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Here’s What a Canceled Call on iPhone Means

Has it ever occurred to you, that when you call someone after a few rings, the call drops off? But when you check your iPhone call log, it will show as a “Canceled Call.” Why is that? 

Is it because the recipient from the other end canceled your call? Or is it because the caller isn’t available to take your call? We will be discussing more about the canceled call on an iPhone in this article.

In specific scenarios, the other person might even say that they haven’t received any call. Let’s dig straight into the topic.

Basics About a Phone Call On an iPhone

Let us take a peek at how a phone call works. 

You can make a call with the help of a transmitter and a receiver built into your cell phone. A radio transmitter converts your voice into radio waves, radio tower situated near your locality will help the radio waves to reach their destination by amplifying them.

The receiver on the other end receives and decodes the signal, and the phone is notified, and voila!! Your phone is ringing. This is a simplified version.

Now that you have understood the basics of making a phone call, let us discuss our main topic. 

What Does a Canceled Call on an iPhone Mean?

Keep your mind at ease. A canceled call on iPhone doesn’t always imply that the caller has canceled your call. It can also mean one of the three things mentioned below:

  • After a couple of rings, you canceled your call.
  • The call was dropped automatically
  • Line met the cut-off limit

Let’s look into each of these scenarios.

After a Couple of Rings, You Have Canceled Your Call

You might have been calling the user for quite a long time. But the other line is busy, or their phone might be on silent.

You might have gotten frustrated, and canceled your call. But when you check afterward, you will see the log written as a canceled call. 

The Call Was Dropped Automatically

This might happen when your cellphone signal is weak—few scenarios that can possibly cause calls to drop are as follows:  

  • Line of sight also matters for proper signal transmission. A weak signal means you might be far away from a phone tower that usually helps to amplify phone signals. Usually, a cellphone tower can handle calls up to a distance of 45 miles, that is 72kms! It means you are ought to get a better signal when you’re on a ten-story building than in a metro station. 
  • When a tower is overloaded, this can happen when there is high traffic of phone calls. This can usually happen during game night, mass emergency, or festival season. The tower is designed to handle only several calls at a time. For example, 40 callers simultaneously. So if that value exceeds, then issues can arise. 
  • Few parameters affect your signal strength; rain is one of the factors. If it is showering outside, then the chances of a clear audible phone call are less. Signals don’t perform well in water. Even if the atmosphere is moist, more water vapor is retained, and signal strength is affected.

So, these were the main three reasons for call drops. If other users say they did not receive any calls, their network might have some issues. Signals get distracted by vapors present in the atmosphere. 

Fun fact: 99% of malware is targeted at an Android phone.  

Line Met the Cut-Off Limit

It all depends on your cell carrier, and how they have set cut off for calls. Sometimes call get disconnected after 4-5 rings. Some carriers have set a time limit of 10-25 seconds. It depends from carrier to carrier.

Then customers do have an option to ask the carrier for a voicemail option. Users can instruct the number of times before the call goes to voicemail.

Voicemail helps the user not miss any important information, and the caller can record their message and listen whenever he wants.

The carrier charges a nominal fee for this service, and the voicemail should be emptied regularly to record new voicemails.

How to Know If Caller Blocked Your Call?

Another possible reason is when the person you are trying to reach has blocked you. I will explain how you can figure out whether the user blocked or declined your call. 

Can we figure it out just by the ring? No, we can’t be sure if the caller has blocked you through calls.

As we are discussing iPhones, it’s pretty easy. Just send a text message to the person. If the message gets delivered, that means you haven’t been blocked.

If it is showing not delivered, the chances that you are blocked are high. But there is also a possibility that the other person’s iPhone is in flight mode or in a non-network area. So, repeat the text message after a day or so just to confirm.

Sorry Android users, for you to figure out is not that easy. We will discuss the Android block in a different article.  

How to Figure out If the Caller Rejected Your Call?

Since we are discussing iPhones here, if the calls directly go to voicemail after two rings, that means your phone has been declined.

Even after the text SMS test, there is a fine line between whether the user has declined your call or has blocked you. 

Another possible scenario is the following conditions:

  • Poor network conditions
  • The airplane mode is on
  • The phone is switched off 
  • They have activated “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Someone is also calling the same user at the same time.

Wrapping up

These are the potential scenario where your phone log could suggest a call is canceled. 

  1. If you have disconnected the call
  2. Issue with network
  3. You have been blocked 
  4. The person you are trying to reach is busy. 

I hope this article was helpful to you. See you soon with an exciting topic. Do check out the website for a more interesting topic.

What is the difference between missed call and cancelled call on iPhone?

A missed call on an iPhone means that the call was intentionally cut off by the caller before the recipient could answer it. A cancelled call, on the other hand, means that the call was dropped due to network issues.

Does cancelled call means rejected call on iPhone?

No, a cancelled call on iPhone means that the call was dropped due to network or other issues. While rejected calls would appear as outgoing calls for the caller and missed calls for the recipients.

What does it show in the call log when a recipient declines a call on iPhone?

If a recipient intentionally declines a call on iPhone, the call will appear as an outgoing call in the call log. For the recipient, it would appear as a missed call.

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