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Why does Google Chrome show a Dinosaur When you are Offline?

Browsers have become an integral part of our digital life and each browser presents itself differently. There are certain ways in which the browser presents itself, both offline and online. 

In this article, we will try to comprehend why Google Chrome shows a Dinosaur when it goes offline?

It is a pretty interesting way to keep the users engaged and therefore studying it will help to construe this feature explicitly.

We will also try to understand the game that can be played with the Dinosaur when the browser is offline. But, first of all, we will try to comprehend the main reason behind the appearance of the Dinosaur.

Why Does Google Chrome Show a Dinosaur When you are Offline?

Sebastian Gabriel, a Google designer, created the dinosaur to keep the users engaged in a game while they wait for the internet connection to resurrect. 

T-Rex Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome

The users normally tend to immediately fix the internet connectivity and try to reconnect the internet connection but after it fails, they have no option other than to wait.

In order to not make that experience tedious and frustrating, the T-rex dinosaur can be used to pass some time in a fun and interesting way.

It is a fascinating way in which Gabriel has managed to understand the trivial nuisance of the internet and provide an alternative to Google Chrome users.

It gives confidence to Chrome users as it shows how deeply they care about the user experience.

How to play the Dinosaur Game?

It is actually a simple game with a simple manual. All a user has to do is click on the space button and the game starts. 

Each time the user clicks on the space button, the dinosaur jumps. The user will have to rescue the dinosaur from the obstacles such as cactus and bird.

Each time, the dinosaur jumps against a cactus, it gets points and the game is over if it hits the cactus. 

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The game can be continued by clicking on the space button again. It is an endless game and mind it! It can be pretty addictive too.

So, we can expect some users who were not aware of the game, to play the game on purpose by closing their internet connection. Like I have.

Why the T-Rex Dinosaur and not anything else?

To answer this question, one has to study the features of the dinosaur. The dinosaur has a short arm which indicates that it is not in a position to get hold of things that are beyond its reach.

It is a creative way to tell the users that likewise, Chrome is also beyond the reach of the internet and therefore it is not able to redirect the page that the users had searched for.

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This is a beautiful way to take trivial matters and make them subjective. Gabriel’s idea has managed to infuse a story for the users.

One has to appreciate the level of detailing that was put into this. In addition, the game itself is so interesting and it makes any user feel that the longer it takes for the internet connection to resume, the better. Well, let us hope it doesn’t get to that.

If we keep the game aside and only consider the dinosaur, it is still very attractive and raises the eyebrows of the users and makes one inquisitive to get to know more about it. This is why it is fitting to say that it is by far the best strategy applied by Google to make its users stick to Chrome.


The T-rex dinosaur is for all praise and there is no criticism that one can possibly mention. However, one cannot help but notice that the in-built game is similar to that of Mario. 

Super Mario is perhaps the first game that was designed to simply jump out of the obstacles and earn some coins. Of course, there are differences but it cannot be denied that both the games share a commonality. 

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The commonality is not just in the graphics of the game but also in the music. The sound it makes each time the score is doubled resonates with the Super Mario game.

Well, it is not suitable to compare a major game with just a game that is designed to pass the time and nothing else. But, as this is a study, we can expect some revelations to be made. 

There may be no commonality whatsoever but to the common users, it is an observation and the same was made by me.

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.


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