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Main Advantages of Computer Graphics | TecValue

Are you thinking of technically upgrading your Business? Are you looking for an edge that can help you boost your sales? Then Computer Graphics or CGI (Computer-generated imaginary) is your answer.   

You might be aware of the term, or you might be hearing it for the first time. Google data suggests that over 8000 people are searching for computer graphics in a month in the US alone.

So if you are not familiar with the term, I am here to show you some of the advantages of computer graphics and a brief about it. 

Fun fact: The first-ever feature film to use CGI is Vertigo (1958)

This article would be covering : 

What is Computer graphics or CGI?

As the name suggests, it is a tool for creating still or motion animated visuals through Computer. Through CGI, the user can communicate what he is implying to the targeted audience more effectively.

cristiano-firmani-graphics card
Picture by Cristiano Firmani Via Unsplash

Coined in 1960, CGI has come a long way in giving a different dimension to various fields such as art, science, finance, entertainment, construction, and whatnot. 

Fun fact: CGI not only can create real-world objects but also abstract images like 4D mathematical models. 

Various techniques are used in creating Computer graphics. Here are a few:

  • Using Algorithms: Algorithms can produce infinitely complex patterns called fractal patterns. How is it possible? by repeating the same algorithm in loops.
  • Vector shapes can be created by 2D pixel-based image editors. Mainly used in the gaming industry. 
  • 3D software is used to create basic to complex shapes. It can also stimulate how light reacts on the surface and also be used to create particle effects ( a fuzzy phenomenon used in In-game physics) 

Advantages of Computer Graphics

Let’s check what gives Computer Graphics its edge!


As I mentioned earlier, it is an excellent tool for communicating. Visuals convey more effectively than any form of communication. 


We all grew up watching cartoons, alongside entertainment cartoons, and informative content, Business also uses animations using Computer graphics. For example, the soft drink Advertisement for Sprite.

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Next, CGI can control animation in the gaming sector, which is widely used in the gaming industry. It enables the user to do fine detailing such as controlling speed, zoom in or out, the spatial relationship between objects, etc. This process is termed control animation. In short, there wouldn’t be gaming if it weren’t for CGI.

Motion Dynamics

Even though the word seems unfamiliar to many of us, we are using this feature on a day-to-day basis through Google Maps, Facebook.

The 360* view feature available on our smartphones which is available on various apps, is one of the features of CGI. This enables the user to visualize entire surroundings without being on the spot.

The user can visualize when the surroundings are moving and while the user is stagnant. Map apps use motion dynamics, where the user and surroundings move, and the exact location is understood (also with the help of GPS).

Motion dynamics has found its way into real estate, where the 360* interior and exterior view of a newly furnished apartment or independent house is uploaded to attract potential buyers. 

Update Dynamics

Another feature that is being used daily. Any photo editing app has this feature. It enables you to change the shape, size, color of the object. In photography, the surrounding, skin tone, cheek, chin, and hair are altered to create a picture-perfect portfolio. Without CGI, your wedding photos wouldn’t be as perfect as you expect.


Have you ever thought about how your favorite superheroes fly, teleport themselves to the moon and even smash buildings?

Virtualization is the technique used to create 2D and 3D visuals, even if they are not present in the real world. With the correct equipment, the user can include or remove an object, or person into a frame.

3D geometric shapes
Picture by Shubham Dhage via Unsplash

Audio feedback is included in the stimulating content to make it more realistic. This is possible due to the development in the field of digital signal processing and audio synthesis chips.  

You might have understood from all the advantages mentioned above and features that computer graphics are used due to their simplicity, precision, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and availability. 

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Fun fact: Composting is the technical term for green screen used in movies, also part of CGI. It is a technique of overlapping various visuals into a single frame.

Common Applications of Computer Graphics & CGI

Computer graphics have proven to be worthy in all fields; it has proven to be cost-effective in certain fields. Here are a few applications of computer graphics. 

  • The film industry is a field where CGI has proven to be cost-effective. They are used to create huge crowds, airplane explosions, building destruction, and natural calamities, which can incur huge costs, CGI helps in reducing such costs. Other than that, creating miniature, monster creations and used when humanly impossible tasks have to be performed on screen.
  • Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD): Earlier, all the structures required for construction, and manufacturing were drawn by hand. This was a time-consuming job that could incur huge costs as well. Human error factors can compromise the precision required. With CGI, 3D-4D graphical images of buildings, automobiles, airplanes, jewelry, fashion design, and furniture. The fine detail in the visuals can provide the craft man a clear picture and deliver the best output. Any 2D layout can be converted into 3D or 4D models.
    • CGI can be used to create logos that help the customers to remember a company. For example, If we hear the word Apple, the logo pops up in our mind or the other way around. CAD is also used to create logos.
  • Presentation: Reports, surveys, studies, and analyses can be best communicated with proper graphical charts. Powerpoint presentation which, we have been using, is a product of CGI.
  • Education: Computer graphics is a huge help for tutors. It is used to teach huge concepts which are otherwise difficult to comprehend. Not only does it help the students to understand the concept better, but it also helps to create an interest in students on subjects. Visual representation also aids in the long-term memory of the concept. Byjus the learning app, lasagu are few graphical applications which are currently available in the market. 
  • Image processing: Photos need editing; this is also possible because of CGI. Used not only in the photo and advertisement industry but also on smartphones. 
  • Machine drawing: Computer graphics are used to modify, design, and develop a machine or part of it for accurate precision. 

So these are the few applications of Computer Graphics.

A few computer graphics interfaces are GNOME shell, KDE Plasma 5, and UNITY. 

Updates on Computer Graphics

  • 3D printers are the future of CGI. Now scientists are trying to integrate sensing capabilities into printed objects to understand the user interaction with them.
  • A new gaming graphics card has been developed, which is faster and more precise and can also be used in prototype fusion reactors. 

The above are a few updates in the graphics world.

Hope you have got a clear picture of computer graphics and hope this article has helped you.

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