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What is Opera GX Gaming Browser and Should you Switch? | 2023

When we hear the word Opera, the first thing that comes to mind is its association with music and the second thing it reminds us of is the browser called Opera Mini.

It was one of the preferred choices of every internet user and has come now with its Opera GX gaming browser.

But, with the coming of Ali Baba’s UC Browser, it failed to cope up with the changes that UC Browser was bringing into the browser scene.

But, Opera GX gaming browser is perhaps a revival for Opera as the browser is now facilitating a very compatible and game-friendly platform for the users. 

Google Chrome is not designed with gaming in mind and neither was UC. But the Opera GX gaming browser is the most advanced browser for gamers and a great platform for Twitch streamers.

So, given the minimal information on the Opera GX gaming browser, let us dive into the question of what is Opera GX gaming browser?

What is Opera GX Gaming Browser?

The Opera GX gaming browser is a Gaming and Streaming centric browser by Opera. The gaming browser is designed to facilitate a web-oriented service with gaming as a priority service. 

Opera GX Gaming Browser Features
Picture Credit: Opera

The specialty of the Opera GX  gaming browser is that it manages to reduce the network, limit the usage of CPU and storage capacity to make the gaming experience more user-friendly. In addition, it also facilitates integrations with other applications like Twitch, and discord. 

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The GX opera gaming browser possesses a GX corner that provides notifications on the latest game releases and provides the users with general news.

The primary goal of this counterpart of opera is to make the gaming experience for users more convivial.

One of the key features of the Opera GX Browser is “Limiters” This allows users to limit the usages of CPU, RAM, and Network.

Why should you use Opera GX Gaming Browser?

From the above description of ‘What is Opera GX gaming Browser?’, one can easily come to the conclusion that it is perhaps one of the best browsers for android, ios and PC users for gaming purposes. The features it provides are very different from others and are unlike any other browser.

Opera GX Browser Twitch Integration
Picture Credit: Opera

The games played on android phones can sometimes if not every time crash the game and the phone can heat up in the process and can even hang for a while.

The same is with PCs as they possess a no-limit on network, CPU, RAM usage, however, the GX browser by Opera will limit how much resources they can actually use which eventually improves the Gameplay and Streaming.

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Should You Switch to Opera GX Gaming Browser for Gaming?

You should switch to the Opera GX gaming browser if you are facing the following problems:

  • If your current browser is unable to efficiently use resources from CPU and RAM.
  • You want easy and quick integration with Twitch and Discord
  • You want to have control over the resources your browser uses.
  • If you want a browser developed with Gaming & Streaming in mind.


Opera GX gaming browser is designed to customize the gaming experience of users. It is not in competition with other browsers like Chrome or UC but is rather specific to its purpose, it has no exaggerated functions and provides services which it is developed to perform.

The Opera GX gaming browser will perhaps be the single largest browser for gamers because of the problems it manages to solve in the gaming space. At least right now, I cannot think of a Gaming centric browser.

Download Opera GX Gaming Browser from Here.

If you are a gamer and want a browser to play your games smoothly, then Opera GX gaming browser is the best option for you.

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