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Top 10 Tips to Get Better at Video Editing

With the staggering demand for videos for marketing presentations, training purposes, or business promotion, video editing has become more prevalent. That’s the reason why more and more beginners are looking for ways to polish their video editing skills and become a pro at it. 

To become a video editor, you will need to grab a good understanding of the operating system you are working on. In addition, flexibility to adapt and attention to minute details are some other skills that make you eligible to be a video editor. 

In this article, we will discuss the tips that can help you become a successful video editor and become better at it. 

Set a Video Editing Goal 

Having a clear goal is the first step toward improving your skills as a video editor. You must have a clear idea about your target audience. Set up a strategy to determine the direction and flow of the video prior to starting a project. 

Align your edits with the objectives of your campaign to create a more targeted and focused video. 

Choose the Right Device

A responsive device will give you the confidence you need to complete your video editing projects proficiently. Buy a computer with a faster processor, SSD storage, plenty of RAM, a high-quality graphics card, and a higher screen resolution.

After editing a video, make sure to convert it in a widely supported file format such as mov into mp4 Mac, for instance, to be able to use them on other devices. 

Practice Editing Skills Regularly 

Several different ways are available that can help you polish your video editing skills. You can learn from online tutorials or enroll in a video editing course to learn new tips and tricks that will keep you up-to-date with industry trends. 

Try editing small clips using different video editing tools. Also, compare your work to understand how much you have improved and what all you can do to become better. 

Transcribe Video Scripts

An automatic speech recognition tool will help you transcribe your video clips into text to make them more gripping. You need to import your video and select the transcription language, and the tool will automatically generate the text transcripts. 

Sometimes, viewers prefer reading the captions instead of listening to the audio, and having transcription will help you target such an audience. 

Tell A Story Creatively 

Storytelling is the most practical way to grab your audience’s attention. A dramatic illustration is more impactful than a narrative video. Editing a video is not just about trimming the extra elements; it’s more about putting together all the clips that tell a compelling story. 

Now add the right emotions and voiceovers to leave a deep impact in the minds of your end audience.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

While working on the video editing project, editors often find it frustrating to switch between the keyboard and the mouse. Video editing is a time-intensive task; learning keyboard shortcuts will allow you to edit a video in less time than usual. 

Most video editing tools give you plenty of keyboard shortcut options to perform quick edits. At first, you may find it difficult, but you will become familiar over time. 

Pay Attention to Color Correction 

Colors play a vital role in making your video complete by bringing forth the subject you want to focus on. Color correction will transform and balance the underlying image, and the elements will appear more precise. Red will appear red, and white will appear white. 

While you are focusing on color correction, pay extra attention to color grading. Make the scene more realistic by using techniques that will enhance the video, making it compelling. 

Avoid Overdoing Stuff

While you are working on a video editing project, adding extra elements seems enticing. Learn the tips to do things accurately and maintain a perfect balance throughout. Overusing effects, music, or animation can divert your audience, making the video distorted. 

If you are a beginner, you are more likely to overdo stuff, thinking that the video will appear catchy. However, the viewers may lose interest in the video. 

Stabilize Your Footage 

After putting in so much hard work, you won’t expect the final product to appear shaky. Stabilize your video footage to make it more attention-grabbing. Most video editing software integrates features that help you to stabilize your video clips. 

You can explore the web to find third-party plugins that can help you come up with a high-quality, exceptional video. 

Pick the Perfect Music 

No video can entice and spellbound the viewers without that one element – music. Selecting the right music is challenging yet important. Music triggers the right emotions, so spend time searching the web for the right tune that helps you achieve your goal. 

The background sound effect and subtle noises will complete your video, making it more natural. Make sure to pick royalty-free music and sound effects for your video footage. 


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