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Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Prices

Facebook Marketplace was created by the popular social networking website as an addition to the various services that they already provided.

The company decided to try its hand in the eCommerce space to bank on its existing social networking prowess and facilitate its users in buying and selling different products.

There can be a ton of different products to buy and sell here ranging from used second-hand products to new products which a user can share. 

Places can be rented out as well with appropriate pictures and mentioned prices. The users can then contact the seller directly by messaging them or posting comments on the comment box for the same.

Facebook Marketplace is very accessible and easy to understand, considering the number of people who have been on Facebook or used it. It isn’t a tough nut to crack. 

Although recently, there have been complaints of users not being able to see the prices on the listed products. This is the continuation of an earlier problem of the Facebook marketplace being buggy. We will look into the potential reasons that might cause it and the solutions.

How To Fix “Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Prices”?

Here are the solutions you are looking for Facebook marketplace not showing price errors. There can be a variety of reasons why this glitch exists. But we will go through the most probable reasons and simultaneously, go with the solutions.

Clear Cache Memory of the Facebook App.

This is an age-old solution to every app problem. It is the “turn on-off” equivalent of mobile applications. Your Facebook app might be buggy because your cache memory is not cleared up in a long time. 

Cache memory is the local storage where the application stores images, codes, and other files to avoid re-downloading them every time. Cache memory can have some files which mimic an older version of the application.

Hence causing the app to be buggy, Clearing it might remove the buginess in the app. Here’s how you can clear the cache memory of the app.

Step 1. Open your browser settings 

Step 2. Go to the cache memory. Or search the term cache if you are unable to find it.

Step 3. Clear cache and cookies from the options available.

Older Version of the Facebook App

Outdated versions of apps are one of the most common reasons for an app being dysfunctional. Keeping it updated is the best way to avoid these annoying scenarios of reading articles to fix it. 

Updating the Facebook App.

Updating the app if you are facing such a problem is one of the first things you should do. Your problem might be solved in seconds and you wouldn’t have to be frustrated anymore.

For android or iOS

Step 1. Go to the google play store or the iOS App store

Step 2.  Search for “ Facebook

Step 3. Click on the update just beside the application name. If there is no option such as “Update” your application might already be updated.

Step 4. Wait for the app to download the latest update and automatically install it.

Facebook Marketplace Is Not Available in Your Country.

Facebook is available in 167 countries and is the leading social networking site in 156 of them. There might be a possibility that your country does not have a Facebook marketplace because only 70 countries have access to this service provided by Facebook. You can check if your country is among the 70 countries.

BulgariaHungaryPuerto Rico
Costa RicaItalySouth Africa
Czech RepublicLuxembourgSweden
EstoniaNetherlandsUnited Kingdom
Dominican RepublicNew ZealandUnited States
ParaguayNorway PanamaUruguay

Stop Using a VPN

You probably have heard what a VPN is and might use it from time to time. VPN provides you with an encrypted server and hides your IP address. It makes it appear that you are using the internet from a different location.

If you do belong to the above-mentioned countries and Facebook Marketplace is not working properly on your device, you might want to switch off your VPN which has rerouted your IP address from a location that does not have the features of Facebook Marketplace.

You Are Not an Adult.

Facebook due to certain fraudulent activities has banned minors to be a part of Facebook Marketplace. Many naive kids over the years have been scammed by fraudsters on the internet financially. 

Facebook in its effort to prevent such activities from happening has not let people under 18 be a part of the service. So even if the marketplace is working on your account the prices might be hidden.

Change Your Date of Birth on Facebook

If you are 17 and are considered a minor for a year or just a few months, you might find it unfair that you cannot use Facebook as a means of maybe selling and buying things that might be useful. 

There are a lot of budding entrepreneurs who might start their businesses by finding things required for their business on the Facebook marketplace. Getting robbed of that opportunity because your 18th birthday is just a few months away does not seem fair. 

You can change your DOB to fit the criteria if you are that desperate. Although we wouldn’t suggest it if you are just curious about it because the policies are put by Facebook for a reason.

Facebook Server Issues

For quite a while facebook marketplace is filled with glitches and bugs, and we are pretty sure that Facebook does take notice of such things. It might be quite possible that the company is just updating its servers and trying to fix the glitches. 

Resulting in the prices being hidden, You can wait for a while for this bug to be fixed automatically.

Problem in Listing

Facebook marketplace glitches extend to different sections of the service. The sellers listing their products might also face a glitch where the prices were not listed even though they entered them properly. They have to list the product again to get this glitch fixed sometimes.

Contact Facebook Customer Support

Facebook customer support exists to improve their consumer experience. There can be issues that are not solvable on your own and hence you might need customer support.

If you see the bug being persistent on your device even after trying numerous things, customer support is the way to go.

You can go to Facebook Help Center to find more help with your particular issue.

End Note

I listed the reasons which might potentially be a reason for the glitch in your Facebook Marketplace. If you try and follow the solutions with success, then happy shopping. Beware of fraudulent sellers and do scrutinize the listing to its fullest.

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