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How To Remove #Hiring Badge from LinkedIn Profile Picture?

Today as the title suggests we would be discussing a very interesting topic on LinkedIn which is How to Remove Hiring Badge From LinkedIn Profile Picture, hope this article would be informative and interesting.

During post covid pandemic, LinkedIn introduced two new features into their domain, the main intent was to fill the gap between the recruiter and job aspirant, as the market was flooding with unemployment.

The features are #opentowork and #hiring; let’s understand these features in detail later in this article. Now, let’s see how can we remove hiring from your profile picture.

How to remove #hiring from LinkedIn profile picture?

Removing the #hiring badge from LinkedIn is very easy, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to do so.

Step 1: Go to your profile

Step 2: You can find the profile picture click on it

Remove Hiring Badge

Step 3: Once you click on the profile picture options would appear, click “Original” and hit “Apply” on top.

Step 4: You have successfully removed the hiring feature from the profile picture.

The steps for both Desktop and Mobile are pretty similar, for the desktop you can click on the profile picture and then “Frames” which will open the same three options that you see on the mobile application.

Now let’s see more about #hiring and #opentowork badges/features on LinkedIn.

What Is The #Hiring Badge On LinkedIn?

#Hiring is a feature used by recruiters who are searching for a talent pool. Say, your company has an urgent vacancy that needs to be filled, you can post the vacancy on your profile, and your LinkedIn network would be notified about the vacancy and it would be easy for you to find the right candidate.

#Hiring would be accompanied by a purple color frame for easy recognition.

If you’re looking for a potential employee on LinkedIn then, let see briefly discuss how can we include the hiring option in your profile.

How to add #hiring Badge on LinkedIn?

Let’s see how to add #hiring to your LinkedIn profile. You may follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Login into your LinkedIn account.

Step 2: On the upper right corner you can find “Me” option, click on it.

Step 3: Dropdown would be visible on the screen, on the down box you will find “View Profile”, click on it.

Step 4: You will find a “Frame”s feature on your profile picture. Click on it and select “Hiring

Step 5: LinkedIn is programmed to list the company with which you have an association, click on the company for which you wish to do the recruitment.

Step 6: Once you have selected the company, the next step includes completing the job requirement. And click on next.

Step 7: You also have an option to set the privacy setting, if you wish to notify a few profilers then

So, if your talent requirement is fulfilled and if you wish to remove the purple banner from your profile picture then don’t worry, we have already discussed how to do it at the beginning of this article.

Apart from the above-mentioned method, you can convey your connections that you’re hiring without the hashtag feature.

Let’s brush on those topics as well, which will help you to understand and use LinkedIn much better.

Apart from the premium subscription, LinkedIn also allows limited free posting. LinkedIn allows you to post one job post. You can avail the feature if you follow the steps:

Step 1: On the top menu you can find the job tab, click on them

Step 2: You may enter vacancy details such as job title, and description.

Step 3: Once you filled in the required details you may post them, LinkedIn uses Ai to provide potential matches for the job requirement. You can avail of those free services.

Another option to post job vacancies is through LinkedIn premium subscription: the premium services are called the LinkedIn recruiter and recruiter lite.

This feature is helpful for bulk or frequent hiring. This functionality comes with an unlimited SMS option and reminds us about weekly follow-ups. Interesting isn’t it!!

What is #Opentowork Badge on LinkedIn?

Open to work are used by job aspirant who wishes to upgrade or start their career by joining a new company or career path. Let’s see how to add #opentowork to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1: As always you need to login into your profile- click on Me.

Step 2: Select view profile

Step 3: Where you can find open to function.

Step 4: Aspirant job seekers can select finding a new job and add them to your profile.

LinkedIn also provides an additional feature where you can restrict the audience you wish to be informed about your availability to work, which are:

  1. LinkedIn members: By opting for this feature, all the LinkedIn members can see that you’re looking for better career opportunities. So, the chance of getting responses would be high. To get better visibility of your profile, the domain has added a green tag to your profile picture to ensure that your network connection on LinkedIn would know you are open to career options.
  2. If you don’t wish all your LinkedIn connection members to see about to openwork status then, you can very well use #recruitersonly options. This feature would notify the recruiters listed on LinkedIn, that you are looking for a better career option or career shift. Isn’t that wonderful?


The latest feature in LinkedIn is very easy to use and helpful to many professionals. They are very effective in finding the right candidate and also getting placed in a dream company.

The tools had helped many candidates find their dream job also companies to find the perfect match for the job vacancy.

So, I hope this article was informative for you, and do share and like, and don’t forget to share the article among your peers and comment on your view which would be helpful to us to improve. 

If you have other doubts or clearing, we would be happy to assist you at any point in time. Hope you have a great day ahead.

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