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What is Mark Zuckerberg’s IQ?

With the coming of social media, the world has access to a lot of personalities and their success stories, and with this comes the curiosity to know their IQ, which helps the people to understand their idols better. Therefore, in this article, we shall try to study the IQ of one such personality- Mark Zuckerberg.

It is true that not every person is currently a big fan of Zuckerberg, thanks to his decision-making process.

Keeping aside the present scenario and the allegations against Zuckerberg, we shall try to study his IQ and leadership skills that helped him to be what he is today.

But before we move forward, it is important to understand what IQ is and what are the two different methods of analyzing IQ.

The readers can read this article to understand briefly what IQ stands for.

What is Mark Zuckerberg’s IQ?

As is the case with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos so is the case with Zuckerberg, whose IQ is estimated to be 150. There is no official data on it but based on reliable materials, it is safe to assume that his IQ is 150. It is so because it is impossible to run a corporation like Facebook with an IQ lesser than that.

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Zuckerberg is part of one of the most globally impactful social media companies which have both empowered and created problems for the citizens of the world and it is the decision taken by him as a founder of Facebook which is both at times consequential and uplifting. 

To understand the IQ of Zuckerberg, it is important to also study his characteristics as we did for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Hence, the following passages will have a brief description to understand the character traits of Zuckerberg. 

What are the Characteristics of Zuckerberg?

The following are the characteristics as per the Forbes article written by Cynthia Johnson Seven Life Skills I Learned From Mark Zuckerberg About Success.

  1. Has a critical mindset: Zuckerberg has a critical mindset in the sense that he sees those things which are mostly missed by other people. He tries to question every problem or question that comes before him and analyses the most complex part of it and tends to find a solution for it. 
  2. Not Withstanding someone else’s opinion for his goal: Mark has a unique quality of having a foresight about every decision he makes and is hell bent to ensure that it comes alive at any cost whether or not someone understands or supports it. He is of the view that sometimes it is difficult to explain things to people and therefore one has to have the conviction to forge ahead with the plan of action no matter what the consequences are.
  3. Also a vision: This is a quality that is common with all other personalities with the likes of Bezos and Musk. He too has a vision for the world and has been very vocal about it. He wants to take the internet to every corner of the world and to ensure that the connectivity which is possible from the digital space is applicable to all people irrespective of the place or region they belong to.
  4. Communication Methods: This is another important quality which Cynthia has considered. Mark believes that the best way to allow the employees to understand the goals is to communicate in the best way possible and to aid them to contribute on both the individual and collective level.

Now that we have successfully understood the characteristics of Zuckerberg, let us try to conclude our study by answering that one question which is usually attached to personalities like him.

Is Mark Zuckerberg a Genius?

It is a general tendency to attach the title of genius to any personality who has managed to bring something new to the world, which is problematic.

It is problematic for the simplest reason that being a genius is about finding and discovering the things which are undecipherable.

Well, it is perhaps not the right definition of categorising someone as a genius but let us go with the subject that we are dealing with.

Mark is not a genius because he did not invent the internet or the social media space. He simply was inspired by a chatting platform at Harvard, which can be learned from over the top by watching the movie “The social network.”

It is important to note that Facebook is not the creation of Zuckerberg, it was done by some other people with who Mark happened to work with. 

In simple words, he was smart enough to play the dirty business tactic and expand the idea and the company worldwide and successfully propagate the notion that it is a space for community building, advertisements and so forth.

Of course, one cannot help but notice the fact that Facebook was one of the first social media companies which established the business model of digital marketing and affiliate marketing or at least, it managed to popularise it.

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