European Smartphone Brands of 2023 You Must Know

We keep hearing about American or Chinese SmartPhone Brands but here we will talk about European Smartphone Brands and provide you with a range of options to choose from. These brands are not in the limelight because they are less popular, another reason can be user preference. So, does that mean that they are not producing good Smartphones for Users?

No, they are indeed one of the best Smartphone manufacturing Brands in the world but they have quality and customer satisfaction as their top priorities. The business model is very different from others. They are not in the business of expanding a series of versions of software but are trying to develop Smartphones that can be literally smart.

Asian or African Companies don’t have distinct goodwill with regard to their business model and ideals and it is more or less similar to pioneering American Companies. However, it is not the same for European Smartphone Brands.

Let’s get started!

1. Nokia – Finland

Nokia Logo
Picture Credit: Nokia

It is by far the most successful European brand the world has ever seen. It has been in the market for over a century. It was once one of the largest selling European phone companies in the world.

As a matter of fact, it was also the single largest contributor to the GDP of Finland. However, it failed to meet the demand for the touchscreen and the technologies aligned with it affected the demand for Nokia Severely.

But, it was quick to adapt to the rapid changes taking place and it developed its own Touchscreen Smartphone with an operating system developed by Microsoft.

The Lumia series was one such product that was developed by Microsoft and it did manage to gain traction but somehow it wasn’t able to sustain it, and it saw a rapid fall in its sales. 

With not being able to cope with the fall in demand and the constant upheavals faced by the company executives, the mobile operations were sold by Nokia to Microsoft and began the series of Microsoft smartphones that had the same operating system as Windows. Again, it failed to gain public affection and it slowly began to face a downfall. Microsoft was out.

Nokia has survived the unprecedented problems which came with android smartphones. But, it still is in the market. It has managed to restart its operations through HMD globals and has produced smartphones with android on top.

It must be noted that even the android versions are unique ‘NOKIA’ – a design both in terms of hardware and software that provides a trademark of Nokia as a European Smartphone Brand.

The techies may have reservations about the products of Nokia but they cannot forego the fact that Nokia has a better future. It is coming back as one of the most unique European smartphone Companies.

2. Archos – France

Archos Découvrez le X67 5G
Picture Credit: Archos

It is another European brand that has been developing computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is the only company after Nokia which has successfully managed to use windows and android operations in its products. It has a moderate demand and it produces accordingly.  

It is a growing French Smartphone Company that is gaining the confidence of the consumers. Well, the compatibility is almost as good and as bad as any android smartphone of any company.

After all, ZTE ( A Chinese company) is developing smartphones under the name of Archos. How much can you talk about Compatibility?

It would be the same as any other Smartphone company but of course, the system and performance is a matter of discussion.

But if we assess the overall performance of smartphone companies in and around Europe, we see Archos as distinctive as is the case with Huawei and its competition with Samsung. Archos is an emerging European  Smartphone brand and is fulfilling the requirements of Users with proper services, adaptability in terms of technology, and so forth.

3. Wileyfox – England

European smartphone brands-Wileyfox Swift 2
Picture Credit: Wileyfox

This smartphone brand was founded in the year 2015 and by 2018, the products of Wileyfox were brought into the African market.

It is literally a new company and has the power and potential to innovate like other European Smartphone brands have been innovating ever since they emerged. 

The design template of their smartphones is similar to Huawei and other Chinese phones but it has a unique design which makes it a little distinct from identical phones.

The difference is that Wileyfox is just similar and not identical. There is a huge gap in compatibility too.

However, this European brand is gaining traction and can be projected to be a strong competitor in the long run in the markets in Europe.

Some of the products produced  by Wileyfox are as follows:

  • Wileyfox Storm
  • Wileyfox swift

4. Fairphone – Netherlands

Picture Credit: Fairphone

This European Brand is perhaps the only brand that has understood the Strategic Inflection Point of smartphones. It has understood so because it is developing smartphones with resources that don’t damage the environment. Having mentioned that, it is literally a smartphone manufacturing company. 

By making an effort to cope with the circumstances and developing an atmosphere for Green IT, it has become a pioneer in tackling the climate change crisis in the corporate world and it is starting with smartphones which is a valid metaphor. This proves the above statement as to why European Brands are unique in their approach.

Though Fairphone is a startup, the rate at which they are moving is remarkable and deserves the respect it is putting into Green IT.

It is truly an evolving  European Smartphone brand and is pushing the envelope for new market conditions and is paving for others to follow their entrepreneurship.

So far, the products launched by Fairphone are as follows:

FairPhone 1
Fairphone 2
Fairphone 3
Fairphone 3+
FairPhone Smartphones

5. Wiko – France

WIKO Power U-European smartphone brands
Picture Credit: WIKO

Another European Smartphone brand that dominates the European market is Wiko. It has a potential market and is a subsidiary of a Chinese company by the name Toona.

It is recognized in France as an option for other smartphone brands. The condition of Xiaomi that applies to India is the same for France.

It is highly budgeted and produces a minimum range of products but when it does produce, it manages to impress the Users of Europe. Hence, Wiko is becoming one of the most preferred European Smartphone brands.

6. Blloc – Germany

Blloc Smartphone
Picture Credit: Blloc

This is strangely in great demand all over Europe and is making the techies curious with their mysterious limited series smartphones which are not sold everywhere and are a little difficult to get hold of.

This European Smartphone brand is one of the most selling phones in Germany and in the continent of Europe. 

They have similar operating systems to any other android smartphone but have a very unique presentation.

It should be compared with Nokia because it has similar perspectives towards product development and its alignment with android services, it has managed to identify the need to merge android with its own services and provide a fusion to the Users. It has captured the expectations of many Users.

The primary objective of Blloc is to make the smartphone smart and not addictive. It is designed to perform minimal tasks and has managed to draw the attention of millions and millions of Smartphone Users who are willing to get rid of the addiction that they are suffering with.

This is true in the words of Steve Jobs a “Think Different” Product. It is the need of the hour.


The European Smartphone Brands have not been in the limelight because of their deep-rooted company values or policies and as a result, Asian and American brands have revolutionized the Smartphone industry, so much so, that they have become very difficult to compete.

In some cases, they have the monopoly of systems and it also manages to create expectations from the Users and dominate the technology at their disposal. 

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The European Smartphone Brands, on the other hand, are trying to bring a new market condition or technology and are experimenting like no other Asian or American brands have been planning to do.

Of course, the American and Asian brands have been planning to do certain things for their Users based on the space left by their latest development in the technological arena. 

They already have the information and control the expectations of the Users but it is not the same for the European smartphone brands, they manage to create expectations on ideas and explain them to their users for a better User experience.

They are leaping ahead of what the smartphone giants have been doing at present. The work and effort on the part of Fairphone is a case in point to understanding the distinction between European Smartphone Brands with Asian or American smartphone brands.

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