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How To Make Keyboard Bigger on an iPhone?

Apple – one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, and the iPhone is its iconic product which inspires every phone user with its innovative technology. New versions and updates are launched each year to amuse customers. 

The latest iPhone came with the fastest chip ever on a smartphone ( A15 Bionic chip), super retina XDR display and cinematic mode all said- what to do when you have the tiny keyboard in hand. The tiny keyboard is indeed a concern.

People with eye problems are facing a great challenge to view the letter from a small keyboard.  Not only eyes, but it is also a huge challenge for the hands as well.

People with big hands also suffer as small. keyboards can create many mistakes while typing, users spend more time correcting than typing. 

Here we will see how to make your keyboard on the iPhone visible. 

Fun fact-first iPhone was made in 1983, it was just a prototype. Only 30 people knew about it.

Display Zoom

iPhones are built within build zoom options, this feature is called display zoom. This feature not only makes the keyboard big but also makes the icons and text big. To do so you may follow the steps

  • Open Settings
  • Click on Display and brightness 
  • You will find display zoom 
  • Select view under-display zoom -> choose zoomed option
  • iPhone will show a preview of how the phone will appear when this feature is enabled if you like what is shown then click set.
  • Your phone might restart to enable the changes. 

Now if you are using the latest iPhone then display zoom is available under accessibility.  Under accessibility, you would be able to adjust the size using a slider.

Fun fact- iPhone users sell their old model to buy the new version 

Note: there is a disadvantage on display zoom, for iPhone plus models if you activate the display zoom it will disable the landscape mode. But on the iPhone XS max, this problem has been rectified. 

Fun fact- around 101 million iPhone users are there.

Third-party Apps

There are many third-party products available on the market which have their keyboards, though the rest of the icons won’t be enlarged.  An example of a third party keyboard is 

  • Big keys, a particular app can make the keyboard up to 40% bigger not only that it also makes the keyboard 100% contrast. They also offer customization based on the type of typer they use.  For installing the app, you have to download the application from the app store. Go to settings -> click general -> keyboards-> select add keyboard -> then activate the keyboard downloads.
  • Thick Button is another keyboard available on board. Turnkey technology has been given for patency, their unique technology of keeping space between the touch surface makes typing easier and mistake-free.

Fun fact- Apple gets almost 94% of the industry profit. That is a huge share, isn’t it!! 

Few Tips on iPhone Keyboard 

Here are a few tips you wish you had known earlier:

  • If you ever make a mistake while typing in an iPhone you can use the spacebar to make the necessary changes. All you need to do is long-press the spacebar, this will make the rest of the keys disappear and you can move the cursor on the text typed. By reaching the location release and making the necessary correction. 
  • The one-handed keyboard you can opt for any branded keyboard if you can’t use both hands. This feature will make the keyboard settle to one side so that you can access it all. keys with one hand. For doing so follow these steps go to settings ->  click in general -> click keyboard -> select either left or right-hand keyboard.  If left is selected to make it a left-hand keyboard while typing press the globe icon on the left lower of the keyboard. Please note that you can give quick access to either l the keyboard left or right.
  • If you don’t wish to use any third party products then use the landscape mode through which the screen will get bigger so does the keyboard. 

Fun fact- Apple has to date sold 700 million phones worldwide. 

Now as additional information, if you ever wish to make the icons on your iPhone bigger then follow the steps. 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Accessibility
  • Switch on the zoom feature through this you can use the three fingers to zoom 
    • Also, the three fingers can be used to drag around the screen
    • The same can be used to deactivate the zoom.

Through this, you can zoom your content up to 200x times. 


Can I resize my keyboard alone?

No, the iPhone doesn’t have an in-built option to resize the keyboard alone.

I accidentally made my keyboard big. How to revert it? 

Well go to settings-> click on general->click keyboard->  click keyboard again->now click on the default keyboard.

Fun fact- in iPhone I stand for the internet, individual, instruct and inform as for Steve jobs, he also indicates that “I” don’t have any particular meaning.

Wrapping up 

iPhones are leading ones in the phone industry but they do lack in terms of keyboard, display zoom is an option where the keyboard settings can be changed but not only the keyboard but also the icons and rest of the phone settings will change. 

An app store is filled with third party products which can help you rectify the issue, it is up to the discretion of the user to choose from the options available. 

Hope this article was useful to you, if you feel I have left something behind do comment on the comment session we will try to address the topic. For any clarification reach us through a comment or contact us. 

Thazni Siar
Mother of twins, Thazni likes to write even amid all the chaos, hailing from the rice barrel of Kerala - Palakkad. She believes in the “keep it simple” kind of writing, palatable to all age groups. She completed her B.Tech in Electronics and Communication due to her love for Electronic Devices and Technology in general. She is now hoping to find a parallel career in content writing.


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