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What Is Amazon Global Store?

Amazon Global Store was created to be the next competitive forefront in the world of eCommerce websites. Amazon Global store lists international brands and products which are not available locally. 

The idea is to provide customers with products that appeared on amazon portals of different countries but aren’t available on Amazon locally. 

Accessing this service is easier than you think. Whenever you search for products on amazon, the website lists products with both local variants as well as similar global store products. You can easily navigate through it by filtering with the “sold by Amazon Global store” option on the navigation panel. 

The products available via Amazon Global Store are an attempt to introduce local markets to international ones in this highly competitive atmosphere. But for You, there is a whole chunk of variety to explore.

How Does Amazon Global Store Work?

Amazon Global store works simply for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer is provided with the listings of various sellers from abroad. The complication of shipping costs added later in billing and long wait times for the product to be delivered is significantly reduced.

As amazon generally buys the product locally and ships abroad themselves by their shipping processes. This makes the process easier and faster, coming to your aid.

If you are a seller then Amazon Global Store has different steps to allow you to do business on their platform. They have to register as a global seller on www.sell.amazon.in to further look at the process. You have to further mention the continents you would like to export your products to before moving forward.

Amazon Global store is currently available on 3 continents and around 15 countries depending on where you want to export or import from.

AsiaMiddle EastNorth AmericaEurope
JapanSaudi ArabiaCanadaItaly 

Is It Safe to Buy From Amazon Global Store?

Amazon global store works almost exactly the same as the amazon portal in your country. Amazon adds the shipping cost and import taxes according to the country you are importing the product to. Your whole experience of shopping from the Amazon Global store will be the same. 

Except for the amount of the product if you buy it locally. Amazon offers customer support and various consumer safety procedures that it offers to buyers from the local portal. 

The Return Policy on Amazon Global Store

You can return items bought from Amazon Global Store within 30 days and expect a full refund on the product.

The return policy on the products also includes return shipping costs of up to 20$ on each order. This is a safe bet for you if you are looking to buy products that are imported. 

Reliable Delivery System

Just like your experience using Amazon services before, Amazon Global Store also provides a lot of delivery options including tracking for your order.

In case you are concerned about your product not being delivered on time you can opt for priority delivery for the product. 

The range of the shipping cost will depend on the kind of products that you are looking to buy and also the origin of the product imported.

Taxes and Duties

The taxes and duties which will include import taxes are not something hidden from you. The import taxes, duties, and fees. The import fees are an important part and an estimated charge is levied on you for completing the order. This is important to remove or minimize the delay for any order reaching you.

As the import fees are an estimated amount and not exactly the amount that the custom services might charge you, there is a system in place to refund you the surplus amount that has been charged to you while placing the order.

Amazon has an automatic refund policy from the time they get information about the actual import fees. After all the systems are in place if the amount doesn’t reach you within 180 days. You will be refunded the whole amount paid for import fees.

How Can I Order Using Amazon Global Store?

Ordering from the Amazon Global store is easier than you would imagine. As you could guess, it is not much different than any order that you would have placed on the website. There are just a few steps to keep in mind.

Step 1.  Log on to Amazon.com

Step 2.  Search for the products which you are looking for.

Amazon global store filter option

Step 3.  Refine your search by filtering “Sold on Amazon Global Store” 

Step 4. Add the products needed in your Cart.

Step 5. Check the shipping prices, different taxes, and duties before going to checkout.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Global Store?

Amazon Global Store has been a good way of introducing brands, companies, and sellers to everyday consumers like you who would rather have to go through a lot of trouble to get products that are not currently selling in your country. 

Having a big e-commerce company standing behind the whole process is a plus because it offers customer service and support unavailable from other vendors who sell and import foreign goods to your local outlets. 

International shipping and importing goods is not something new on the internet. But hidden taxes, obscure shipping prices, and uncertainty of the quality of the product make it a process that you and I would avoid.

Amazon Global store makes it easier and trustable, helping you to a new world of stress-free shopping.

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