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Top 10 Non-Chinese TV Brands You Can Consider in 2023

If you are in the market for some non-Chinese TVs, you will find some value in reading this article. The smartphone market in India is booming, and Chinese brands are trying to make the same impact on the TV market and are almost on the verge of getting there.

Almost every Chinese smartphone maker has been launching TVs in India for quite some time now, Be it Xiaomi or OnePlus.

But unlike the smartphone market, where you have pretty limited options, the TV market can give you excellent offerings from non-Chinese TV brands for a more budget-friendly choice.

If you are looking for non-Chinese TVs, then read along as this article will show you some of the best options available in India.

1. Samsung

samsung Neo QLED
Picture Credit: Samsung

You cannot talk about TVs without including Samsung, one of the biggest non-Chinese TV brands out there. It is based in South Korea and was founded in 1938.

Samsung is also well-known for its electronics, apart from TVs. Samsung also makes other home appliances, and it offers TVs across all ranges no matter what your budget is.

Samsung TVs, speaking from a technical standpoint, are known for their versatility and can provide superb picture quality. Samsung is famous for its OLED models, which are staples in both their phones and TVs, and they even have VA panels.

The higher-end models are also perfect for all types of gaming- Hardcore and Low-Key. Samsung launched the all-new Neo QLED TVs in 2021, pushing down their regular QLEDs in the release lineup.

2. Sony

Sony A80J 139 CM (55)
Picture Credit: Sony

Sony is a Japanese tech giant founded in the year 1946. Although it drastically failed in the smartphone department, it still has a decent product catalog for TVs.

Sony is generally known for its Bravia series of TVs. They have excellent picture quality, some extra bells and whistles, and good color accuracy. Their build quality also appears to be better than many other competing brands.

The budget models of the Sony Bravia series are not that good, according to user reports, but their premium options and, most importantly, their mid-range options are among the best in the market. However, they usually belong to the pricier end of the spectrum.

3. LG

Picture Credit: LG

When one talks about Television, LG, short for Lucky Goldstar, cannot be left out. This is a South Korean brand founded in the year 1945. Ever since then, it has blossomed into a massive brand across industries, as well as countries.

By far, LG is one of the best TV brands in the market and home appliances in general. From product range to quality, LG got you covered in this department, and you can expect excellent picture and sound quality with LG TVs, it will surely make your Life Good.

LG’s age-long effort to continue excelling with the latest technology and technical innovation has taken them to bring out their latest ThinQ AI-powered OLED TVs.

4. Vizio

Picture Credit: Vizio

Vizio is an American publicly traded company. Lately, Vizio has been extremely popular in the US due to its affordability and high-quality products.

Apart from TVs, Vizio also produces soundbars to go with the TVs for a better audio experience.

5. Panasonic

Picture Credit: Panasonic

Panasonic is another prominent electronic manufacturing company founded back in 1918 in the island country of Japan.

Like Sony, Panasonic too failed the Smartphone race in the presence of Chinese brands, and as of 2021, Panasonic is nowhere in this market.

It might have lost the smartphone race, but the home appliances section of Panasonic is pretty strong, with top-quality products across many varied categories.

The Japanese giant offers a budget-friendly variety of TVs—a good option for those who want to try premium television features while saving a penny or two.

6. Sharp

Picture Credit: Sharp

Sharp is a famous Japanese tech and home appliance company now owned by the Taiwan-based Foxconn Group, and they design and manufacture electronics worldwide.

Sharp has recently introduced an 8K UHD Android TV with a Quad-Core processor, that supports smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, Smart R/C, and HDMI.

7. Phillips

Picture Credit: Phillips

Phillips is a Dutch Multinational company specializing in technology and home appliances, and it was founded way back in 1891.

Philips TVs are designed to deliver the best viewing experience and offer a wide assortment of LED TVs featuring the latest in TV technologies. They also have your favorite supported apps such as Netflix, Prime, and Youtube, pre-installed on their TVs.

8. Nokia

Picture Credit: Nokia

This Finnish tech giant was founded way back in 1865 and had multiple smartphone launches under the Nokia brand. It has now entered the TV market as well, although with limited options.

Nokia experimented with the smart TV section in 2020 with the launch of their 55-inch model with JBL speakers inbuilt. They also released a couple of other screen sizes in that series.

At the beginning of the online shopping spree in India, especially Flipkart, the company launched a brand-new series of Android TVs with six different screen sizes ranging from 32 to 65 inches.

HMD has been trying very hard to get a hold of the smartphone market under Nokia, but it looks like it’s primarily unsuccessful.

9. Kodak

Picture Credit: Kodak

Kodak is an American Company that has been around for quite some time but not in the TV market.

Kodak is mainly known for its cameras, but with the rise of digital cameras and smartphone cameras, it is no longer prominent in that department.

Now, Kodak has shifted its focus and is manufacturing TVs with a limited lineup. The company’s 32-inch HD Smart TV is manufactured here in India and comes along with dedicated hotkeys for Google Assistance, Prime, YouTube, and Sony LIV.

10. Sanyo TV

Picture Credit: Sanyo

Sanyo is a subsidiary brand under Panasonic, a famous Japanese electronics company like Oneplus, and OPPO under BBK.

The Kaizen Series coming from Sanyo has the Android operating system built-in – Android Pie 9.0, powered by a Quad-Core CPU, Google Assistant Access, and Micro dimming tech.


So these were some of the Non-Chinese Tv brands in India that you can consider buying. This list was not in any order.

Just like how Phones have been losing on bezels for some extra display along with getting bigger, TVs have been on the same run. All of these brands offer modern TVs with smart features.

Which home appliance brand is your favorite and why is it so? Let us know in the comments below!

Which are the Japanese TV brands?

Some of the prominent Japanese TV brands include Sony, Sanyo, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and Toshiba. According to reports, these companies are often collectively referred to as the Japanese Television Cartel and controlled 99.9% of the TV market in the country back in the day.

Are LG TVs Chinese?

LG, short for Lucky Goldstar, is not a Chinese TV brand. It is based in South Korea and was established in 1958 in the aftermath of the Korean War. The company acted as a home-grown home-appliance brand for the developing country at the time.

What is the No. 1 TV brand in China?

According to reports, the Chinese TV market is dominated by two major electronic companies – Xiaomi and Hisense.

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  1. VU is a chinese company disguised as an Indian company. Their TVs are rebranded Hisense TV. The companies CEO is a scamster, plenty of pensing cases against her.

  2. VU is a chinese company disguised as an Indian company. Their TVs are rebranded Hisense TV. The companies CEO is a scamster, plenty of pensing cases against her.


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