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How to Post Pictures on Reddit? Without Imgur!

Reddit is gaining traction in the social media space with the services they are providing and the principles they are adhering to.

It has gained popularity as a result of the controversies that other social media applications like Facebook, Twitter are involved in.

The images were uploaded on Reddit using Imgur which is basically a hosting site for posting pictures on Reddit, Twitter, and such sites. Prior to the current feature, Imgur was used to post pictures.

Therefore, Reddit may be a little different for new users when it comes to posting a status or uploading a picture, and it can be baffling too. They may need some help to use Reddit properly.

Given the rationale above, in this article, we will provide the steps to upload a picture on Reddit.

How are Pictures Posted on Reddit on a Smartphone?

The following steps must be followed to upload a picture on Reddit using a smartphone:

Step-1: Open the application.

Step-2: Click on the + icon(Located at the centre-down).

Step-3: Select images from the available options.

Step-4: Click the number of images you want to upload.

Step-5: Click on “Next”.

Step-6: Select the community you want to upload the picture into from “ Choose a community.” In case you want to upload the picture into your profile, click on “My profile.”

Step-7: Label an appropriate title for the image.

Step-8: Click on “ Post” to upload the image.

How are pictures posted on Reddit on a Desktop?

The following steps must be followed to post pictures on Reddit on a desktop:

Step-1: Open the Reddit site-

Step-2: Click on your profile photo on the side of the right corner.

Step-3: Click on “Profile” from the scroller.

Step-4: Click on “New Post” which will be positioned on the right side of the page.

Step-5: Click on “Images and videos” from the available options.

Step-6: Select the number of images from your computer.

Step-7: Choose an appropriate title for the post.

Step-8: Click on the post, and the post will be made public.

There is a shortcut to upload pictures on the website too. These steps must be post pictures directly from the home page:

Step-1: Open the site.

Step-2: Click on the + option, which is on the left side of your profile photo.

Step-3: Follow the same steps as listed above to upload your picture.

How to Add an Image to a Post on Reddit?

These steps must be followed to add an image to a post on Reddit:

Step-1: Draft your post following the same steps as listed above. It must be noted that the content of the post must be categorized with the correct tag first, i.e., Original content or spoiler alert, and so forth, which are the tags that Reddit provides to its users for posting a post.

Step-2: Click the second last icon, which looks like a gallery image in between the table and video icons. 

Step-3: Select the images you want to attach to your post to justify your post.

Step-4: Add the caption for the message.

Step-5: The post option will not be available until all the credentials for the post are filled up by the user. Credentials such as the title of the post, tags, caption of the image, and so forth. 

Step-6: Click on the post, and the post will be made public based on the user’s privacy policy.

What are the Features of Reddit?

Reddit is not a new application that has emerged with the digital boom. It was one of the applications that pioneered the digital revolution in the 21st century. It is a different application from that of Facebook on many levels.

Both the applications glorify communication with the social media tag, but the reality is different as there is an online application that truly serves the purpose of social media, and that is Reddit. It does so with the services and the overall functions of its application.

So, which specific features does Reddit possesses that make it so unique and special that it is steadily becoming an alternative for many users of Facebook and Twitter?

Well, we will lay down the steps for the readers to understand the features of Reddit if they are into it. But before that, let us first throw light on why other applications like Facebook are losing their number of users and are switching to Reddit.

It is simple, advertisements and bad policies on Facebook are responsible for such a condition. It endorses any kind of information that gives them revenue. The fact-checking process of Facebook has a vacuum, and it has not been regulated properly. 

The application is used to score political associations and upload content based on a false premise and can be highly misleading. These circumstances have made rational users think about the objective of Facebook and opt for a better alternative.

Facebook has been taking these allegations seriously and has now started regulating the content uploaded on their servers, and some improvements have been observed by the techies.

Now, the question of the features of Reddit can be read explicitly via this link: How is Reddit different from Facebook?

Ajit Kumar Yadav

Ajit Kumar Yadav is an analyst interpreting different technologies and keeping track of their events. He understands the business part of technology and construes it from social, political, economic, and cultural lenses.

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