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Is APKPure Safe to Download Android Applications? [Answered]

APK Pure, as many of us know, is an open-source third-party website that provides Application files (APKs) to users that are both available and not available in the Google Play Store. They also offer XAPK files for users to download.

They also have an application for users who don’t trust or don’t want to use websites. It is not available on the Play Store.

External sources like these use files both that are available in the Play Store and not and give descriptions of specific applications, which is the same as that of the Play Store.

APK Pure is believed to be one of the most reliable and secure third-party websites by most people after APK Mirror. Although these are good tidings for APK Pure, the question remains. Is APK Pure safe?

Is APKPure Safe?

APKPure is safe but it depends on how you use it. There are a ton of quality apps on the platform but at the same time, there are some applications that you don’t want on your smartphone. There are apps that can potentially misuse your data.

It is not advisable to use external sources like APKPure or any other websites or applications like these as they cannot ensure full safety like Google’s Play Store does.

So, it is advisable that you use authorized sources such as the Play Store for downloading applications for your Android device because it is the easiest and safest way to ensure that your device is unharmed.

Suppose you really wish to download an app that is not available on the PlayStore for whatever reasons. In that case, I advise you to uninstall that app soon after your use as it can be dangerous to keep it on your device for a longer time.

You can ensure that nothing happens without your knowledge, even though this can ensure safety, you should also scan for viruses with an antivirus application or software for maximum security.

Pros Of APKPure

Older versions: APK Pure provides older versions of apps which gives users a more range of choices plus, some users like features of a particular version of an app that may not be available in the next version or the previous one.

No geo-restrictions: This is one of the features that attract users to APK Pure. Users are able to enjoy each and every feature of an app without any geo-restrictions. It enables users from any part of the world to use apps to their full potential.

Latest updates: APK Pure releases applications updates before the play store rolls out the new version of apps as PlayStore has many tests and other operations to be done on the file before releasing.

Cons Of APKPure

Restricted apps: APK Pure provides apps that aren’t available in the PlayStore, which was done because they might not be safe for the users or might be hacked. The apps banned in specific regions also have the same concern as they may have done due to data leaks or hacks.

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Age Restriction: Like the PlayStore, APK Pure does not provide age restrictions for certain age-restricted apps. Anyone can download any app on this site, which causes concern to the parents of their children as it is readily available for minors to download improper applications.

App Versions: A common yet useful feature of this site also poses a threat to the users. Older versions of apps made available to the users may contain security flaws or other bugs that have been fixed in the next update. The user has to face such issues while downloading such files of older versions of an application.

The pros and cons mentioned above depend upon how you intend to use APK Pure. Generally, APK Pure ensures the security protection of every file of each and every application with SHA1 encryption. Plus, they also provide us protection from any malware and other insecurities on their site.

According to recent reports of researchers, it is stated that one of the latest versions of the APK PURE app store was infected by malware which the developers to further update.

This shows us that even though all these promises are told to us about safety, there is a chance that there can be a question of insecurity as the site and the app itself cannot always mitigate the problems faced, whereas Google ensures full security.

Even though the updates of apps released in the Play Store cause more delays than the ones released early in external sources like these, we can ensure full safety in the ones released by Google.

It is also better to wait some time than to be hacked or get data leaked without us knowing, don’t you think?

Make Sure You Are Not Installing Anything Harmful From APKPure

Now, I understand why you might even be considering APKPure for your applications when you have secured places like the Google Play Store. You might want an older version of the app due to, say, research purposes, or you want to check out an application that might not be available in your country, etc.

In these cases, you can take a few precautions listed down below to make sure the application is safe for you to install on your device:

1. Is the application you’re trying to download from a well-known company or developer? To make sure of that, before you download the application make a few Google searches on the company or the developer. You can also go through the comments section to read some reviews.

2. You took the risk and installed an application, and now your device is acting weird; in this case, uninstall the application immediately and scan your phone for malware. You can install any trusted antivirus to run the scan.

Frequently Asked Questions About APKPure

is apkPure a virus?

No, APKPure is not a virus, however, some apps on the platform that are lesser known and built by random developers can risky. APKPure is a Mobile App aggregator platform for people to download APK files for their Android smartphones.

Yes, APK Pure is legal. In some cases, the platform can have pirated software that can be considered illegal. But for the most part, you can use the platform.

is apkPure safe for IOS?

iOS users don’t have to use APKPure as the platform only offers APK files which can only be installed on android phones. Please visit Apple App Store to download your iOS Apps.

is apkpure safe huawei?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe for Huawei users to download apps from APKPure.

what is APK?

APK is the file format for Android OS (Operating System) to install the software. APK stands for Android Package, all software with the APK file extension is meant for the Android Operating System.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question is that APK Pure safe is that it is safe but you should take precautions before installing unknown applications on your devices.

If you want a fully trustable source for your apps with maximum safety, in that case, you should depend on PlayStore, which may not give you different versions or full features like no geo-restrictions, but it can provide you full security without compromise.

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