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How Do Profiles Work on Netflix Accounts?

We all are familiar with Netflix and its exciting content, and it is a platform that has been able to satisfy everyone’s tastes when it comes to never-ending entertainment. Since the pandemic, the growth of Netflix has been remarkable; earlier users used to avoid subscriptions due to its high cost. But since the pandemic, mainly the lockdown has increased Netflix sales drastically, and cost per head has been cut short. One subscription is sufficient for an entire family or friends circle.

It is estimated that Netflix loses $135million dollars per month due to sharing of passwords. Netflix gives each family member a preferred viewing experience, and the profile system on Netflix is used in these scenarios. In this article, we will discuss 

  • Netflix and Profile Function
  • How to create a profile on Netflix?
  • Can Netflix profiles have a different password?

So without any due, let us get to the topic.

Netflix and Profiles 

Founded in 1997, Netflix has grown to be one of the leading over-the-top OTT platforms. Profiles are used by subscribers so that various members of the family or friends can have their own preferred viewing experience since the same household would have different tastes in entertainment like some prefer drama, some prefer action, some prefer documentary, and Netflix has everything in its bucket.

Subscribers can create five profiles under one login. The major advantage is that each profile can be customized as per taste. The viewers have an option to change 

  • Language 
  • Content maturity 
  • Profile lock
  • Subtitle edits such as font, size, and appearance 
  • “My list”

They are making their own Netflix onto the screen. Netflix even recommends programs based on viewing patterns, and this is within profiles. 

Users need not create profiles just for a family member but also can create profiles based on mood and genre if the viewer is a single user. Profiles can be named such as 

  • Action and violence
  • Family drama and animated
  • Romance or thriller

So users can select profiles based on viewers’ moods. The Algorithm of profiles is designed to recommend content based on viewing and search patterns.

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How a Netflix Profile is Switched and Created?

Profiles creation and switching are limited to only the latest gadgets, and it isn’t possible for the device’s model before 2013. These devices require an activation code, and I will guide you through how to activate them on older devices; 

  • Go to the Netflix webpage. 
  • Login into your account 
  • Select your desired profile 
  • You can activate the profile by selecting netflix.com/activate
  • If you ever want to change your viewing device, first log out from the existing device and then activate your device by repeating the above step.

The step mentioned above is only applicable if you are using any device manufactured before 2013. All the latest devices don’t require these steps.

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Now let’s see how we can create Netflix profiles. 

How to create Netflix profiles?

Creating profiles on Netflix is an easy task. As you know, for creating a profile on Netflix, one should have an account with Netflix, so either sign up or create an account. If You are new to Netflix, you can create a Netflix account on the web page itself. Now, after you have created an account, you can go ahead and log in.

  • The welcome page of Netflix will have a statement and a few icons such as “who’s watching” 
  • You can see a + sign, and this is the symbol for creating profiles. Click on it  
  • You can give a name to your profile and click continue. 
  • If you are a parent and you are creating for your kid, you can choose a kid – this will restrict any violent or vulgar content from popping up.
  • And by clicking continue, you have successfully created your profile. You can change icon images. Netflix has a massive directory for profile icons inspired by the Netflix series. You can keep any character in your favorite series. 

Delete or Customize Profiles

Here we would see how we can delete or customize a Netflix profile.

  • In the upper right-hand corner, you will find your profile icon; click on it.
  • Here you can see all the profiles under a login.
  • Then go to manage profiles 
  • Select the desired profile you want to delete or customize 
  • You will have an option to change the name, icon image, or language.
  • Click the save option if you are done with customizing, or you even have an option to delete your profile.


  • If you wish to change your maturity settings, then this is only possible through the account page. 
  • You cant delete your main profile. Once you delete your profile, all the data associated with that profile will be deleted and can’t be retrieved back.
  • If you find it difficult to delete or customize your profile, then you can use your browser and do the same. And for any clarification, you can reach out to us. One of our team members would be happy to assist you. 

Netflix does provide parents with parental control. During account creation, if you have selected kids, you can access edit profile and parental control. You are required to enter your profile password for any customization. For doing so;

  • Open web browser 
  • Go to your account page
  • Click profile and parental control  and select your desired profile
  • Change and save 

Simple isn’t it?!! 

Can different Netflix profiles have a different passwords?

The profile created first would be your primary profile, and this would be linked to your Email, but you can link different email addresses to your secondary profiles, which would help the viewer get personalized viewing recommendations or communication to their mail-id. The mail id linked to your profile can’t be used for login. So can we have profiles with different passwords? Well, yes, you can have it. Let’s see how to add an email address to your profile. 

For any changes related to your profiles, you need to use your web browser.

  • Open Netflix on the web browser, and select the profile to which you want to add the mail address.
  • Go to the Account page. 
  • Click on Profile and Parental controls, and you will find an add or change mail id next to the profile email.
  • You may enter the mail address, then select change mail id. If you wish to delete the mail id, you may click delete Email. 

Voila!! You have successfully added an email address to your profile or deleted your mail id for the matter.

How to Keep Your Nextflix Account Protected?

If you wish to protect your profile, you can add a PIN to your profile.

This feature is useful to two types of users 

  1. Parents who don’t wish their kids to snoop around adult content.
  2. A viewer who doesn’t want anyone else to know their viewing content. 

Here’s How to Add a Pin to your Nextflix Profile

  • Login to your profile using a web browser.
  • Go to account 
  • Select profile and parental control  
  • Inside, you will find profile lock settings->click on change 
  • You are required to enter your account password to re-verify your request. Locking your profile, you are required to set a 4 digit pin.
  • Once you have decided on the pin, click save. Netflix does provide its user to lock all profiles using the same PIN. 
  • On the tick box with “require xx’s pin to add new profiles.

Once you have saved your changes, you must enter a pin for each login into your profile, which isn’t limited to one device. You are required to enter a PIN for every device login to that profile. PIN can’t be added if the profile is the only one associated with that account.

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Wrapping up 

Netflix hasn’t left any stone unturned to satisfy its customers. Creating new and exciting content and providing a personalized viewing experience has made Netflix a leading entertainment platform. Profiles are one of the USPs of Netflix, which enables the user to have personalized space on the screen. The viewer can protect their profile with a password and also can link email addresses to profiles to receive individual communications. 

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