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How to Find Out What Email You Used For Facebook Account?

Facebook helps you login into different social media networks seamlessly with just a push of a button. But you need to have an email ID or just a phone number to get registered on the website, which ends up as your user ID for the sake of logging into the site, and this is where you receive all your official account-related messages.

But many times we forget what the email ID is in the first place. Many of us have multiple email accounts to keep our mail separated for business and personal affairs. And it often gets hard to get things tracked since you can’t access the account without your email.

So without further ado let’s see how you can find your email used on Facebook in the simplest way possible.

How To Check the Email You Used on Your Facebook On a Smartphone

Now let’s have a look at how to check the email you used on Facebook on your Mobile. It is the same whether you are on your Android or even your Apple iPhone, so you don’t have to worry a lot about your operating system. So let’s get on with it:

Step 1: Fire up the Facebook app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Go over to the Profile tab in the app which can be seen in the menu icon on the bottom right of the Facebook Homepage.

Step 3: Under the Settings & Privacy option, tap the Settings menu.

Step 4: The Settings menu will reveal a new page and you can see the Account Centre section.

Step 5: Under Account Centre, you will see the Personal details option, tap it.

Step 6: Go over to the Personal details page and you can lay your eyes on the page which will contain your phone number and email address.

You can jot down the details over here for use in the future, and you can also go ahead and edit them if you like.

How To Check Email You Used on Your Facebook On a Mac or PC

Now you might be wondering why we haven’t talked about this on the desktop. Well, we aren’t keeping you in the dark for long. Let’s give you a heads-up on that too.

Step 1: Open up Facebook on your browser.

Step 2: Click the profile icon at the top-right, and go over to the Settings & Privacy option

Step 3: Go over to Settings in the menu.

Step 4: You will be led to the Settings page where you can click the Personal details option under the Account Center section.

Step 5: Here you can access the Contact details via the Personal details section, which will contain both your phone number and email ID.

You can jot down the details and also edit them to your heart’s content.

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General Settings on Facebook

First and foremost, let’s talk about the simplest way, by marching over to the General Settings of your Facebook account. Let’s quickly run over the series of steps to get a view of the whole picture.

Step 1: Open up the Facebook application

Step 2: Log in to your Facebook account with your username, which is usually your email (the one the site has already saved) or you could alternatively log in with your phone number.

Step 3: You can then enter your Password and go for Login.

Step 4: Once you are in, select Account Settings.

Step 5: Your email address will be listed under the General Account Settings.

There you go, that’s your email address for the taking.

And you can also go ahead and edit the details if you want to drop the old email or phone number. 

Final Take by Tecvalue

Facebook has been ruling the Social Media landscape for over a decade, and there is still no sign of stopping. The amount of acquisitions and investments is a testament to their rapid growth.

When Mark Zuckerberg was at Harvard, he gave birth to the idea of Facebook, where he envisioned a site that allowed users to compare each other’s faces, almost like a low-key Tinder-like application.

Unsurprisingly, his teachers at Harvard didn’t like the idea, and it was thrown out the window. Zuckerburg had to struggle through many technical issues and legal disputes, even his fellow Harvard students Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss sued him for allegedly stealing their idea and demanded he gives them a share of his success.

But now it has blossomed into the biggest Social Media Network, Only third in popularity to Google and Youtube.

Fun Fact: Facebook Users Have Uploaded 250 Billion Photos in total until now! This means an average of 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every single day!

Facebook has seen rapid growth in countries like Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. India has the highest number of Facebook users which is more than 260 million users.

Tune in to our site and help yourself with more of our articles on various topics over here.

How can I see the email of a Facebook account?

You can check the email you used to log into your Facebook account via the Personal details section in the Meta Account Center section. There you will find the email and phone number you used to log into your Facebook account.

Does Facebook show my email?

Facebook will show your personal details to other users based on your privacy settings. If your personal details are set to Friends, Friends of friends, or Public, other users will be able to see your email ID and phone number registered to your Facebook account.

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  1. Yes, Hi! I have been using Facebook for years on my Desktop, and not to long ago, it seems like my Facebook Account has been totally Blocked for some reason or another. I know they have a lot of Restrictions on Facebook now, that can get one into trouble, and be locked out of being able to comment or get reply’s on Facebook, or thrown in Facebook Jail, which it seems like they have thrown the key away with me. I do not Post anything Obscene and speak of my Christianity a lot while on Facebook, and generally speak in very kind words, but still am being blocked. I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and 73 years old, and I enjoy Facebook, to keep me company, but when I am totally ignored on it, it truly hurts my feelings. I don’t know much about Computers, so I don’t know how to fix this problem by myself. I hope you can help me please. Whatever you can do I would appreciate it. Thank you, Skye S.


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