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Here’s Why YouTube Won’t Let You Sign-In | Fix

Suppose you wake up one day and log into your Youtube app to watch a video of your favorite show, and you find a message staring at your face, “Oops, something went wrong. ” And you proceed to go over with all your tantrums and curses for not getting what you wanted.

This article will look at why YouTube is not letting you sign in and how you can solve this issue by following some simple steps.

If you face this issue daily and seek ways to get rid of it, then read the article thoroughly to get the solution to the problem. 

Why Might This Be Happening to You?

This question can have many answers, but let’s stick to the practical reasons as to why such things happen.

  • Most of the time, it’s an issue with the Google Account associated with your YouTube account. It might not be configured correctly, or there might be an issue with the server.
  • Additionally, it can be due to the technical glitches you usually see with the Youtube server, which has increased due to the surge in the search volume online.

Lockdowns are trying times, but you never seem to run out of content on Youtube.

Login issues are prevalent, but they are effortless to fix and won’t be much of a pesky problem.
The following passages will be helpful for you to fix the YouTube sign-in problem.

YouTube Sign-In Error Fixes

There is no definite answer to YouTube not letting you sign in, you have to follow one method at a time, and one of these will surely fix the problem.

Please note, these methods will apply to both the YouTube Application on iOS and Android. The readers using desktop computers can also refer to these remedial measures.

Update Your YouTube Application or Web Browser

Always check if you are updated to the latest version of the application. The updated application will eliminate technical glitches in the software.

You don’t have to worry much about integrating your Google account with Youtube when the server is operating fine.

This step also includes updating your browser on a desktop because you might find some difficulty logging in to an outdated browser. In that case, update your web browser for the latest version.

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Enable Cookies For YouTube-Only for Desktop Users

Enable cookies on Youtube for a better login experience. These cookies will allow the application or the site to remember you and your searches, but that will happen if you stay logged in at all times.

Now, if you don’t have cookies enabled for Youtube on your device, let’s run over the steps to enable that feature. Please note that this list of steps is for Chrome users. Mobile devices have this setting automatically turned on in the application.

cookie permission on chrome
  • Click on three-dot(ellipsis) an go over to Settings
  • Click on Privacy and Security 
  • Scroll down over to Site Settings.
  • Scroll down to Content
  • Select Cookies and site data
  • Go to “Sites that can always use cookies”
  • Add https://[*.]www.youtube.com to the list of sites that can use cookies.

And just like that, you have enabled cookies on Youtube. Pat yourself!

Clear Cache and Disable Extensions

It’s always a good habit to clear your cache from time to time, whatever the device because it gives your RAM ample memory to work and effortlessly do the job.

Too much extension can also take its toll and hamper performance if you are not careful enough, so it’s a good practice to disable extensions when they are not needed.

Let’s walk you through the steps for clearing cache on Chrome.

clear browsing data chrome
  • Click on three-dot(ellipsis) on the right-hand-side upper corner
  • Click on “More Tools”
  • Click on “Clear browsing data”
  • Clear the cache and cookies from the last four weeks.

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Reinstallation-Only for Mobile Devices

Now, this method is for Mobile devices. There are some chances that reinstalling the application from the Playstore or Appstore may significantly improve the performance, or a bug can be eliminated when uninstalled.

There are also many other methods, but these are the gold standards, and you can use them as a checklist the next time you are locked out of your account. You can also use Incognito mode to check if there are any sign-in problems.

If you can get in through Incognito mode, that means something’s blocking you from logging in. It could be your cache, cookies, or extensions.

If none of these works out for you, you can always troubleshoot and check for other options listed by the Youtube Help Desk.

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Final Take By Tecvalue

Now, after going through the article, you might have got a little idea about what you have to do the next time you can’t get signed in on Youtube.

It locks you out of all your favorite content that you have painstakingly subscribed to all these years, and new updates will be missed out, which can make you suffer from FOMO.

YouTuber is now 18 years old (Started in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.) Youtube has come up on the Online Stage and still is the most popular video search engine of all time with more than one billion monthly users (2.3 Billion to be exact) wherein a combined total of more than one billion hours of videos each day, with 500 hours of videos uploaded every single minute.

Fun Fact: It would take you almost 82 years to watch the number of videos uploaded to YouTube in only an hour. Just an hour….wrap your head around that for a second.

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