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Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Roadmap Reveal

Under an hour ago, Ubisoft pushed through the latest news on what’s new in year 7 of Rainbow 6 Siege. In a video titled Year 7 Reveal Panel, hints were dropped for the fanbase to expect something “bigger and better” from their beloved competitive shooter title, R6S. The R6 Siege Year 7 roadmap was also revealed and discussed.

Here’s everything you need to know about what to expect in the upcoming Year 7 Rainbow Six update.

Whats New in Year 7 Rainbow Six Siege: TDM, Reputation System and More!

The developers and the team behind R6 believe in keeping the consistency of the core of the game whilst simultaneously adding new features that will feel welcoming to newer players and refreshing to the already existing and loyal fanbase.

New operators, cosmetics, maps, and game modes are sure to keep players hooked while enhanced player protection and anti-cheat technologies will see to that the players can enjoy a seamless and smooth Rainbow Six experience, eliminating the risk factors of toxicity and cheating.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Roadmap

The most exciting news that had Rainbow 6 fans at the edge of their seats has been finally unveiled. Rainbow 6 Year 7 Roadmap has been released and is ready for launch. In the section below you will find a comprehensive rundown of what to expect in Year 7 of Siege.

Image Credit to Ubisoft

Rainbow 6 Reputation System

Rainbow 6 is also likely to see an introduction of a full-fledged Reputation System. The Reputation System will bar players from certain features of the game like “friendly-fire” upon repeated violation.

Image Credit to Ubisoft

R6 Reputation System will also be implemented to Voice Chat and Text Chat which will place an offender under sanction such that they will no longer be able to use the voice/text chat system. Moving forward in the latter quarter of the year, offenders will be barred access to game modes, test server, and/or any mode of the game where they repeatedly violate the code of conduct.

Enhanced Accessibility Settings

In year 7, Rainbow 6 is attempting to cater to their specially-abled audience through re-worked accessibility settings, for instance, the color-blind mode for gadgets and sight colors. Moreover, gadgets will now be color-coded with the accent of the teams they belong to. For instance, any gadgets of the Defender team will be colored blue and any gadget of the Attacker team will be colored orange.

Team Deathmatch, Arcade Playlist and New Ranked System

In an effort to offer a welcoming experience and enjoyable onboarding of new players, R6 Siege will see the introduction of a permanent Team Deathmatch mode, a permanent Arcade playlist, and a revamped ranked experience. The addition of a permanent arcade playlist will ensure that players can sit back and enjoy a more relaxed iteration of the competitive shooter.

Picture courtesy of Ubisoft

The current ranked system of Rainbow 6 is formulated in a way that attempts to guess your rank as fast as possible. It’s not exactly RNG but neither it is progression-based. The devs have confessed to being not too proud of it. To make up for the lack of progression in the current system, a new and revamped system has been announced.

In this new ranked system, the player will be starting from scratch ( Copper), and it’s up to them to climb and earn their place amongst the ranks where they belong. Developers believe that this will encourage players to play more and instill a sense of progress in them as they soar through the ranks.

New EMP Grenade and Thatcher Rework

In Year 7 of Rainbow 6, a new generic EMP grenade will be released to the game as an alternative to Thatcher’s ability. The developers have come to this decision in response to frequent Thatcher bans in competitive gameplay.

Image Credit of Ubisoft

Furthermore, Thatcher’s ability will also be reworked to add the ability to cook the EMP grenade. The more you cook the grenade the farther will its effective range be. The motive is to encourage players to be thoughtful and play more strategically.

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