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Best Smart Face Masks to Buy in 2023

From Smartphones, Smart TVs to Smart self-driving Cars, the world has seen it all! Or so you thought. Just as it appeared that the list of “smart” gadgets was nearing an end, engineers surprised us with innovative health tech in due course of the pandemic.

Turns out Coronavirus has not only incited lifestyle reforms but also has challenged the pioneering capabilities of the human mind in pursuit of breakthroughs focused on combating COVID and improving the quality of life.

A good example would be the recent surge in the development and production of pandemic gear such as smart face masks. Yes, you read that right: smart face masks do exist not only as an exhibit but a full-fledged product that you can buy if you are willing to bear a slight pocket pinch.

Smart masks aren’t your everyday N-95 or surgical masks. These models, at the basic range, include purifiers, sensors and microphones that let you make calls and even monitor the environment around you.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a rundown of the best smart face masks to buy in 2022 with insights into the specifications of each product. The list is arranged in random order, go through each and pick your fit.

NOTE: All the listed masks are medically tested and approved by the respected governing authorities.

AirPop Active+ Smart Mask

AirPop’s revolutionary smart mask dubbed the “first air wearable” smart mask, is the fruit of five years of R&D by founder Chris Hosmer and his team.

The Halo sensor included in the AirPop Active+ links to an app on Android or iOS to track your breathing – a very similar breathing version of sleep tracking. You can also check how many pollutants you’re inhaling thanks to the app’s integration of local air quality data.

AirPop Active
Picture Credit: AirPop

The mask ensures maximum breathability due to its distinctive aerodrome design and “performance pores” on the outer shell. The outer knit of this mask is washable so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

Make sure to remove the Halo sensor before cleaning the mask. The inner filter is also changeable and has a silicone edge that seals to your face.

The app will automatically notify you when the filter needs to be replaced. You can wear your Airpop Active+ smart mask for up to 40hrs at one go before having to replace the filter.

You can order this mask for $99 from the official Airpop website: Here.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier

The CES 2021 saw the introduction of the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier mask. In the same event, The PuriCare smart mask earned itself the spotlight as an Innovation Award honoree.

The LG PuriCare smart mask is fundamentally a personal air purifier that you can wear on your face. The mask has two HEPA filters built-in.

LG Puricare
Picture Credit: LG

LG claims that these filters capture 99.97 per cent of pollutants and particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns in size, thus outperforming an N95 filter by far. The wearable air purifier can be recharged for up to 8 hours of use and comes with a casing that disinfects the mask using UV lamps.

Unlike Airpop smart mask, this product is by no means discrete and it looks far from a mask per se. Wearing it you’ll almost look like a cosplay of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises. With Robert Pattinson’s Batman around the corner, the DC fan in you might be delighted with it.

Don’t get all hyped up though, the release date of this smart mask is not yet announced and as of now, the stocks are empty. As of now, you can only do so much but, wait it out.

LG Puricare is listed at $149. To buy this smart mask, head over to the official LG product site: Here.

RAZER Smart Mask

Project Hazel

Do you hear it? It’s the boss music playing. Razer is an iconic brand, recognised by everyone when it comes to producing top-notch peripherals and computers.

Their products are regarded highly for being visually outstanding more than their actual intrinsic functionality. Razer’s very own smart mask concept — Project Hazel is no exception to the rule.

Initially introduced in CES 2021, Project Hazel is the first entry into Razer’s pandemic gear arsenal. Its cyberpunk Esque look turns heads and dominates over all the other masks in the current market. The RGB Chroma lighting along the shade of the black mask is truly an eye candy.

Let’s take a look at what it really has to offer: It’s a reusable smart mask with a transparent plate that allows you to view the person’s mouth.

So, you better smile when you’re smiling cause now they can see(you know what I mean). The mask is equipped with rechargeable air filters.

These air filters are also fitted with 16.8 million colours rich Chroma RGB highlights that may be customised with a suite of iconic effects.

This is pretty aesthetic and truly breathes “Razer”. The mask also incorporates Razer VoiceAmp technology to improve the wearer’s speech clarity. Truly next-gen isn’t it?

Before you get too excited, rewind a little and notice something we mentioned. ” Razer’s very own smart mask concept “, yep, all of this was only a concept and hadn’t been actually produced for the public to purchase TILL CES 2022.

It was only a matter of days ago when the concept behind Project Hazel was finally fruitioned through Razer’s launch of the commercially available smart mask — RAZER Zephyr.

RAZER Zephyr Pro

RAZER Zephyr is an award-winning concept, Project Hazel, which has been realized by the effort of Razer’s team and introduced to the industry in CES 2022. It is a smart mask that features, double two-way reusable N-95 grade filters with a 99% BFE rate.

RAZER Zephyr Pro
Picture Credit: Razer

These filters are long-lasting and have a life span of about 3 days before needing to be replaced. Despite being a RAZER product, these filters do not allow you to breathe in 4k.

Jokes apart, Zephyr comes equipped with air exchange chambers with two-speed dual intake fans. These fans ensure better air-circulation with their top speed of around 6200RPM, customizable by the user.

The medical-grade soft silicone seal and dual strap design ensure that the mask accommodates perfectly and comfortably to your face.

Unlike other masks that block your face, the Zephyr mask allows others to see your expressions easily through a transparent plate that remains clear thanks to a layer of anti-fog coating.

