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Is Stranded Deep Multiplayer? [2023 Update]

Stranded Deep is arguably one of the best survival games out there today. The game was intended to give a pleasant solo experience, however, if you still want to play Stranded Deep multiplayer, we have a way around it, let’s find out.

Is Stranded Deep Multiplayer?

Sam Edwards, the co-founder of Beam Team, which developed the game, announced that Stranded Deep will have a multiplayer option in the new update that launched on September 28, 2021. The gaming community had been asking for a co-op multiplayer mode since the game’s launch and it is a free update which means it is accessible to everyone, even for the ones who are stranded for the first time!

The game comes free with a PlayStation Plus subscription for PS4 users, and the fan base keeps growing due to the game’s smooth gameplay and enthralling plot.

What is Stranded Deep About?

The Stranded Deep tells the tale of a man’s plight, who just survived a plane crash and is now stranded on a barren island with a mere handful of resources and tools for him to thrive on. The players are made to look out for themselves, forced to hunt for animals for meat, struggle to scavenge for precious resources like timber and fend off ferocious predators lurking deep within the forest to survive in the various levels of the game.

The environment becomes an unrelenting foe, much like Tom Hanks’ film “Cast Away”, which has more or less the same storyline seen within the game, minus all the drama and the interactions with a tennis ball.

The game was designed with a single-player experience in mind. Hence, there was no option for a multiplayer mode, especially for consoles.

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It was only in 2018, that a multiplayer mode was added to the PC version. But even then, there was no online multiplayer support in the PC version of Stranded Deep, only a split-screen or “Couch Co-Op” mode.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer

It is unknown if official online multiplayer will ever be supported on Stranded Deep, but if you are still hell-bent on having a friend tag along on your deserted island, please continue on your reading spree.

How to Play Split-Screen Stranded Deep Multiplayer Co-Op on PC?

  • To get started, you’ll need to connect the controller to your PC or Laptop, whichever you prefer. You can do this before or after the game starts running, at your convenience.
  • Next, go over this sequence of steps, Options > Input > Controllers.
  • You will have options to select from “Keyboard and Mouse” and ” Gamepad ” ( If you have connected any accessories it will appear on the screen).
  • If you have chosen, your keyboard and mouse will be displayed as “P1” on the right corner of the screen. The gamepad option below will be shown as “None.”
  • Tap  “None,” and it will transition to “P2.” This means at least one player (P2) must use a controller. Yes, the process is similar if you plug in a second keyboard instead of another controller. We wouldn’t say it’s impossible to have another software to differentiate the two keyboards and two mice in the absence of a controller, but that process would be a little difficult to implement, which is why you would be better off using a controller!

Now, it’s time for playing the actual game on split-screen co-op mode

  • Go ahead and start a brand-new game
  • Tap on the “Single player” option, which is to the right of “Mode”
  • This will have the option changed to “Cooperative”.
  • Another avatar will be displayed on the screen
  • This means you have switched over to multiplayer mode on PC 

You can alternatively make use of Steam’s Remote Play Together function to enjoy the game with your friends. This will also allow you to play on different devices, but it will still be split-screen, which is a major drawback.

Final Take By Tecvalue

Aside from Stranded Deep, the other free games from PlayStation Plus announced in May 2021 are Battlefield V, Wreckfest Drive Hard, and Die Last.

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Wreckfest Drive Hard and Die Last is an exclusive offer for PS5 players, and a major highlight is a multiplayer title that offers up to 24 players.

While Battlefield V is the latest release in the coveted Battlefield series. Its release comes before the much-awaited announcement of Battlefield 6. It’s currently built for local multiplayer through the Steam and Epic servers.

The Game was released way back in 2015 by Australian Game Developer studio Beam Team Games for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and still hasn’t dropped from the top games chart since then.

Hope you liked our piece about Stranded Deep. Help yourself with more tech-rich content over here.

Does Stranded Deep have a multiplayer mode?

Although the initial version of Stranded Deep did not have any kind of multiplayer mode, the developers added a co-op multiplayer mode in the form of a split-screen mode in 2018. Following that, the developers added an online multiplayer mode in Stranded Deep with a patch update of 1.08 (0.90 for PC) back in 2021 to allow players to join forces with their friends online.

Is Stranded Deep a single-player game?

Stranded Deep was essentially a single-player game when it launched in the market. However, with time, the developers added various multiplayer modes to let players enjoy the survival-adventure game with their friends.

Is Stranded Deep a console-only game?

No, Stranded Deep is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

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  1. I wish you could have 4 people play together at the same time…My 3 brothers and myself love playing adventure games much like this one together. We play “The Forest” “Seven days to die” “Ark” and multiple others ALWAYS TOGETHER! We tend to enjoy it a lot more. However all of us have deleted the game ’cause only 2 people can be on the map at once. All of us love the game and still have great interest in it. I would love to hear about the possibility of there being online multiplayer and not just a co-op…maybe just an invite only sort of thing so that servers or maps don’t get over loaded. Still, Great work on the updates! And it’s still a great game with decent graphics considering the size of the game. Perhaps add in more resources as well, such as trees and duct tape mostly. They are pretty scarce as is. I could only imagine with 4 people.


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