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Free similar Games like Roblox | TecValue

We have here an assortment of lesser known Games like Roblox.

Please take your time to read and learn all of them, and we hope you enjoy your time being here. We have also included the various platforms and availability of the games we have listed, please be sure to check that out !

So here we go!

1. Terraria : Journey’s End

Release year: 2011

Platforms : Android, IOs, PC , PS4, Xbox One

File Size : 200 MB

Developer: Re-Logic and Pipeworks Studio

Terraria Gameplay
Terraria Gameplay

This is an up and coming Roblox-like RPG which is more tilted to  adventure and combat, but still gives ample space for creativity and exploration. It certainly isn’t a rip-off of Roblox or Minecraft, and also has a different gaming experience, as it is in 2D.

It does give a vintage twist for those who love the antique Nintendo-style Gaming experience.

2.  Unturned : Roblox, with a Zombie Twist !

       Release year: 2014

       Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

       File Size: 4 GB

       Developer: Smartly Dressed Games

Unturned Cover Photo
Unturned Cover Photo

This one is for the Zombie enthusiasts, who we admit, aren’t having their fair share of representation in the RPG Gameworld for kids. A Roblox game, with Zombies foraging for those Human Brains, you should always be on the lookout for them, and have to gather resources and craft weapons of your choice.

This Roblox-esque game presents you with the unique opportunity to go guns blazing on your enemies, and look no further, as there is no end to the thrill in killing Zombies in this game. Sadly, this game is only available to PC and Console owners, due to the large file size and processing power to run the game

3. Blankos Block Party: Roblox for Adventure Types

Release year: 2020

Platform: PC

File Size: Download Not required

Developer: Third Kind Games

 Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party

This is also a PC-only Online game which was released last year, which also offers many of the features like Roblox, where you can collect, and also create characters based on Toy figurines. It also comes with built-in modes for racing, platforming, and even shooting !

This allows you to play with only 60 players at a time, unlike Roblox, but the gameplay is buttery smooth, and the Developers have also unveiled a private beta version, for which you have to purchase a separate founder pack from their official site.

4. Delver: Roblox from the Dark Ages

  Release year: 2013

  Platforms: Android, PC

  File Size: 200 MB

  Developer: Priority Interrupt

Delver Cover
Delver Cover

Get on a cloak and play this Dungeons and Dragons version [ not literally ! ] of Roblox.

The choppy pixelation and jagged graphical style of the game is reminiscent of the medieval times, and we play as a protagonist who explores dungeons and complete tasks to progress as the levels take us to even more exciting places. Feel free to crawl and walk to your impending doom, as Thou shall walk through darkened alleys !

5. Minetest:  Rawer than Roblox

    Release Year: 2010 [ Stable version: 2021]

    Platforms: Android, PC

    File Size: 20 MB

    Developer: Open Source,Perttu Ahola

Minetest Gameplay
Minetest Gameplay

You could say it is a stripped-down, little brother version of Roblox. Owing to its  low file size and being open sourced, You could easily download it and play it on your mobile with little to no ads.

If you are looking for a low-key alternative to Roblox or MInecraft, Minetest is your best bet.

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6. Growtopia- Farmville, Roblox Style !

Release year: 2012

Platforms: Android, IOS, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Developer: Ubisoft


Remember Farmville, that game we played as Teenagers on Facebook? Well, this is the Roblox version of it, in addition to the merch and community.

A way to instill nostalgia from those Farmville days.

7. Blockland- Lego version of Roblox

Release year: 2007

Platforms : PC-Online

Developer: Badspot

Blockland Cover
Blockland Cover

Simply put, If you are too broke to play Lego Worlds, and fed up with playing Roblox all day, Then this is the game for you !

It has almost the same gameplay of what you would expect from Roblox, albeit with the characters and the environment made of bricks, which you can use to make whatever your mind can conceive and create !

8. Adopt Me !

  Release year: 2017

  Platforms:  Android, PC, Xbox One, iOS

  Developer: Roblox

Adopt Me
Adopt Me

This is a massively popular Mod made by Roblox, with over 64 Million monthly  active users all over the World. In the game players  take part in a variety of daily, family-friendly activities. They can raise over 65+ cute virtual pets. Build and decorate their houses and the list continues…

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9. Trove- Roblox’s PUBG-loving Sibling !

      Release year: 2015

      Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

      Developer: Trion Worlds

Trove Cover Phot
Trove Cover Phot

Ever imagined what you would get if you fuse 2 massively popular Gaming platforms, PUBG and Roblox ? 

Well, this game has that, and more !

The game starts with the players dropped off in the Hub, full of portals that lead to different in-game worlds.

These worlds require different power levels for the players to be able to enter. The players have to level up through the weaker worlds to progress to the harder ones. The worlds also provide different levels of loot depending on the world they enter, and the level they attain.

There are various classes that players can take on that have cool sounding names like Vanguardian, the Dino Tamer, the Chloromancer, the Revenant, Lunar Lancer, Tomb Raiser, and each with an unique ability of their own. Reading this fires you up, doesn’t it

10. Mythruna- Roblox, with a Dash of RPG

        Release year: 2011

        Platform: PC Only

        Developer: Simsilica


What sets Mythruna apart is that it introduces a  Race system  that adds the RPG flavor into that Roblox-esque environment. While creating the character, players can choose the race of their characters which affects the character’s later skills and the gameplay.

The game offers different types of races like Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Simians, Patherions and Avians. These races have not only their unique abilities but also their own backstories that add depth to the gameplay. Thus, it ain’t a run-of-the-mill Sandbox game. It has an extensive plot with a deep-rooted backstory.

Ending Note

This is a carefully curated list of Free similar Games like Roblox, Our team has extensively researched and linked to verified sources for a better user experience. Hope you enjoyed reading. Read through our latest posts also.

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