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How To See Calculator History On iPhone?

Apple products are undoubtedly one of the most popular gadgets in the tech world. Anybody and everybody around you might have one when you go around asking. The calculator is a device that is a necessary and necessary addition to any kind of smart gadget that you carry with you.

Doing a quick calculation of your grocery bill, what you owe to your friends, or maybe just your taxes. The calculator app always comes in handy for such situations.

Calculator and apple products have a little bit of a weird history between them. Apple has released products like the iPad which start at around $400 but interestingly have not included a calculator app on the device for a few reasons.

Customers had to download a calculator app from the app store, which doesn’t seem like a hassle but is unnecessary. 

Craig Federighi the senior vice president at Apple has since said that when they do the calculator for the iPad, they want to do it perfectly and not leave any stones unturned. We all will be waiting for it won’t we?

The calculator app is sometimes tricky for anyone without smartphone experience. And apple apps are tricky for anyone new to apple.

Calculator history is something that users might need to look through for their missed calculations or their latest calculations. 

There is no way to access the history of the default calculator available on the iPhone. There is recent history available for the calculations done, but not further than that.

In this article, let’s go through the steps on how to see calculator history on an iPhone.

How to See Calculator History of an iPhone via Memory Function

Step 1. Open the calculator app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Put the phone into landscape position. The calculator will turn into a scientific calculator, it will have added features in the calculator app.

Step 3. Here you can see the memory function, named ‘mr’, ‘m-’,’m+’, ‘mc’

Step 4. Use ‘m+’ to record the current result to calculator memory.

Step 5. You can continue with your calculations and then use ‘mr’ to return the number stored in the memory.

The ‘mc’ gives memory clear function for the calculator and the‘ m-’ subtracts the recent memory from the calculator record. 

This is a rather complicated way of accessing the calculator memory. Memory function does not resemble simplicity and hence is not preferable for anyone trying to do their work quickly and fast.

There are a few more ways to access the calculator memory. The one we are going to discuss is by copying your last result.

Seeing Calculator History Of an iPhone via Copying the Result

Step1. Unlock your iPhone and go to the calculator app.

Step 2. Long press on the calculator app icon.

Step 3. Tap and select ‘Copy last result’. The last result is now copied to your clipboard.

Step 4. You can also long tap on the calculator app on the control center and select ‘Copy last result from there.

Step 5. By following the above steps the last result of the calculator is stored in your clipboard and you can use the information accordingly.

Although this is a slightly easier method than before, there is no real utility in applying this method. The last result of the calculator is not really of any use to most users.

What else can you do to access your calculator history on your iPhone? Well, there is another way that will sound a little over the top but it helps.

For your longer calculations, there can be another way to record all of your calculation history. For your taxes and your groceries, you cannot miss a single calculation as it would make you lose track of what your expenses have been. 

For this, you can try screen recording.

Steps to Track Your Calculation History via Screen Recording.

Step 1.  Open up the control center on your iPhone. 

Step2. Tap on the screen recording button, the recording will start after 3s.

Step 3. Do your calculations on your calculator as desired. Do not worry about any of the above steps while doing your calculations.

Step 4. When you are done with all the calculations, tap the timer of the screen recording app on the top corner of your iPhone screen. 

Step 5. There will be a prompt confirming whether you want to stop recording, Simply click on stop and the recording will stop.

You can access the recording in the Photos app whenever you desire. This might help you out with the calculator history of your iPhone.

All this might have solved your problem, but there’s an easier way to help your case than everything mentioned above. 

Just download another calculator app from the apple app store.

The above methods are used but it sounds like a solution for people who are in a hurry and are not interested in downloading another app for such a minute issue. 

Alternative Calculator Apps for the iPhone

There are a few calculator apps that are received pretty well in the app store. 

  1. Pcalc: There is a lite version for this app as well as a paid version worth $9.99. You have a good deal to work with with the basic package, including trigonometric and log functions, a radian mode, undo and redo operations, unit conversions, and constants.
  2. Calcularium: It is a free app with some interesting features, namely a handwriting feature which records your calculations in your handwriting and gives you the result.
  3. Numerical2: It is also a free app on the app store notably without an equals button. By eliminating the equals button and introducing brackets automatically to processes, the program speeds up entry. 
  4. Calzy: It is a paid app worth $1.99 on the app store. It has a “Memory Area” for rapidly identifying computations, variables, and other pieces of data that you may need to keep for convenient reference over numerous sessions.


We hope that we could provide all the possible solutions for such a problem. Everything mentioned above is a solution but we would suggest that if you want a calculator with more than basic features, go for one of the above-mentioned apps to have a better experience. The third-party apps are more flexible and customizable according to your use.

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