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How Safe is Google Chrome Webstore? | Tecvalue

The majority of the internet users use Chrome as their web browser, and a few percent even save their banking and other credentials into their browser for easy accessibility, but is it safe? This is an era of data, there are a lot of people who are interested in your details.

Is our data safe in Chrome? What all can make it vulnerable? Well, chrome extensions and themes can make your data vulnerable. Let us see more about the topic – How safe is the Chrome Webstore? We will be dealing with:

Google Chrome web store and is it safe to use the chrome web store

Google Chrome Webstore is a marketplace where users can download and install Chrome extensions and themes. This feature of the google website enables the user to customize the browser as per their taste and also to enhance the user experience.

Extension: these are software developed using web languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It is designed to perform certain programmed tasks on the browser for example the auto-correct extension will help with type and grammatical errors.

Like this, there are many types of extensions, and it will be easier for the user to get relevant updates on topics or even to block certain content. 

Themes are also a kind of extension used to change the way chrome looks. Chrome themes – with the help of themes you can view chrome according to your preferences. You change the background image, colour, icon patterns on the chrome window.

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So is it safe?

Well, nothing is safe in this world, it all depends on the user. If the user is cautious then products and services can be safely used. 

As I have mentioned earlier, extensions are used to enhance chrome performance. So these extensions are made by a third party and the safety part is doubtful, but Google has its own way to make it safe for us, we also need to be a bit cautious.

  • Each software before installing will ask for  permission,  most of the users will click agree to all. So before agreeing to all the permissions, you may want to go through them.  There can be certain content or access which you don’t  want to give in, like accessing your personal data from the social media platform.
  • We as the users won’t know which extensions contain malware software, and It doesn’t always need to be malware, sometimes certain extensions would have a pay per click policy, some can even hack through cryptocurrency. So always download trustworthy extensions.
  • One must understand nothing is free. In this world, in terms of free extensions, the developers will receive money one way or another either through selling their details or pay per click process.
  • There would be instances where one extension would be safe and if the revenue is less then some developers might even sell it. So the safety can be compromised. 

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What are the measures taken by Google or as a user to make the Web Store Safe? 

As users

  • As a user one must make sure the developer is real, you can make sure of this by checking the developer’s public profile, or identity accounts. Many extensions are fake camouflaging as real ones. Report any extension if you find it misleading or wrong.  
  • You must read the installation terms and conditions before installing as you must be aware about under what conditions we are giving away our information. 
  • Don’t pile up too many extensions, no one would use that many extensions anyway. There is no point in piling up extensions and making your system slow.
  • A routine check on an extension to know their functionality 
  • Install any firewall- anti-virus software, that can help you figure any malicious extension
  • Install extensions that are available on the official web store, there  is an initiative taken by Google to filter out fake ones from the real ones. The company has done its fair share of research and has uploaded authentic extensions.


  • Every extension goes through a series of checks and processes. In certain scenarios companies also perform manual checking to ensure whether extensions align with the company policy.
  • If an extension doesn’t align with the developer policy the company will remove it from a web store. It may be even after publishing if someone raises any complaints.

How to report a Chrome Extension?

  • Sign in to your google chrome account
  • Click on the extension that violates the rules and click on the report 
  • A pop up will appear on the bottom you can find report abuse click on it 
  • You are required to fill in a column and submit 

Google will evaluate the report and necessary steps will be taken 

You can report any extension or theme if

  • It poses a threat to your system
  • It is not doing what it is intended 
  • Have something illegal
  • Contain sexual content
  • Violent content 
  • If it doesn’t work at all

Publish Your Extension on Chrome Web Store

If you are a developer and you wish to publish any extension, you may follow these steps

Make sure that you run your extension locally to verify it’s running and also to check whether it is doing what it is intended.

  • Convert your file into a zip file
  • Create a developer account.
  • You can upload the zip file.
  • You must add assets to the uploaded file
  • You can submit for publishing. When you’re submitting for review a dialogue box will pop-up asking whether you want to submit for review.

Make sure while naming the zip file, you should mention the file name, version, and a brief description of what the extension might do.

While entering the version, it is better to put it like so that you have more room for an update.

Fun fact: you can only upload 20 extensions against a login 

The review process is a lengthy one, it also depends on your extension. You will get an email notification stating whether your extension is rejected or approved.

Wrapping up

Chrome’s extensions are good and very useful and we don’t need to avoid them. But it’s always better to stay alert while installing extensions. Always install content from reputed web pages. Hope this article was useful to you, subscribe to our newsletter for more interesting topics.

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