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The Benefit of Buying Products From Apple Store

The leading phone manufacturer, Apple, is categorized under high-end gadgets. The company focuses on creating an eco-system around its customer for the best user experience. To emphasize this agenda, Apple has implemented online store and in-store experiences as well. 

Apple never stops to amaze its customers with easy-to-use services and devices. The company also focuses on creating a unique customer experience when they walk into its stores.

So if you are a new Apple customer, you might be wondering where to buy, should you be buying from third-party shops or online stores or directly from Apple. 

So is there a benefit in buying products from the Apple stores? Well, yes, let’s discuss that in this article.

Fun fact: 100 shares of Apple priced at 22$ bought in 1980 would have been 6,00,000$ today.

The major topics covered in this article are:

Benefits of buying from Apple Store

Apple products are expensive. Certain customers plan and buy their first apple products considering various deals and offers.

Now the majority of the third-party shops and sites have exclusively offered Apple products. This indeed looks appealing to new buyers, but certain customers doubt whether to buy from such dealers or buy directly from official shops.

Buying from Apple store does come with its benefits, such as 

  1. Authentic: third-party websites and stores do come with appealing offers and discounts, but do you know the probability of those products being fake is high. The customer quickly falls into the trap. The product would be so appealing and would be as good as the new one. But when it comes to the performance part of the device, it will show signs post-warranty, and when they approach apple store or any other store for the matter, the customer realizes that the product is a fake. You don’t want to fall into the trap, do you? 
  2. Warranty: only the authorized shop or Apple shop have the authority to stamp the date warranty. If you are planning to buy from any third-party dealer, then Apple will only have an estimated purchase date based on the manufacturing date and batch number. So when any issue pops up, the customer has to send a purchase slip and other documents to claim the warranty. If you have bought from the Apple store, then the store staff can assist you in any security-related issues the product might face in the future. You can also add in Apple care +, which would give your device extra protection for less than 100$, available only in-store and official online store.
  3. Trade-In: Swap older models for new ones? Well, yes, if a new model of Apple products looks appealing and you want to change your existing model, which was brought just months before? Don’t worry!! You can buy the new one, visit the online store or go to the physical store with the original packaging of your existing iPhone, and the new model is yours with some a discount.
  4. EMI Options: Apple is indeed an expensive electronic consumable. Most of the customers won’t have the full amount required for buying, and here, the Apple store comes to the rescue. The store does provide an EMI option.
  5. Customizations: The Apple store does give its customers an option to customize the products. The customization includes writing names on devices, selecting your ideal RAM, ROM, etc and color preferences, along with other technical up-gradation required.

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Fun fact: To raise money, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had to sell his scientific calculator. 

So these are the benefits of buying products from Apple stores. Now let’s see what happens if you are buying from a third party.

  • Most retailers won’t have any working demo pieces of new additions, which helps you select the correct ones for you. 
  •  You can’t check for any issues with the phone during purchase.
  • You can’t be sure if you’re buying a refurbished one or the new one.
  • Warranty is a question mark. 

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A brief history of Apple

Let’s see a brief timeline of Apple. 

  • Founded in 1946 California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne to sell Wozniak personal computers 
  • In 1976 founders introduced the first personal computer called the Apple I; the founders made 50 computers handmade and cost 666$- a devilish number isn’t!
  • The founders introduced a second model of Apple I in the year 1977, the following model, which was released in the year 1978, contained a floppy drive, which was costly compared to a video game in 2016.
  • In the year 1980, the company went public, with each share costing 22$.
  • In 1984 Macintosh was introduced. Macintosh was a computer developed with a graphical user interface. 
  • 1985 Jobs were thrown out from the company by the board, and he later joined back in 1997. 
  • 1987 the first color personal computer was introduced.
  • In 1998 one year post Jobs took the job of CEO, iMac was introduced. The first-ever portable computer. But it did lack a floppy drive.
  • 2001 Jobs introduced ipods and iTunes 
  • 2007 iPhone – the revolutionary product of Apple, the company changed the name to Apple inc from Apple computer.
  • The same year AppleTV was introduced.
  • 2010- iPad was launched.
  • 2014 – Apple watch was introduced.
  • 2016- AirPods – revolutionary wireless headphones 
  • 2017 the Apple changed the way iPhones look
  • By 2019 Apple stepped stones to services including Apple tv, video games, now the latest Apple Credit card.
  • Initially started with the computer, Apple now has its footprint in most consumer electronics. Apple is now an alternative name for safety- the safety of your data, which is the USP of Apple products. 

Apple introduced innovations into their products by introducing new products. Apple did become the leading electronic manufacturers with hard work and innovations. 

Fun fact: the “i” in this iMac stands for the internet, and the time to connect to the internet was just two steps.

Wrapping Up

Buying any device from an authorized dealer or company-owned shop is always better as it comes with its own perks.

If you search for discounts, then most of the Apple outlets do provide ongoing sales offers and discounts. And it is always better to look for long-term benefits rather than short-term ones.

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So I hope this article was helpful to you, and for any more clarification, you can reach out to our team members, and they would be happy to assist you. To subscribe to our newsletter for more updates and stay safe. 

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