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How to see the top post on Someone else’s Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites to function with such a massive user base. After Facebook acquired the social media company in 2012, it brought in its idea of revolutionizing the platform and made it a huge success.

Instagram, just like many other social media website heavily influence our social media behavior, and the majority of it is based on how you are posting and how your peers are. Who has more likes on their posts?

With the advent of Instagram influencers, likes and comments are heavily focused on the platform. You would also find looking at the most liked posts of someone else as it should be the best post someone has produced.

All of us prefer to see likes and comments on each post and naturally, the most liked post is the most attractive one of all of them.

The popularity of Instagram influencers is based on such criteria and hence people wanting to popularise their business would target such users. 

In this article, we will look into all the ways you can easily identify the top posts on other profiles on Instagram, for whatever purpose suits you.

 First, let us understand how finding the most liked posts can benefit you or anyone else.

Steps to search for Someone else’s most liked post on Instagram Using popsters

The website has a lot of features to monitor social media, we will go through all of them one by one

  • Filtering out Instagram posts based on likes, shares, and comments
  • Filtering out posts via the content type including the above filtering options.
  • Analyzing multiple profiles and understanding their content graphically. 
  • Filtering top posts on Instagram via hashtags and phrases
  • Viewing metrics and data for selected profiles under a specific period. Different metrics range from average posts to publication management rates. 
  • Exporting all the statistics in different formats like PDF, XLSX etcetera.

These are various tools that can help you in the social media management you are looking for. In this case, Instagram. These tools can help you categorically identify what makes a post viral and also plan and strategize the needs of the hour to make your post popular on the platform.

Steps to search for Someone else’s most liked post on Instagram

Now let’s look at how you can spot the most liked post on Instagram, for other profiles.

Step 1. Open the tool popsters.com

Step 2.  Add the profile which you would want to analyze. It can be of yours as well. You just need to add the address of the concerned profile on the “Find” field

Step 3.  You need to specify the period for which you need the top post. 

Step 4. Once the posts are loaded, you may arrange them any way you’d like, including by the number of likes, comments, reposts, and publication management rate. This is the simplest method for discovering which Instagram profiles have the most liked posts.

Step 5. You can view those posts very easily, you just need to click on “Link” to view the original post.

Step 6. There is also a feature that can add all the posts that you like to your favorites by clicking on the “Add to favorites” button. 

Step 7. You can click on “Choose the filter” for better sorting via content type a.e photos, animation, videos etcetera.

Step 8. Enjoy and analyze the top posts of the profiles you have selected. 

There is also various graphical representation of the data available in the profiles. You can find that in the “charts” section. 

Other tools to track Instagram activity

You can also look for other tools for such purposes such as KidGuards Pro which can be used almost the same way as before.

It is a licensed version and you have to pay for the features included. 

Log in to your account and you can access such features

  • Select the screenshot option to view Instagram likes and comments. This will provide an instant screenshot.
  • Under Social applications, choose Instagram to view a person’s Instagram activity. This will show alerts from Instagram
  • Select App Activity under Phone Files to examine Instagram screen time.
  • Choose Photos and look for the Instagram folder to see the images and videos.

How finding the most liked posts on Instagram can be useful

Filtering out the top posts on Instagram profiles can turn out to be very beneficial depending on how you process that information and use it. 

You can filter out the top posts of individuals and try to understand why these posts are performing better socially and why it is popular among the audience. The category of images that are considered to be popular can be replicated for your client or yourself.  

The information in these cases can be put to better use and the same strategies can be also used for promoting products on the social media platform. Instagram, like other social media platforms, has always been based on trends and better knowledge of such strategies can help your case.

Understanding how posts become viral is an important part of managing social media. There are websites and tools which provide all kinds of graphical as well as numerical data on how different social media profiles perform, including Instagram. 

There is a tool that will be useful for you for this purpose called The Popsters. You can have all kinds of activities available publicly to be well informed about this. You can log on to www.popsters.com to learn more. 

Let’s look into how popsters can help you and what more you can do via the website to monitor trends on social media


If you follow the above instructions you should comfortably access all the information that you need. There are clear instructions on how to see someone else’s top post on Instagram. You can use the additional information for your use.

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