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How do I Make the Samsung TV Into a Samsung Smart TV?

The technological world has moved on from making devices smart, starting from smartphones now it has reached to tv, washing machine and now AC. Not many people are ready to invest in electronic commodities every now and then.

They stick with their traditional systems until they are beyond repair or the repair cost is equivalent to buying new appliances.

So if you have an old Samsung tv that doesn’t have the latest features such as OTT( over the top ) applications or internet connectivity, then don’t worry; this article would help you upgrade your normal Samsung tv to a smart Samsung tv.

Here we will be talking about how to upgrade the Samsung tv to a Samsung smart tv. Without any delay let us get to the topic, here we would be covering:

Ways to Upgrade Your TV

There are many devices available in the market which can convert your normal tv to a smart tv. With the help of these devices, you can simply connect to the internet and get the best entertainment options.

Along with the viewing experience, if you wish to have a theatre experience with sound effects, you can always connect your system to a sound system. These devices alone wouldn’t do anything to your old tv set; there are a few other elements that you should possess to get upgraded:

• The TV set should also possess an HDMI port which enables the device to connect to the appliance.

• An Internet connectivity 

• A pairing remote 

Now let us see which all devices can upgrade your tv set

• Chromecast

Amazon fire stick – the stick comes with Alexa powdered remote and access to the popular streaming partners in 4k resolution.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

Apple 4k tv 

Well, these are the few options to make your TV smart. Choosing the correct device is very important for making your tv smart. If you have more android devices at your home, then chrome cast would be the right device. Apple 4k tv is best suited for households that have more apple and iOS devices. 

It all depends on how well all your devices sync with each other. So there is a checklist that you need to check before getting an upgrade device 

• The common operating system used in the household

• Type of ecosystem do your existing devices use

Let us see in detail the devices available. 

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Use Chromecast to Convert your Samsung TV into Smart TV

As I mentioned earlier, chrome cast is best suited for a household that has Android-based devices. With Chromecast, you can easily stream videos and audio from Netflix, amazon prime, Spotify, and YouTube.    

Chrome cast is a product of Google which enables the user to view online content on their phone or tv. The device doesn’t have any subscription charges, but the user has to make a one-time purchase fee for the device. Chrome does come in two variants, one with 4k resolution and one with normal resolution.

Users can choose according to their budget. Chrome cast also requires an HDMI port on the Tv, and that’s it. It is very easy to use and helpful if you are using a normal tv set or travelling, and the motel doesn’t provide a free movie experience.

The only disadvantage of chrome cast is that it lacks a smart remote. You can control the TV from your smartphone on the mobile application.

Now let us see how to set up Chromecast to make your Samsung TV smart. 

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How to Set-Up Chromecast?

• First of all, you need to connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port of your tv 

• After connecting the device, you may switch on the TV and click source on the remote. 

• By clicking source, you will be able to see many options on the top of the tv screen. Make sure you have opted for HDMI port 1 as the channel source 

• Now, you need your mobile phone to download the google home app. Once you have downloaded the google home app, click on add and manage option. 

• Now click on the setup option and make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on. There is also a possibility that the app will detect chrome cast and ask your permission to set it on the home page of Google subject to if your Bluetooth is turned on.

• The setup device option will prompt many pop-ups and instructions. All you have to do is go through those instructions. The final stage of the installation is a code that will be visible on your tv.

You have to make sure the same code is popping up on your phone. If the code is the same, then click on “that’s is my code.” Well, that’s it, folks… 

• You can view all your favorite streaming platforms on your tv.  

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Wrapping up

There are various types of devices available in the market which can give your traditional tv a zing. Also, keep in mind that the various OTT platforms work on subscription models, which means you have to pay for the content available. Buying the device alone will not do. You also need to subscribe to your favorite platform as well.

Hope this article was useful to you, and you have got your answers. To subscribe to our newsletter for the latest site updates. You can comment in the comment session for any more doubts, and one of our teammates will assist you. 

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