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How is Reddit different from Facebook?

There are many platforms available for the users which they could name under the tagline of social media. One of them is Reddit. Is it the same as Facebook? The answer is a big NO.

It is not the same as Facebook and Yes, it is a social media application. In this article, based on TecValue’s study, we will provide the reasons for the answers to these questions. But, before that, let us get things into perspective.

How is Reddit different from Facebook?

When we think of social media, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook because it was the first customized communication platform that could be accessed using the internet. But, Facebook would have been a genuine answer five to six years back but not any longer. 

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Now, they may name a social media application like Reddit, Instagram, and so forth but would not categorically mention Facebook.

But, Facebook in a way made the term social media popular and all other applications are just different models of Facebook, of which, Reddit is one.

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Therefore, in this article, TecValue will try to study Reddit and opine on how it is different from Facebook?

The table below provides a list of inquiries that justifies TecValue’s study of how Reddit is different from Facebook in a conventional way as the inquiries are conventional too. Note: The data below is from Crunchbase and Wikipedia.

Type PrivatePublic
Source of IncomeAdvertisement/ad-free premium etc.Advertisement/consumer hardware devices etc.
Market Cap/Valuation$6 billion after series E funding round$1 trillion as of July 2021
Monthly Active Users400 million and more active users as of 20212.85 billion as of 31st March 2021
User GeographyU.S.A/ U.K. / CanadaGlobal
Controversies/AllegationsBoston Marathon bombing, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and more.Cambridge Analytica, Election Influences, and more.
Differences between Reddit and Facebook-Business Metrics

What is Reddit all about?

Reddit is a social news aggregation site and now an application, wherein the users get to be a part of communities where they can learn about their own interests accordingly. It is literally a social media application. 

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Reddit allows the user to use the application like a blogging site and fulfills the purpose of newsgathering. It is a very comfortable place for any user to share his experiences and also engage with users who share the same interests. 

Reddit home page

Reddit gives an option for every user to select from the interesting fields such as news, sports, books, etc. and these will be considered as subreddits.

The user can click on the subreddits and accordingly read the posts which are trending in that very category of the subreddit. You have access to what you want to read or watch about.

The user can create her own post on any of the selected subreddits and other users can also comment on it. A space for creating a community is facilitated through Reddit.

Any user can create a community having a social interest and if the content of that community is liked by the other users, then, the members of that community are likely to grow.

Community is built with groups as it is on Facebook. The more members of the group, the bigger the community.

Reddit is different from Facebook specifically in one aspect, i.e, personalized messaging. It does not facilitate a personalized messaging platform for users. It allows a group chat. An e-mail model is apparently what Reddit offers to the users.

Final Analysis

Before we begin with the conclusion, there is one more question that pops up in the head of a techie, is Reddit a carbon copy of Facebook?

Again, The clear answer is NO. Reddit is not a carbon copy of Facebook. Yes, it is correct to say that Reddit and Facebook both provide a space for communication among the users through their means but that doesn’t prove that Reddit is a carbon copy of Facebook. 

The former is more concerned with information than the latter. The latter is more concerned about the personalized experience and that is a priority to them.

The graphics of Facebook and Reddit are poles apart and even their approaches to connecting users to information gathering are different.

Facebook provides a space where individual opinions are prioritized within the timeline of that User and other users can Like, Comment, or react to their post but the information aspect of Facebook can only be accessed via pages, groups, and such features facilitated by Facebook.

On the other hand, Reddit provides direct access to the information aspect by infusing the personal and social space with information only. It is a space designed for one purpose and that is information or news. 

It is not a social networking site that would make the two users get to know each other for the sake of companionship, dates, and so forth which Facebook users tend to use it. 

Reddit offers its users to communicate with each other but it is not personalized as every communication is directly or indirectly related to information. This is the state of affairs that explains how Reddit is different from Facebook?

The question of how Reddit is different from Facebook is explained from the point of view of the services that they provide and the principles they adhere to in their services. However, that answers just one aspect of the analysis.

The other aspects related to the business model, no. of users, places where it is mostly used and other queries just sums up the analysis but that is not the true purpose of TecValue’s research with regard to how Reddit is different from Facebook.

The central query of the research was fulfilled with the understanding of user experiences and that is how we drew conclusions on how Reddit is different from Facebook. 

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.



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