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How to Cancel a Dominos order?

The majority of people that you would encounter in your life would have pizza as their go-to snack preference. Okay, maybe I exaggerated, but you would have to agree that many would prefer pizza for dinner. 

Well, some people like their pizza piping hot, and others would not mind it being a little colder than preferred. That’s why people do not mind ordering pizzas online, and in a happy festive mood, you might just have ordered the wrong pizza this time.

It happens, you need not worry about it. We got you. It is only normal to get your orders wrong on the app and you might be fumbling through it because you need to cancel it before these guys start prepping the pizza. Plus, You are hungry as well.

Let’s go through the steps on how to cancel a dominos order and then you can peacefully order your next pizza

Steps on how to cancel your dominos order

These steps are strictly under the assumption that you are ordering from the Dominos app. There might be other apps that you use for ordering from Dominos, so please do not get confused.

You need to cancel the order ASAP before it gets out for delivery, so let us just get into it.

Step 1. Open up the Dominos app on your phone. 

Step 2. Check the order status in the “My orders” section of the app. Finding it is fairly easy as the app is not confusing. But the placement of the option might change with different app updates.

Step 3. Next, select the customer care option from the menu of the app.

Step 4. An AI customer experience chat should appear to help you out with your order. This is normal for customer service on food delivery and applications in general.

Step 5. Just text “Cancel my order” and click on send. The AI should recognize your request and automatically process to cancellation of your order. This should go smoothly and not cause any problems.

If the order isn’t canceled, there might be some technical issues. The AI might ask if you need further help and just accept it. You should be connected to a live executive. You can explain your issue and expect it to get resolved.

Step 6. There is another option of canceling the order in the “My Order” section, depending on how much time has passed since you placed the order. 

Step 7. There is also a chance that the app and the outlet might not cancel your order at all because of a variety of reasons or how much time has passed since the order has been placed.

Step 8. The refund is generated almost immediately and should reach your account ASAP. Sometimes it is refunded immediately and other times it might reach you in a few days. Do not worry as your money is safe.

You also have to understand the fact that Dominos can also cancel your order for some reasons even though you might not expect it.

Reasons Dominos might cancel your order

Dominos also own the right to cancel your order without the need to inform you before. They have some valid reasons for them to do so. Let’s take a look at them

  • The delivery person or the outlet is not able to contact you, If you are unavailable on call and they have a problem finding your address or something else, they can cancel your order.
  • The delivery could never happen as you were not at home. You may be not at home and have ordered your pizza to your address. In case you forget to communicate it to them, they can rightly cancel your order
  • The delivery address is known to be abusive, We are not implying such a thing but bad behavior toward your delivery persons is not acceptable as well as not cool. You might get your orders canceled in such a situation.
  • The number which you have placed an order from is listed as a number to place in hoax orders. There is ample reason to justify order cancellation in such a situation.
  • Dominos might have blacklisted your profile on the app for various reasons. You can contact customer care if you find yourself in such a situation. They will be able to guide you if the reasons are regarding your previous orders or if it is just a glitch in the application.

Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza chain restaurants in the world and there are different apps that would have Domino’s listed on them as a restaurant for ordering food. Some of the apps might be

  • Seamless
  • GrubHub
  • UberEats 
  • Postmates
  • Doordash
  • GoPuff

These are some of the apps where you can find Dominos.

If you find yourself ordering from these apps you would have to follow different steps to cancel your order which varies from app to app.

Let us look at how to cancel your order from one of these apps, in this case, Seamless

How to cancel your order from Seamless

You can call the restaurant directly, in this case, it is Domino. And inform them that you want to cancel your order. You can find the restaurant’s contact number on its page from “My orders”. You can also get the contact number from the confirmation email of the order.

If your problem is not resolved contact customer service from the app itself.

Your money will be refunded to you after your order is canceled. The refunds can take up to 5 business days depending on your payment method for the order.


The above article explains almost all the ways your Domino’s order can be canceled and also why it was already canceled without you knowing about it.

Try and look carefully at your orders while placing them and hopefully you will not have this problem anymore. These problems are a lot more common than you can think of.

I hope you would not need to refer to anything else after reading this. Enjoy snacking.  

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