think about the pros and cons of the ideas shared with him. In simple words, it is his clarity of vision that produces a behaviour that can be uncomfortable for people who don’t understand his vision. To sum up, there is his iconic line from a documentary made on him where he is in an argument about an issue with one of his employees and retorts: “You never understood the first thing about it.” This line itself is a testament of the fact that he has a vision in his head and is hell bent on achieving it even if people disagree with him.
  2. Inquisitive: Bill has a curious way of looking at the problems and opportunities that lay before the world, and therefore, he takes a “think week” to plan out his ways with the work he is involved in. This quality is directly related to the forthcoming trait- intensive reading.
  3. Intensive Reading: Bill is a nerd since childhood, and he maintains the book-reading habit till date. It is perhaps because of this habit that he manages to stay updated with almost everything that is going around the world.
  4. Empathy: There is no two opinion to the fact that this character trait of Bill is the basis on which his philanthropic works are done and without it, it would be just pure business and nothing else. 

Now that we know the characteristics of Bill Gates, let us try to throw light on that one big question and conclude our study.

Is Bill Gates a Genius?

When it comes to Bill Gates, the question of genius is a little difficult to answer because of what he represents.

He was actually directly involved in the development of software in his days as an entrepreneur and elevated the computing business to a whole new level which was remarkable.

An Old Man Reading a Book
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In addition, the fact that he can read about 100-150 pages in an hour and also have the capacity to retain all the information is a quality that is unlike any average human being.

Also, he received an honorary doctorate from Harvard, which in itself is a symbol of genius, for the same was given to Albert Einstein.

Keeping his history in mind, it is fair to suggest that, he indeed is a genius with qualities that are different from all the personalities that we have discussed so far in the IQ sections.

To sum it up, it would be wise to suggest that Bill is not a genius like that of Einstein or Tesla or Hawking for he didn’t really discover something that was not known to mankind.

He was simply smart enough to comprehend the opportunity that computers would provide and navigated his goals towards it and excelled on it.

Bill Gates comes under a different kind of variant under the study of geniuses. 

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.


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