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Why You Can’t Comment on TikTok and Here’s How to Fix it

Ever since the whole social media creator revolution started, TikTok has been right in the middle of it all, pioneering and popularizing the vertical content format on social platforms and setting new trends around the world. However, users sometime face issues that completely ruin their social media experience such as not being able to comment on posts on TikTok.

So, if you are someone who is currently facing such issues and are not able to comment on any/ specific posts and videos on TikTok, you have clicked the right article. In this short story, I am going to try to explain the possible reasons why you are not able to comment on posts and videos on TikTok. 

Hence, be sure to read this till the end to know exactly what is happening with your TikTok experience and why you are not able to post comments on the social platform.

Here’s Why You Can’t Comment on TikTok!

Now, the reason why you are not able to comment on posts and videos on TikTok can be two-fold. It can either be related to the privacy settings of a post or a profile that might be preventing you to comment on TikTok, or it can be that your TikTok profile was flagged by the platform’s algorithm. 

Let’s take a look at each of the scenarios to understand why they are preventing you to comment on the uber-popular social platform.

1) Privacy Settings

While on TikTok, if you cannot comment on specific videos or posts from a specific person, it might be because the post or the profile’s privacy settings are preventing you to do so. 

TikTok offers various privacy-focused settings to its users to control who can view, comment, like, or interact with their posts on the platform. The privacy features are available for all TikTok accounts, including yours. To access these features on your profile on a desktop, follow the steps right below.

Step 1. Open TikTok on a web browser on your desktop and move your cursor to your profile icon at the top-right.

Step 2. Click on the Settings option.

TikTok Settings

Step 3. On the following page, click the down arrow beside the Interactions option to expand it.

TikTok privacy Settings

Here, you will find the on/ off toggles to control various privacy preferences for your profile. You will find the toggles for Likes, Comments, New followers, Mentions, and tags. So, if you turn off the toggle for Comments from here, no one on TikTok will be able to comment on your posts.

Hence, if you are trying to comment on posts by someone who has the Comment toggle turned off for their profile, you will not be able to. Users can even turn off commenting for specific posts or videos on their profiles. In that case, you will not be able to comment on those posts for which commenting is turned off by the user.

2) Your Profile Has Been Flagged

Now, if you find that you cannot comment on any post or video on TikTok, even when other users are being able to comment on those, then your profile might have been flagged by TikTok itself. 

You see, much like any other social media platform on the internet, TikTok also has some community guidelines. Failing to adhere to these guidelines might result in temporary bans on your TikTok profile.

These bans might prevent you from uploading videos, commenting, liking, sending direct messages, and performing other activities on the social platform.

Now, it is worth mentioning that when TikTok imposes a temporary ban on your profile, the platform will inform you about the same right within the TikTok app or web client. You will also find the details of your ban in the Account Updates section of your TikTok inbox.

In this case, there is pretty much nothing you can do except wait for the ban on your profile to lift. These kinds of bans generally last for 24-72 hours, and during that time period, you will not be able to comment on any posts or videos on TikTok. 

Once the ban period is over, the commenting feature will return to your TikTok account. However, make sure to adhere to Tiktok’s community guidelines while on the platform as consistent bans and violations could permanently ban your account on TikTok, barring you to use the social platform on your mobile device or web client.

TikTok even has a device-ban policy that prevents users to create an alternative account on the same device and use the platform even with a permanent ban imposed on their primary account.

Wrapping Up

So, these are a couple of reasons that might be preventing you to comment on posts and videos on TikTok. While there is pretty much nothing you can do about the first reason, for the second scenario, however, you can read TikTok’s community guidelines thoroughly and try to adhere to them as strictly as possible to prevent bans on your account.

Hope this short explainer helped you understand why you are not able to comment on TikTok. And if it did, make sure to let me know in the comments.

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