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How to Switch From Amazon Business to Personal?

Amazon Business is Amazon’s solution for businesses to make wholesale/bulk purchases which is not possible with an Amazon personal account. When you have an Amazon Business account you ideally must have logged in to your account on your computer.

Now, what if you want to order something that is for personal use, for instance, a bottle of shampoo, you probably want to use your Amazon Personal account now.

In this article, I will guide you on how you can switch from Amazon Business to personal and cover some pertaining topics like closing your Amazon business account, etc.

Steps to Switch From Amazon Business to Personal

Earlier, Amazon Business customers had to sign in to their business account only after logging out of their Amazon personal account.

However, customers no longer need to log out to switch between these accounts. To Switch from Amazon Business to Personal follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Once you login to your Amazon business account, hover your cursor around the Account button on top.

switch amazon business to personal step 1

Step 2: Click on the “Switch Accounts”

switch account

Step 3: Now click on the “Second Account” which will have your Amazon Profile Name which will be your Amazon Personal account.

amazon profiles

Step 4: Just click on it and start your shopping.

You can perform the same steps to switch from an Amazon personal to an Amazon business account, and you can easily maintain both of your profiles on Amazon.

How to Close your Amazon Business account?

If you no longer need your Amazon business account for reasons like closing down your business, moving to another vendor, etc. you can easily close your Amazon business account and just continue with your Amazon personal for your shopping.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to close your Amazon Business Account.

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon business account and click on “Your Account”

Amazon Business Account Delete 1

Step 2: Now click on ‘Amazon Business Settings

Amazon business delete 2

Step 3: Click on ‘Close business account’

Amazon Business account delete 3

Step 4: Now you have to confirm, just click on Confirm.

Step 5: Now wait for an Email, once your Amazon business account is deleted you will receive an email from Amazon.

Benefits of using an Amazon Business rather than Amazon Personal

  1. You will be able to make purchases that are exempt from sales tax if you upload your reseller’s certificate and purchase items that are exempt from sales tax in your state (such as packaging supplies or items for resale, if applicable in your state).
  1. You may be able to save money by purchasing certain products at a lower “business” price that is accessible only to business accounts.
  1. Amazon will give you the option to “pay by invoice” and give you 30 days to pay for your purchase if you qualify. We don’t use this because we prefer to earn credit card points when we pay with our credit card, but some people like the 30-day option.
  1. You can include your PO number with your Amazon order if you have a business account – many businesses use purchase orders to keep track of purchases.
  1. You will have access to a business account with multiple users, access to payment solutions, workflow approval, dedicated customer care support, business-oriented procuring analytics, free two-day shipping on millions of appropriate items, and a host of other benefits if you have an Amazon Business Account.

How to create an Amazon Business Account?

To create an Amazon Business Account please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. In your browser open Amazon business.
Amazon Business Sign Up 2
  1. Click the ‘Create a free account’ button.
Amazon Business Sign Up 1
  1. Enter all the details asked on your screen and click on ‘Next Step’.
  1. After this, get your email verified by entering the OTP sent.
Amazon Business Sign Up 3
  1. Then enter all the required details about your Business, your full name, registered business name, and business phone number. 
amazon business sign up 4

It is essential to keep in mind that Amazon would need approximately 24 hours to verify the business details, upon verification you will receive an email as shown below.

amazon business account activation


1. How do I contact Amazon Business Customer Service?

To contact Amazon Business Customer Service, call 888-281-3847 Or write an email corporate-PunchOut@amazon.com.

3. Can I use the new Amazon Business account for Personal use?

No. The central Amazon Business Account must be used for business purchases only, in accordance with our purchasing policies. The purchasing team will have access to all purchasing history made through the Amazon Business account.

4. I forgot my password for my Business account and am unable to reset the password. 

Please contact Amazon Business Customer Service by clicking Contact Us (preferred method) or at 888.281.3847


Switching from an Amazon Business Account to a Personal account might seem like a hassle; however, it’s pretty easy once you follow the given steps. If you still need someone to help you directly, then contact Amazon business customer care service at 888-281-3847

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