Best Phones Under 80000 | 2021

animated images of two smartphones and a text saying "Phones under 80k"

Are you looking to buy a new phone under 80000? This article will feature some of the best phones under 80000. If you plan to buy a smartphone under 80k, you will indeed be expecting the best in class, but with so many options around, you can sometimes get overwhelmed; this article will ease out … Read more

Why did Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy? | Tecvalue

Microsoft X Apple

The upcoming entrepreneurs who look up to big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and other companies know little of their fallouts. They hence cannot understand the complexities involved in it. Every start-up in their initial days goes through a tough time financially and so did Apple, this article unfolds one of the most interesting topics … Read more

Ever wondered why are smartphones getting bigger and expensive?

Smartphone getting bigger and expensive

Haven’t you noticed all major smartphones especially the flagships smartphones getting bigger and expensive than ever before? Ever wondered why?The first smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen was LG’s Prada with just a 3-inch display although it failed catastrophically, soon the first iPhone was launched in 2007 with a 3.5-inch display and it revolutionized the smartphone … Read more

Top 10 Tech Company Logos: With Market Cap [2021]

Top 10 Tech Company Logos

Guessing Logos seems to be a fun game for some, well at least for me it was, back in the day and specifically Tech company Logos, this article features Top Tech Company Logos for some of the famous and more recognized brands around the world, let’s see how those looks. 1. MICROSOFT Microsoft was founded … Read more

How Long Can A Tweet Be In 2021?

There has been a lot of buzz around the “Twitter word limit,” some likes that Twitter has a word limit, but some despise it because they can only think this much to fit all their thoughts in a certain amount of words. This article will answer some of the key questions around the same and … Read more

Best Wireless Chargers |Qi Certified | TecValue


Almost every premium smartphone from the likes of Apple, Samsung, etc, and some recent affordable smartphones come with wireless charging support but you almost never get a wireless charger inside the box. Since your phone supports wireless charging you don’t want this feature to go to waste. There are tons of third party wireless chargers … Read more