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Here’s Why Funimation is Not Working on Chrome | Tecvalue

There have been talks regarding Funimation, where the users can find all the dubbed versions of anime, primarily Japanese ones like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, etc., and some other foreign entertainment. Due to several issues, there seems to be a problem for Funimation to function on Google Chrome. 

So is it worth paying? Is it giving proper services for the payment made? 

Users complain about the appearance of grey screens, frequent freezes, and it fails to change the subtitle language even after changing it. There are instances where the subs change the whole context of a concept by misrepresenting the story.

Why is Funimation Not Working on Chrome?

Other than on Google chrome Funimation is available on Android, iOS, Amazon kindle, Apple TV etc. 

These all are either connected to some special device (like Kindle) or a streaming platform (like Apple TV), unlike Chrome, a web browser. 

This makes Chrome even more user-friendly as it can be easily accessed by people and is economical, considering that the users don’t have to possess any particular device or streaming media player to view digital content. 

About 67.56% of the population use Google Chrome, so Funimation not working on Chrome is a bit of an issue to the users. 

One of the main issues regarding Funimation being opened on Chrome is that it displays a message stating, “Sorry, but this content is not available in your country” or displays a “Video Playback Error” message to the user. 

Funimation playback issues can arise due to the problems posed by hindering the file where the computer program is written in a binary language, or the browser settings might be blocking the playback. 

A server blackout can also lead to poor connectivity with the platform, and the users who use VPN (Virtual Private Network) can face login issues too.

Another possible reason for Funimation not working on Chrome can be the corrupt cookies or cache. Cookies and cache can be used to improve performance, but once it is corrupted, it can cause many problems while surfing. 

Even if some of the users could load the site, the videos were halting, or the whole audio/video control went missing.

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How to Fix the Problem?

Users who are facing these sorts of issues while using Funimation on Chrome can try various ploys to make it work. We can start it off – 

  • Trying to disable Chrome’s extensions as any of the extensions might be an obstacle for the site to perform. The users can also try by using the incognito mode, which would help to keep the browsing private by not saving the activity data on their device. 
  • Simply re-install Google Chrome or set up a new Chrome profile.

 To get rid of the old data and then restart the device for a new and fresh start. 

  • Updating Adobe Flash Player

           Adobe Flash Player is vulnerable to various online threats; to secure Chrome, users should try updating Adobe Player.

  •  Disabling the hardware acceleration to ensure that the system handles the tasks faster than software algorithms.
  • Clear up cookies and cache from Chrome

 As mentioned above, how the corrupt cookies and cache can clog the functioning of Chrome, it is essential to clear them up to ensure that the applications run smoothly.

If these do not make Funimation work on Chrome, the user can finally consider using another browser to get proper services from Funimation.

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What is Funimation Premium Account?

Funimation provides a 14-day free trial for premium plans. Still, there is a way to access some content for free, but the whole ambiance has to be compromised with the recurring commercials which the user is forced to watch, and they won’t be able to access the entire bunch of anime content.

In essence, binging on Funimation without any hindrances does come with a cost. Yes, the user has to pay a subscription amount for a premium account.

According to their chosen plan, they can either go for a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. 

A premium account on Funimation offers ad-free access to the entire collection of shows, both dubbed and replacement versions. Users can also watch shows on two screens simultaneously.

Common Issues with Funimation

The users cannot add shows to their queue, nor can they find the shows they had already put on their queue at times.

There are many complaints regarding the re-arrangement of queues, and even after possessing a premium account, different ads pop up. 

Ironically, their ‘cancel subscription’ button stopped working on many occasions. Funimation has also been accused of canceling out the cultural aspect by not maintaining the original essence of the show. 

Hence it looks like Funimation has its issues within it, excluding the fact that it’s not working on Chrome for several users. 

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People still go for Funimation, enduring all these difficulties as it provides an extensive collection of anime and has a very well-organized library classified according to the language, genre, ratings, etc. 

Users can also filter shows according to their interests. It provides a large number of English dubbed versions of anime. Compared to other sources of anime, Funimation is cheaper. 

Thus, it comes to the fact that how badly the person wants to explore different anime. If it’s worth the payment or not, it all depends on the nature of the user. If that person is all about the quality of the service, not just the content, then Funimation might be a bad idea.

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