The Zephyr mask also comes fitted with interior lightning powered by 16.8 million colours Chroma RGB lights. The mask also incorporates Razer VoiceAmp technology to improve the wearer’s speech clarity and minimize voice muffling.

If you are willing to purchase this mask, note that there’s one practical downside to this mask. The RAZER Zephyr masks’ battery life isn’t as lucrative as its other features.

The lifespan of a battery is only up to 8 hours at one go with chroma lightning disabled and the fan speeds set to low. So, if you need to commute or engage in social interaction over prolonged hours, this might not be the right choice for you.

RAZER Zephyr Pro is listed at $99. To buy this smart mask, head over to the official RAZER product site: Here.


The problem with wearing a mask is that it can be well-designed, comfortable, and protective, yet it will still muffle sound when you speak. Although RAZER addresses it with its VoiceAMP technology, it only partially fixes the problem.

Picture Credit: Maskfone

MaskFone aims to change and enhance that. It has a mask, Bluetooth earbuds, and a microphone built-in.

The mask contains adjustable ear loops, a nasal bridge, and pockets for disposable N95 filters, while the earbuds have background noise isolation, an IPX5 water-resistant rating, and a battery life of 12 hours.

With all that Maskfone brings to the table, phone calls with a muffled and distorted voice will be a thing of the past.

The MaskFone smart mask is available to buy for $49.99 on the Maskfone website. You can even grab it for $34.99 on sale.

If this smart mask is already appealing to you, you will be excited to hear about Megafone, a smart mask with an inbuilt voice projector. You will speak inside the mask and the attachment will emit the sound to the outside.

If you are someone who requires to verbally communicate a lot, Maskfone is a strong option, given its communication-oriented design.

You can buy Maskfone from the official website: Here

These have been 2022’s most impressive smart masks so far. It’s only the beginning of the year, so we expect more to come. Till then you can prepare yourself with the right information to make sure you pick a bang for the buck smart mask. Here’s how to buy a smart mask that’s right for you:

Tips when shopping for Smart Masks

Covid is mutating. COVID variants like Omnicron, Deltacron, Flurona, etc are sweeping nations worldwide. Researchers warn that a remedy to this is at the moment, out of reach.

In these dire times, you must take necessary measures to be safe than sorry. To keep yourself protected when you step out of the comfort of your home, make sure the armour you rely on is worth it.

High Filtration

N95 and KN95 grade masks provide higher filtration and thus much more protection than cotton and surgical masks. These filters are proven to remove up to 95% of airborne pollutants. Surgical masks, on the other hand, do not fulfil any filtration standards and aren’t well-suited to provide such high levels of protection.

So, make sure whichever smart mask you choose to buy, it should come equipped with an N-95 or equivalent filter as the bare minimum. Further, make sure to check on the product page if the item is scientifically tested and approved.

The masks featured in this article all come equipped with N-95 or higher grade filters so you need not worry if one of these suits your liking.

Filter Life

Smart mask or not, filters need to be replaced after serving a certain lifespan. But, if you’re gonna be spending $$$ to grab the top gear amongst smart masks, you’d want it to come with filters that can stand the test of time and the strains of COVID.

It’s recommended to opt for smart masks that come with a filter life of a minimum of 3 days. Otherwise, you will find yourself running into recurring charges for buying extra filter refills every alternate week.

Without filters, your smart mask is as smart as any ordinary cloth or surgical mask. Sure you can still get the feed from sensors but they won’t be saving your life.

Battery Life

Most, if not all, smart masks are powered by batteries. The battery backup differs from one mask to another.

Some masks have flashy lights and fans, decorated almost like a war machine while others are relatively simpler and come equipped only with filters and sensors. To each their own.

When you are making your buy, the battery life of your mask should be your second priority, the first being filter grade.

If your mask does not last at least 24 hrs without recharge or replacement, it’s definitely not worth it as a daily driver. If you are a rather conservative user who doesn’t step out of their house too often then you can settle for less.


The material of a mask attributes quite a lot to how it feels when wearing it. If you’re gonna be spending ample hours away from home, it’s wise to opt for a mask that’s soft and smooth on your skin. Moreover, makes made for certain can be unbearable due to weight distribution asymmetries.

They can weigh down on your neck causing you serious discomfort over prolonged hours. When buying a mask, check out the quality of material used in manufacturing. Try and opt for softer materials like cotton for maximum comfort.


If you’re gonna be buying a smart mask spending a minimum of $99 or more, depending on your choice, you’re gonna want to make sure it lasts you your money’s worth.

Keep your eye on how difficult it is to clean the mask, its water resistance and ease of replacement(filters/battery). These three vectors will tell you whether the mask you buy will last or not.

Final Comments

These trying times call for trying measures. We, humans, are known as a resilient force and we strive to fight the curse of COVID. Since the outbreak in 2019, countless lives have been lost to this deadly virus and 3 years later, the numbers are still rising.

COVID is to be taken seriously and whilst scientists and researchers are working overtime to find a cure, the least we can do is follow the safety protocols to try and contain the spread of this disease.

Wearing masks is a very effortless and basic protocol that all responsible citizens should follow. Tecvalue is making it even easier for you by laying down a list of curated options of the best masks on the market, so you get to breathe in safety and walk with style.

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