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Is Wikibuy Safe? | Let’s Find Out | 2023

We all enjoy browser extension as it helps to reduce our effort in the searches we make on search engines or various sites. 

The same kind of help is provided by wikibuy to the users. It tries to make a background search of the prices of various products and the possibilities of having a coupon code attached to it.

But, in recent years, it is becoming a hot topic after Capital One Shopping acquired it. The question associated with wikibuy is now about its safety and legitimacy.

Let me clarify that there is no doubt about its legitimacy, and as far as the safety of Wikibuy is concerned, it is a matter of discussion but not a lengthy or extensive one. It is safe, but there are some issues with it.

In this article, we will try to study the legitimate profile of wikibuy and determine whether or not it is safe from a conventional browser extension standpoint and will also learn if it has any defections that need to be addressed.

Is wikibuy safe?

If anything, the acquisition of Capital One Shopping has made it more legitimate before the users of wikibuy, and now it has more reasons to be trusted than any other extension offering similar services.

The privacy concern with the users is a matter that must be addressed as the services offered by wikibuy involve a great deal of personal information. The information which is extracted by wikibuy is mentioned in its privacy policy.

Wikibuy collects the users’ search data related to shopping and will make their background search to provide the best prices and coupon codes.

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As per the privacy policy, the data used by wikibuy covers all the information provided by the users. Then, it also takes into account the credentials related to the retail log-in of the users.

It further takes into consideration the social media data of the extended party. Lastly, it covers the information concerning the payment mode and the transactions involved.

Now, that’s a lot of information that wikibuy holds, and let there be no doubt that it will raise some eyebrows, but the question to ask is, “does it endorse the information to other parties?” No, it doesn’t.

Since it is now a part of Capital One Shopping, the parent company’s privacy policy matters more than the subsidiary. 

Capital One Shopping has made it very clear to its user in its privacy policy that the users’ information is not endorsed to any second or third party for marketing their products to the users. The information is only used for providing the services to the users on behalf of wikibuy.

So, considering the above rationale, it is fitting to say that wikibuy is extremely safe and that the users should not expect unwanted companies mailing them with their product offers. It is not their service policy.

However, some users may be uncomfortable providing the information listed above, and therefore, I would not recommend using this extension.

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 But, I will also ask them to reconsider because any extension uses personal information to a great extent, and the users must learn to be comfortable with this service policy as it is the only rational step that the users can make. As long as the information is not distributed to other parties, extensions like wikibuy are safe to use.

What are the additional problems of Wikibuy?

There are additional problems associated with Wikibuy, and the following points highlight some of the central problems associated with it:

  1. The prices it provides to a product can be much lower if the user searches for it himself. A user can find the product costing rupees 500 at 400 too, but it will recommend the one available at 450. It is one of the most genuine grievances against wikibuy as it is a contradiction to the services that wikibuy provides, i.e., to help the users save money.
  2. It redirects the users to spam websites, which puts the users’ personal information at risk as hackers can easily hack the information of the users and do what it wishes to do with it. It breaches the safety protocols of cyberspace.
  3. It works better for products with low-end prices only and is instead a waste for products having high-end prices.
  4. Some users using the Capital One Shopping credit card can directly transfer the discounts and cashback transferred to their credit score of Capital one, and as a result, in some cases, the users are compelled to bear the bills when they should be saving them. It becomes a liability to them. This problem is only associated with the users possessing the credit card.


The best option for anyone is to spare some time and make a search of their own. To put your private information at risk for getting better prices using an automated tool can be an ideal solution for some time, but not for the distant future.

Even though it is safe with how it provides the services, it cannot be entirely relied on for better prices and saving money. After all, it is automated, and we have not reached a stage where ethical norms are coded in the automated programs, but we will be there soon.

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.


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