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How to Change Download Path in Google Chrome on iPhones & Android?

Downloading files is part of our day to day life, any browser will have a default location loaded for saving those downloaded files. If you wish to collate all the data into a single location so that it won’t get lost in the pile of files, then this article would be helpful to you. 

If you wish to change the location then I am here to help you out. We will be discussing how to change the download location in Android as well as iOS, so without much due let’s get to the topic.

In this article, we will be discussing the following:

  • Changing Google Chrome Download Path on iOS and Android
  • How to download files in IOS and Android?
  • Few interesting stuff that chrome can do

Changing Google Chrome Download Path on iOS and Android

Changing download location is easy, you may follow the steps. If you have an SD card to store your downloaded files, these steps will help you to save them to the card.

  • Open google chrome on phone or tab
  • On the right-hand corner, you will find three dots click on it
  • It will give a drop-out menu, that scroll down and click on settings 
  • Under advance on setting you may find downloads-> you may click on it
  • On the next screen that will come, you will find the download location-> click on it 
  • A dialogue box will appear where you will find an SD Card ( if you have inserted an SD card in the slot). And also the downloads file which is in the C drive. 
  • Both the options will also show how many remaining spaces it would have. 
  • Below the download location you may also find “ask where to save files” it’s better to keep it turned off.  If turned on the dialogue box will ask each time where to save and it can be frustrating. If you wish to change download location each time as per the space available then you may turn it on. So each time you have a file to download a pop up will appear with two available storage locations indicating the free spaces available.

The same process is applicable for both Androids and iOS for chrome as well, in iOS, the downloaded file is saved to the finder

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Change Download Path in Safari on an iPhone

To change the downloading path preference for iPhones, you may follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open safari-> and click on Safari menu and click on preference.
  • A dialogue box will appear to click on the general tab 
  • You will find the download location click on it 
  • Choose “ other”.
  • Another window may open and you may select the desired location where you want to save the downloaded files in safari.
  • And close the window the changes would have been made.

After these steps, all the downloads would be saved to the desired folder you have selected.  Any files downloaded before these steps would be in the same location, no change can be made to those files. If you have downloaded any file and are unable to find it you may do the following 

  • By clicking the magnifying glass on safari will help you find the file or
  • You can manually search for that file in the download folder,

For both to happen you need to know the file name. 

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How to Download a File using Google Chrome?

Now let’s briefly see how to download a file using Google Chrome


  • Open Chrome on your tab or computer
  • You may go to the webpage from which you have been planning to download
  • To download you may hold on to the image or link 
  • Dropbox will appear and click on download image or download link based on what you wish to download 
  • The link or image would be downloaded to the location previously allocated 


  • Open chrome 
  • Go to the webpage you wish to download 
  • Tap on the link or image 
  • Click open in or download whichever is available 
  • And the file is saved into the preferred location. 

Most of the processes are the same for iOS and Android.

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Few Interesting Stuff that Chrome Can Do

  • Someone needs to borrow your phone, are you worried about your credentials and data, chrome does have an option of guest mood. Which blocks all details temporarily.
  • You can categorise your tabs based on the search pattern 
  • For taking breaks you needn’t hold all tabs as  Chrome has an option to continue work after a small break. To activate go to settings ->click on startup-> click on continue where you left off. Great isn’t it !
  • You can put themes for chrome. For that go to settings->appearance->click on themes. 
  • Malware detectors, chrome does come with an inbuilt malware detector. For any suspicious activity, you can run a chrome malware detector to be sure. Go to settings-> advanced ->click on reset and clean up. This will check for any activities.
  • Reader mode- this can Provide the user with uninterrupted reading time. Go to chrome://flags and run.  Click on turn reader mode. After that, you may go to appropriate reading material and new pop will appear. Click on it to experience uninterrupted reading. 
  • Chrome can do more than mere search, if you have an audio or video file with you, then simply drag those files into chrome and it will be played to you. Chrome as a player!!  But to the condition that the format is right.
  • You can send links to another device, right click on the url and click on send to your devices. Url can only be sent if the devices are logged in using google and sync is enabled.

Hope these interesting facts were new to you, you should try them next time.

Wrapping up

Hope this article was helpful to you, if you doubt any of the steps, you can comment below one of our team members would be happy to assist you. Subscribe to our newsletter for more interesting technical content. 

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  1. I do not see the “advance on setting” option within settings. I also do not see any “advanced settings” either. I only see basic settings, even if I scroll down past settings. Within settings, there are no options labeled “downloads”. Where the heck are these advanced settings menus to edit the download location for Google Chrome on an iPhone? Thank you.


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