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How to Remove My Resume From LinkedIn?

If every aspect will constantly changes, resumes can’t stay out of the dynamic job search process. Resumes and cover letters must therefore be regularly updated.

What if they have previously uploaded a resume to LinkedIn or another digital platform but have not updated it? Then, they need to know how to delete resumes from LinkedIn for their own safety.

LinkedIn is a professional networking website that is used by nearly 800 million people and continues to gain popularity on a daily basis. In 2025, there will be more than one billion LinkedIn users worldwide, according to projections.

LinkedIn profiles are created by individuals who include information such as education, work experience, certifications, and other details. They use LinkedIn effectively for both their personal profiles and their businesses.

In any case, we can say that LinkedIn profiles already serve as employers’ or job seekers’ resumes or CVs in that sense. Nevertheless, posting resumes on LinkedIn is an attempt by some individuals to “hunt” for job openings.

How to remove a resume from LinkedIn?

It is simple to remove a resume from LinkedIn. We have outlined a few straightforward steps for successfully deleting a LinkedIn resume below.

There are two ways to upload a resume on LinkedIn. While you can also upload a resume when applying for a job, the application itself will create a resume based on your profile. Linkedin uses your default resume when you apply for a job if you don’t add one. There are two methods for removing a resume from Linkedin. These are:

  1. Remove Resume From Profile
  2. Remove Resume From Settings

Remove Resume From Profile

Based on your profile, Linkedin creates a resume, which you can find here. This resume can only be deleted on PCs; the option is not available on smartphones. Follow these steps to remove your resume from your profile:

Step #1: In your browser, open LinkedIn.

If necessary, log in to your profile.

Step #2: In the upper-right corner, select the “Me” icon.

Additionally, select “View Profile.”

Step #3: On the profile page, you must select the “More” tab.

LinkedIn more button inside profile

After that, you will select “Build A Resume.” You shouldn’t be lost in it. We will not create a resume; instead, we will be referred to the LinkedIn resumes that are available.

Step #4: On the pop-up window, your current resumes will be displayed. Next to them, click the “three dots” icon.

The next step is to select the “Delete” option on the opening list’s final row.

delete linkedin resume

Step #5: The last window will open up.

Finally, select “Delete” to complete the procedure. You now know how to delete a LinkedIn resume.

Remove Resume From Settings

The majority of people send their resumes with job applications, which are saved in the application settings. This works for removing the resume from PCs as well as smartphones. Your resume can also be deleted easily from settings. Simply follow the steps listed below to accomplish this:

Step 1. Select “Jobs.”

jobs section on linkedin

Step 2. After tapping the three dots, select “Manage application settings.”

job application settings on linkedin

Step 3. To resume, tap the three dots side by side and select “Delete.”

deleting resume on linkedin

Why are resumes being removed from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn may delete a resume for a variety of reasons. In an attempt to find employment in a hopeless situation, some individuals create resumes with extremely, let’s not say, incorrect but wildly “exaggerated” information.

They might want to remove their resume from LinkedIn at some point in the future, possibly after they find a job based on their “true” qualifications to avoid any negative outcomes.

Additionally, resumes can be created on a blank page. However, there are constantly new resume templates that, at least visually, can influence employers.

As a result, individuals might want to delete their previous LinkedIn resume and create a brand-new one based on a superior resume template.

Can I edit my LinkedIn resume?

On Linkedin, you can edit your resume, too. Editing rather than deleting your resume from Linkedin may be preferable if you only wish to edit some information.

You can also use your profile to create a resume on Linkedin. Tap on More after opening your Profile to edit the resume. If you have not yet uploaded your resume, select Create from Profile.

Tap Edit after the Resume has been created using the three dots. Make any necessary changes to your resume’s content.

It is always recommended to keep updating your resume on Linkedin as it will make sure that you keep getting job updates from the recruiter on a timely basis.


So now you can easily delete your resume from Linkedin. You can delete your resume using two of the methods mentioned above. Delete from your profile or from settings.

The first method is only applicable to PCs while the second method is applicable to smartphones as well as PC.

Just follow the steps given above and you are all good to go. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you got your answer on how to delete a resume from Linkedin.

Please share this article with your friends and help us grow. If you have any queries or comments do leave them in the comment box.


What is the best way to contact a LinkedIn recruiter?

Sending a request to connect is the first step in approaching a recruiter on LinkedIn. You should include a message in the request, just like you would with other connections. After that, you can send the recruiter your resume.

Your efforts should focus on more than just submitting your resume because the majority of them receive a response like “I’ll keep your resume on file.” Make it a priority to keep in touch with the recruiter.

The goal is not to pester them but rather to keep in touch. With a short note, you can occasionally share a link to a great article.

Going above and beyond and maintaining open lines of communication with recruiters may be just what you need to stand out from the crowd of applicants.

What should be the perfect length for a resume?

One page is the typical size. You can find a solution, even if you don’t have much work experience. However, if you have accumulated a lot of skills and achievements over time, one page might not be enough for you.
You might have to read a little more than one page in that case.

Having said that, keep in mind that the recruiter might not bother to get to the second page.

As a result, try to get the most out of the first page. You can use a professional resume builder if you can’t fit everything on one page.

Which is the best format for a resume?

You may be aware that there are three primary formats for resumes. Functional, combination and chronological formats are available. 

The best course of action would be to determine which resume formats correspond to your field of work and work experience.

Are dates essential for a resume?

Are you concerned that there may be some discrepancies in your employment history? If there are gaps, you might consider omitting the dates to make up for them.

But that’s a big mistake that could cost you a lot of money. When a recruiter notices that your resume lacks dates, they immediately become suspicious. Our guidance: Don’t hide the dates; just say why


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