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How to Take a Break From Instagram Without Deleting Your Account?

Instagram is a cool platform that showed new ways of sharing and expressing thoughts and feelings. It opened new gateways by editing photos, more visual content, and personal touch in posts through various combinations of onboard features. 

At times we might get overwhelmed with all the updates and want to take a break from Instagram without losing or deleting the account permanently. The highlights of this article are as follows:


  • How to Take a Break From Instagram Without Deleting Your Account?
  • Does Instagram provide an option to bring back deleted accounts?
  • How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?
  • Some fun facts about Instagram 

Instagram was developed in the year 2010. Since then, Instagram has taken a toll on the social media platform. 

Like all social media platforms, Instagram does have a good side and a bad side, and it may be the bad side that triggered you to deactivate your account for the time being.

Don’t worry, and we got you covered on this issue. Let’s take a detox from Instagram:

Fun fact: 995 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second!

Take a Break From Instagram Without Deleting Your Account

Analyzing the weekly report of your smartphone can give you a summary of the time spent by you on Instagram on a daily basis. To deactivate your Instagram account temporarily, you may follow the steps: 

Before we start, be ready with a computer or internet browser to deactivate your profile since the mobile app doesn’t have the provision to deactivate the profile from within. 

Step 1: Go to www.instagram.com and log in to your Instagram account from your browser.

Instagram deactivation step 1

Step 2: At the top right corner, you can find your profile picture. Click on it. Then click on Edit Profile.

Instagram deactivation step 2

Step 3: On the edit profile option, you can find Temporarily disable my account.

Instagram deactivation step 3

Step 4: As part of the survey, you may want to click on an option on why you want to disable your Instagram account. You can find a couple of suggestions, such as being concerned about the data, needing to take a break, having too many ads, wanting to remove something, privacy concerns, etc., you can choose as per your reason. Even if you don’t want to mention any reason, you can select the option “something else.”

Step 5: To reconfirm, you are required to enter your account password. And confirm the deactivation process.

After this, you will be logged out of Instagram from all the logged-in apps. You can reconfirm the deactivation by searching your profile, and the results will be profile not found, no post yet, or page isn’t available. 

How to Reactivate Your Instagram Profile? 

Done with social media break? Need to know what you have missed out on in the social media world? Time to get back to the virtual world. 

Simply login back in using your last-used username and password. Voila!! You are back.

Suppose you took the break longer than expected and forgot your profile password. Don’t worry! Click on forget the password, you would be required to enter your mail id, and the recovery password link would be sent to the id. 

Fun fact: There are currently 140 million Instagram users in the US.

All the profile details such as posts, stories, comments, and followers were hidden until you reactivate your account. 

Please note that you can only deactivate your profile once a week. 

If privacy is your concern, Instagram provides us the option to block or control our posts. So you can choose the privacy option rather than deactivating your account

How to Delete Your Instagram Account? 

If you wish to delete your account, do the following steps; but do bear in mind that you can log in with your deleted account user id once you delete your account. 

The data attached to that profile will be lost forever. Instagram can’t retrieve any lost data. 

So make sure you back up those account-related memories to your system. The steps to delete your account are as follows: 

Step 1: Go to delete your account page after logging in to your account from the internet browser. Similar to deactivating your account, the Instagram official app doesn’t have a provision to delete your account. 

Step 2: Then, you are requested to select an option in why you need to delete your account; various options such as creating a second account, privacy issues, too many ads, etc., can choose from the given option.

Step 3: Instagram will also provide you with a help center link related to the concern. If your concern is addressed, then you can stick with Instagram. Still, if you want to continue or don’t want to express why click on “something else” you are required to re-enter your password.

Step 4: Click on permanently delete my account.

Step 5: Once you click delete, all the profile-related information would be deleted, and it won’t be possible to recover. Neither can you log in with these credentials. 

Fun fact: The most liked picture on Instagram is a picture of an egg. 53.7 million likes and 3.2 million comments. 

If you decided to change your mind from deleting your account to deactivating it, well, you can do that on the page itself. Simply switch to a temporally deactivating account link on the page.

Wrapping Up

Individuals tend to spend more than 75 percent of their entire time on Instagram than on their phones rather than making phone calls or personal family time. 

Fun fact: Women use Instagram 53.7%more than men.

Some may find the usage drifting away from their family members, which is now common with the advanced availability of technology. 

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Instagram has noticed an increase in profile deletion due to two common reasons.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Fake news

So, the company has come up with 2 solutions, such as “restrict and caption warning” to restrict bullies from cyber attacking and filter offensive captions.

Fun fact: The majority of the users are between the ages of 25-34. 

As a matter of fake news, Instagram has taken the initiative in introducing a fact-checking program. The Programme work with the help of users to fake flag news. But it also has a limited scope. 

So Instagram is in talks with various fact-checkers around the world to reduce the spread of fake news. The task is tedious, with 1 billion users each month. Hope they reach to solution to this problem.

I hope this article was informative and hope you have a peaceful getaway from social media.

Can I temporarily deactivate my Instagram account?

Yes, Instagram offers users the option to temporarily deactivate their Instagram accounts to help them take a short break from the social media platform.

What happens when I temporarily deactivate my Instagram account?

When you temporarily deactivate your Instagram account, your profile, photos, comments, and likes will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in.

How many days does Instagram take to permanently deactivate an account?

After users submit the request to permanently deactivate their Instagram account, Instagram may take up to 90 days to completely deactivate the account.

What happens when I permanently deactivate my Instagram account?

When you permanently deactivate or delete your Instagram account, your Profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers will be permanently removed and there will be no way to recover them.

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