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Why Does Snapchat say My Account Doesn’t Exist?

Snapchat is one of the leading social media platforms used for sharing photos and videos, the main highlight for the software is that the videos and photos disappear after a prefixed period.

Being a leading platform where different kinds of people use can be a place of misuse. Developers took many precautions to deal with such abuses. This article would be dealing with why does your Snapchat says my account doesn’t exist? 

There are many reasons for such notification to show; let’s check out

Why does Snapchat say the Account Doesn’t Exist?

Well, a few reasons for such an issue can be 

• Your account can be lost 

• It is been closed by Snapchat

• If your account was inactive for a long period then accounts can go dormant.

So let’s see each of the reasons in detail

Your account can be lost

The probability of losing your account is less, but anything is possible in the online world. So if you think that your account is lost then you can get help from the support team of Snapchat, they will help you retrieve your lost account. This is only possible if your account wasn’t banned and retrieving a lost account will take time

It is been banned by Snapchat

Well, the banning of accounts is incorporated to keep the balance in the platform. The main objective is to make sure that the user feels safe and secure while trying to share their piece of life open into the world.

The guidelines are not only applicable for the users but also for the advertisement agency and companies. The agreement with a third party will include content accuracy, appropriate fact check.  We will see this in detail in the next heading.

If you feel the Ban was not correct you can always raise an appeal and get your account back. Don’t worry, the Snapchat Data will not be deleted because of the ban.

If your account has been inactive for a long time

Certain users do install an app but don’t frequently check for updates or get bored eventually. So the app tends to go dormant if it has been inactive for a long time. 

It is quite possible that your Snapchat account is deleted, if it wasn’t for you, you can get it back up by reaching out to the support team of Snapchat by visiting the contact us page.

Now coming over to the second heading, 

How do People get Banned on Snapchat? 

People are unaware of the consequences of their actions that happen in the Social Media world. Similar to the offline world, rules and regulations bid the balance in the online world. 

Main Reason People Get Banned on Snapchat

  • Adult content: users can share posts about Adult content videos and educational videos based on Reproductive Health, but explicit content is banned on Snapchat.  The app prevents the promotion and sharing of Adult content.
  • Child abuse: any video containing involving child abuse or anyone below the age of 18 will draw in legal action against the person. The app specifically says the user isn’t allowed to share, save or send any video or photos containing such content.
  • Snapchat doesn’t tolerate any kind of bullying or harassment. For small instances of Harassment; including if someone blocks you, try not to contact them.
  • It is prohibited to send any snap or video involving content that can hurt the other user’s feelings.
  • Sharing anything about another person’s private life without their knowledge is prohibited. You can’t share images or videos of people or private spaces such as the bathroom, bedroom, locker room, or medical facility. In order to share this content, you might need permission.
  • If a user asks another user to remove specific content,  it is advisable to remove it.
  • Snaps which can cause public disorder or civil unrest. 

Threatening someone is ethically wrong but it is even more wrong if someone uses a public platform to convey the threatening SMS.  

• It is prohibited to share graphical images and too violent images or videos.

• It is also prohibited to share content involving self-harm or eating disorders, as it can be taken as promotional and encouraging the youngsters- who are the major users of the platform.

Impersonation/Spreading False Information

  • One of the major culprits of the social media platform. Fake news, ever since the pandemic the fake news has gone up like forest fire, there is fake news for any news available. So creating fake news is banned.
  • Impersonation: one of the dangerous problems social media is facing. Young people are falling for people who impersonate themselves as young people and will fall for the trap that they have laid for them.  As for the older generation, they are falling for the financial trap that is associated with impersonation.
  • Users pretending to be bank employees requiring details for any bank-related query, users who aren’t aware of the bank protocols will fall for it and give away the sensitive information and thereby incurring the financial cost.
  • Any sort of hate, defaming speech towards any caste, creed, nation, national origin, Mother tongue, gender identity, disability,  religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, economic status, age, weight, body shape are also prohibited.
  • Any violation against these guidelines can cause be your account to be banned. 

All the rules and regulations are applicable for all users and Snapchat hopes all the users abide by the rules and regulations in order to provide a safe environment for all the users. Read more of Community Guidelines here.

Wrapping up

Snapchat is an interesting platform for sharing content but users do have to keep in mind certain aspects of using social media. They should be an ideal citizen in the online world as well.

So I hope this article was useful to you, do subscribe to our newsletter for the latest technology updates and topics. 

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