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Here’s What to Do When Your Discord Account Gets Disabled

Discord is one of the most popular communication applications that helps users to connect to different communities online. It can be through a gaming-centric messaging platform or anything that connects two users for communication. However, if your Discord account is disabled, this article should be of help!

In this article, we will explain why your Discord account is disabled and how to reactivate your account.

One of the most common reasons for your Discord account being disabled by the site is its policies vis-a-vis terms and conditions. Suppose any user is found violating the terms and conditions set by Discord. In that case, Discord has the right to disable the account from using the application’s services. 

However, following a couple of steps might bring your account back.

Many users tend to register for the application without perusing the terms and conditions of the policies, which is a brick short of a load. Every user needs to be aware of the policies and the penalties associated with them to avoid any contingency. 

However, it should be kept in mind that sometimes, a technical glitch can also be the reason to explain why your Discord account was disabled.

How to Restore Your Disabled Discord Account?

The users are advised to not panic and should solve the problem by these two methods:

1. Mailing Discord: This is a standard method for restoring the discord account. The following points must be adhered to by the user:

  • Write a mail to support@discordapp.com and describe your issue explicitly and wait for at least 24 hours for them to respond to your issue.
  • There are high chances of the discord team sending a mail to the registered e-mail ID stating the reason for disabling your account. The user can also reply to that mail asking to enable the account again.

2. Submitting an Appeal: The following steps must be followed for the second method:

Step-1: Head over to support.discord.com. You will be required to log in to Discord and click on Support

Discord account disabled

Step-2: The support page will have an option for “Submit a request”, click on it. 

Step-3: Under “What can we help you with”, click on “Trust and Safety”.

Step-4: Under “How can we help?”, choose “Appeals, age update, other questions”.

Step-5: For the next row, click on “Appeal an action taken on my account or bot”.

Step-6: Under “what would you like to appeal?”, click on “An action taken on my bot”.

Step-7: Add your bot ID.

Step-8: Add an appropriate subject line-” Request to Reactivate my Discord account”.

Step-9: In the description box, make sure to address the issue of the account being disabled for an inappropriate reason and that you wish to enable it again.

Step-10: Click on “Submit.”

The second method is one of the fastest ways for any Discord user to restore their account. However, suppose they find these two methods cumbersome, then they can approach Discord on Twitter. These companies tend to pay more heed to support requests on Twitter and not on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

What Are the Major Privacy Violations on Discord?

Some of the community guidelines of Discord dating to 2023, that may have led to the account being disabled for users are as follows:

1. The consistent harassment of fellow users for certain disagreements in interactive sessions is against the guidelines of Discord. It doesn’t provide the platform for the proliferation of negative comments or speeches. In such a case, if any of the users report the post stating it as harassment, then the account of the perpetrator will be disabled after it is being scrutinized.

2. Suppose any user is found spreading biased opinions on sex, religion, or caste. In that case, a report can be made on the post stating it as an act of hate speech, and the account will be disabled after proper scrutiny. Also, a user’s account will be disabled if they threaten other fellow users for any reason. This is a growing reason among the users for getting their accounts disabled.

3. Discord provides a feature for sending friend requests or invitations for communication. If any user is found sending the request repetitively even after it is rejected several times, then, Discord is likely to disable the account under that condition too. Also, proper procedures must be adhered to for any user having a channel involved in the creation or sharing of content. The first procedure is to label the content as NSFW if it has adult content subsumed on it.  

4. It is strictly prohibitory for Discord users to sexualize minors in any way. It will be considered an offense even outside the purview of the community guidelines of Discord. Also, suppose a user has shared sexual content with another user and has no consent on it, the second party is liable to report the case to Discord, which would disable the perpetrator’s account.

5. Selling one’s own server to another is another breach as per the guidelines of Discord. Many users have been involved in this violation and, as a result, have witnessed that their accounts have been disabled. 

6. Lastly, suppose any user is found spamming Discord or any post unnecessarily, the perpetrator will witness that their account is suspended permanently.

These are some violations that have led to the Discord account being disabled for many users worldwide. The suspension of accounts can be temporary or permanent, depending upon the extent of the violation committed by the user.

The accounts suspended temporarily may be reactivated if Discord finds the account to be innocent of the acts it is being reported against, or it can permanently disable it if the evidence found by Discord is authentic.

Why is my Discord account disabled?

Your Discord account can be disabled by the company under many circumstances. However, mainly it can get suspended due to a policy violation or a report against your Discord account that was made by other users.

Can I reactivate my Discord account?

It is possible to reactivate your Discord account by reaching out to the Discord support team at support.discord.com and asking them to reactivate your account on the social platform.

Are Discord account bans temporary or permanent?

If your Discord account gets disabled, it can be reactivated by the Discord support team after investigation of reports made against your account and your account activities. In this case, it would be a temporary ban. However, for serious charges, Discord accounts can get permanently disabled or banned on the platform.

Ajit Kumar Yadav
Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.


  1. My account was banned because I was part of a server I was not aware was doing against TOS and I received the warning but I did not participate in the actions also the only reason I was banned is because I was in the backup server.


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