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How to Get Personal Data From Discord?

We all are surrounded and addicted to social media. When we are engaged in a social media platform, the software would ask the user for details including your data. The data is required for few reasons such as;

  • To give the users a better experience 
  • To understand what the user prefers and sell any services accordingly
  • Certain applications do sell user information to 3rd parties.

In the majority of cases, the user would readily give in any details and later regret it. In this article, we would be discussing how to get personal data entered in Discord. 

Discord is an instant messaging application that is used to send voice, text, or even video calls. Here chats are categorized as servers, it is estimated that Discord has over 750 servers and the application is available in 27 languages.

Are you a user of discord and if you wish to get your data, and are not able to find a way to do so, then this article would help you? In this article, we would be discussing how to get personal data from discord. 

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Well, many users tend to request data due to many reasons, here let’s see a few:

  • Privacy issue: for better performance the app tracks all the user’s data. Which puts the user’s data at risk. 
  • To analyze the use of the application.
  • To reassure the trustworthiness of the software.
  • To check rightfulness. 
  • To understand the authorizations required by Discord.

Let’s get to the topic. 

Getting Your Personal Data from Discord

After using discord for a long time do you wish to get a summary of all the data? This is possible by following the steps

  • Open Discord on your mobile application or desktop. 
  • Go to user settings on the application ( on the right-hand corner) click on it.
  • Inside the User setting, you would find privacy and safety, Click on privacy and safety.
  • Click on request all my data, under that option click on request data. 
  • Once clicked, a pop-up will appear stating the time frame for retrieving those data. 
  • And if you are okay with the time frame then click request data.

Once the request is sent from the user Discord will receive a request for personal data, and the technical team will start their work. Also, you should keep certain things in mind.

  • It can take up to 30 days to retrieve your data!
  • If you ever want to track your request, you can do so at the help center through the support ticket option.
  • You can only have one active request at a time.
  • When your data is collated, a link consisting of your data would be sent to your mail-id.
  • You can’t change your mail id after a request is made. Also before proceeding, the user is required to verify the mail by mail verification.
  • If you delete or deactivate your account after the request, the request would be canceled. It means only active members can access and apply for data. 

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Finally, the wait is over, you have received your mail, It would have been as exciting as getting your Hogwarts letter. Now you must be wondering what you should do, once you get your link in the mail. 

  • Click on the link and download will initiate 
  • The downloaded file would be a zipped file. You should extract the data using any unzipping software.
  • The extracted data would be in a folder and would be arranged in alphabetical order. Also under the folders, you will find a txt file called README.
  • Readme text consists of JSON and CSV files meaning JSON -javascript object notation and CSV- comma-separated-values, the data which has been provided would be in these formats in the text file. You can simply copy and paste on a web browser for accessing your data.
  • Thus you downloaded your data available in Discord.

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What all are available on those data packages?

  • Your account details: it would comprise of your friend’s data, username, transaction details if you have upgraded to Nitro, avatar if you have activated, also any developer applications if you have used, your IP address, discriminator number, any live session in the phone, tab or laptop, the folder even have the list of blocked contacts.
  • Servers: it would be a list of servers you have joined to date. And if you own any servers then information related to those such as icons, roles, settings, channels, permissions and also audit log. 
  • Messages: well, it would include all your direct as well as group messages. The folder won’t contain messages which the user has deleted at some point or someone has deleted from their end. The folder not only contains text messages but also media attachments transferred through the application. Also, it is interesting to note that each message is time-stamped. 
  • Activities: this folder would comprise all your activities such as how is your app, how many times you have used it, which game you played to date, the servers you joined and left.
  • Programs: this would comprise of all the applications you have submitted such as Hypesquad, any server verification, partners program ,and so on 

So the next question arises.

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Why does Discord keep track of this much data?

Well, this helps Discord run better. This keeps the developers updated on what the current market requires and thereby adapting to it. 

So if you wish the application not to track any of your applications then I will guide you through that as well. 

How to prevent the app to stop tracking analytics?

Go to user settings, select privacy and safety, you will find an option for user data for improving Discord turn it off and the software will stop tracking your activities

  • And if you wish to stop the app from tailoring according to your taste then click on ->user settings ->select Privacy and safety now->turn off -use data to customize your discord experience.

Wrapping up

Like all applications discord also comes with privacy-related issues, which can be solved to a major extent by changing your privacy setting.

Hope this article was helpful to you, do read other articles on this website.

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