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7-Zip VS WinRAR | 2023 | Which is Better?

Compression and decompression software has existed for users for a very long time. The main motive of such utility software is to allow users to reduce the file size and manage the storage space in their respective computers.

Compression is also very useful when there is a bunch of files to be emailed to different recipients. Such tasks become easier when there is compression software available to us.

7zip and WinRAR are two very popular versions of such a utility software. Earlier Windows used to be shipped with WinRAR but now the operating system has its proprietary software for use.

In this article, we will go through the various comparisons between 7zip and WinRAR and also try and gather a conclusion on which software is better for use.

But before all of that let us understand why you should use good compression software, and not necessarily trust the bundled-up software with the OS that you are using.


There are different archive formats or extensions and 7zip has its archive format. The extension is .7z . The software is popular among users and is compatible with a lot of Operating systems as of today, namely Linux, Windows, and macOS. 


The software is used in over 60 different languages and seems to be very user-friendly. The integration of the software with Windows makes it very easy for the user to compress files with drag-and-drop features. 7zip is also known to be a highly customizable software.

Let’s look at the different Pros and Cons of the software.


  • It has an AES-256 password protection encryption. AES encryption is considered the industry standard for encryption and is considered unbreakable with the current computing power available.
  • 7zip, as mentioned above has a very simple user interface which is not a headache for new users who are looking to use a compression tool for their storage.
  • As mentioned above, there are a lot of archiving formats ranging from .zip, .7z etcetera. There are over 38 formats supported in 7zip which makes the software a one-time tool for usage.
  • The compression rate of 7zip is high. It uses the .7z format which is known to achieve over 1350 percent of the compression ratio compared to the .zip format. This is a major plus while using the software.
  • It is free software. 7zip is completely free and does not have any hidden payments once you download the software. In a day and age where all premium software has a price tag on them an open source, the free-to-use tool is helpful in daily use.


  • There is no repair option available for files that have been damaged while compressing. And there isn’t even an option to scan files. These are some problems that might bug you as a user
  • It does not offer support for .rar files. Although  7zip supports over 38 formats of archiving it doesn’t offer any support for archiving files into .rar. Increasing your limitations slightly.


WinRAR just like 7zip is a compression tool, the features have some similarities to the latter. WinRAR has the same encryption method as 7zip. The software is available in over 50 languages and is capable of automatically selecting the ideal compression method.


WinRAR usually uses .rar and .zip formats for archiving files. It is a fast process because it uses multiple of your PC’s CPU cores to help in archiving.

Let us discuss the Pros and Cons of WinRAR


  • It is quicker in compressing and decompressing files. This makes archiving files easier. Using compression utility software has its benefits as we have mentioned above, but it taking up a lot of your time makes no sense as it is supposed to make your PC management easier.
  • It has various security features for your files, including the 256-AES encryption, matching its competition. These security features help make you feel more secure while dealing with sensitive documents.
  • It has an inbuilt virus scanner, which can help detect viruses that might come packed in with archived files off the internet. It is always healthy to have just a warning about such threats which might harm your computer and slow its performance.
  • It uses less system space. This just makes your computer perform easier and faster. 


  • It is not accessible and costly as well. The single-user license for a year is priced at $29. For multi-users, it ranges from $6 to $21 for a year. This is a repulsive factor for people thinking of using WinRAR. It is difficult to justify the amount for the features provided.
  • It is not available on all Operating Systems. It is difficult for users who are used to different operating systems. There is a lot of compression software available on the internet which will be a better option.

Which is Better? 7zip VS WinRAR

There is a case to be made for both of them but it ultimately depends on what you as a user would prefer. WinRAR is faster and has better security features barring the 256-AES encryption, which is both of the software providers. 

WinRAR also provides a virus scanner. Considering all of that, do you want to pay 29 USD for some extra features? 

7zip is a free-to-use software where you are provided with a lot of similar features to WinRAR. The software might be slower than WinRAR but 7zip also supports multi-core CPU threading like WinRAR. 

7zip lacks the repairing function of files that WinRAR provides. That is a functionality that can recover files.

WinRAR has some extra features which might attract users. But in terms of functionality, there is little difference between the two. WinRAR has an upper hand slightly, But the prices set for the product can move attention away from it.

Why you should use compression software?

  • A useful tool for Sharing

Compression software is very useful in reducing file sizes and making it easier to be shared among peers and friends. Emails with tons of photographs and documents in the attachment can look clunky and difficult to manage. Compression software comes in handy for such situations.

  • It manages your files and documents

Compressing your files and storing them in an organized manner can save you a lot of time while figuring out where to start when you are working on a project or if it is related to your job.

 Companies are required to maintain old records as a part of their profile and storing files that might not be necessary for immediate viewing is better to be compressed and kept aside.

  • Reduces costs.

Storing data and documents on cloud storage is a normal occurrence and cloud storage companies charge you for it. Having compressed files on your cloud storage can save space and also keep the money in your wallet intact. It is smarter to have compressed files uploaded to your cloud.


The bottom line, there is a lot of compression utility software available on the internet. Some of them might suit better use but 7zip and WinRAR have been the most popular in this sector.

Before spending your hard-earned money on these, please keep in mind the utility of the product.

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