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How to change language on amazon app & web?

We all know that English is considered to be the global language, but not every country or continent has 100 percent literacy in English.

And us living in a well-advanced technical age, to be a successful global internet player, every platform must be updated so as to be relevant and profitable.

To be relevant they must adapt to various cultural and regional preferences, and language plays a significant role in such adaptability.

This is also a reason why many global leaders in different domains took the pain and effort to understand regional languages and incorporate them into their platforms. 

One such leader Amazon, a leading eCommerce platform managed to incorporate 71 languages onto their platform so that they could get vendors and customers on a very regional level, so as to expand their marketplace. Amazon introduced its Amazon global store in 2016 let’s see the global store later in this article.

How Can We Change Language Preference On Amazon

The majority of the platform was quite a user- friendly, and changing the languages on amazon can do in 4 simple steps. 

The following are for mobile applications, considering the Amazon app is installed on your phone.

Change language preference on the Amazon Mobile app

Step 1: On the lower right-hand side of your Amazon app you will find the “Hamburger Button ☰” click on that.

Amazon hamburger menu

Step 2: Scroll down and you will see “Settings🇺🇸” simply click on it which will bring you a ton of options

amazon app list of settings

Step 3: Now click on “Country & Language”

list of languages on amazon

Step 4: Now you have a list of options in front of you, select your preferred Language and Region and that’s it.

Change language preference for Amazon in a web browser 

Step 1:  Go to Amazon on your browser, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

amazon.com on browser

Step 2: On the top-right-hand-side of your Amazon homepage you can find a “Flag symbol“, click on it

Amazon language region selector button

Step 3: A drop-down will appear where you can select the language of your preference.

List of region supported on amazon web

Step 4: Simply click on your language and your browser will reload the page with your new selected language.

If you don’t want to change language, but change regions you can do that as well, follow the steps mentioned below.

Change region/symbol on your Amazon

Step 1: Open the browser and login in

change region link on amazon web

Step 2: click on the “Flag symbol” near the search button

Step 3: Click on “Change country/region

country selector on amazon website

Step 4: Now from the drop-down menu select your preferred country

Step 5: Finally click on “Go to website

The pop-up webpage would open and amazon would be updated in your preferred language. Now, you can view content that is relevant to the location you have selected.

After changing your preferred language, Amazon will send an official notification about the same. The changes would be saved for your shopping experience. 

You also need to keep certain things in mind while changing your preferred language.

Things to consider 

  1. Certain amazon features and notifications won’t be available in your selected language even if you change them.
  2. Make sure you log in to the same account where you have made the changes whenever you login into amazon on different devices. 
  3. Changes made to the mobile app won’t have any effect on amazon linked on desktop.
  4. Changes made to desktops won’t affect amazon linked to mobile devices.
  5. Verify the language you select, then only apply to your amazon account. 

What is Amazon’s global store?

Amazon global store is an exclusive store where you will find some interesting international products from all around the world. There are a few benefits of Amazon global store : 

  1. Being amazon you can be assured that all the products are genuine and have better delivery. 
  2. You can pay for your products in your local currency 
  3. Access to certain brands which are not available on an existing e-commerce platform. 
  4. Amazon assured return and refund policy which will give you a piece of mind when ordering internationally. 
  5. Better pricing of international products on Amazon.
  6. Taxes and other duties are very much transparent and you can choose to proceed with the purchase based on the figures, unlike other sites, where pricing is determined when the product reaches the destination country. 

In India Amazon got an edge over its competitors with the introduction of amazon’s global store. 


I hope this article was helpful to you, do comment your views in the comment session. You will also find these articles interesting 

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