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The Best Parental Control Software for 2023

Every parent is indeed protective towards their children; you want your kids to be safe and secure. You always want to know what your kids are doing whenever you are at your work or away from them. 

Due to the increase in online dangers and risks, you want to keep your kids away from the Internet. But it is not possible as they will need the Internet for their education and entertainment purposes.

Hence you should use parental control app that helps to protect your kids from online danger. Here, I will be telling you the best parental control software for 2022. 

10 Best Parental Control Software 2022

There are many parental control software, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to select which parental control software is best for your kids.

Even though you can set up parental controls on iPhones and Androids, due to its limitations, dedicated parental control software has become a necessity in today’s day and age

Here are the top 10 best parental control software that you can choose to monitor your child’s device activities:



The first software that we have is Qustodio, which protects children from online threats. Qustodio helps you to keep your kids safe and balance their screentime. This app helps to maintain a healthily digital habit among kids and overcome their screen time addiction. 

You can get involved in your kid’s digital habits by viewing their activity in the dashboard. This app helps you to locate where your kids are at the moment using locate family option. Qustodio will send you a report of your kid’s digital habit. 

My personal favorite features of Qustodio is its SOS and alert feature. With this feature, you can get alert whenever your kids visit inappropriate websites; however, this app has a limited social media tracking feature. 

Features of Qustodio

  • Blocks inappropriate websites and apps.
  • Help you to maintain healthy digital habits using the time limit feature.
  • Keep track of calls and messages that your kids send and receive on their devices.
  • View what kids are doing on their devices through a real-time dashboard.
  • Send you a notification whenever your kids visit or leave specific places.

Pricing of Qustodio

Qustodio offers three price plans, which are:

  • Small: Small plan costs $54.95 per year, and is suitable for 5 devices.
  • Medium: Medium plan costs $96.95 per year and is suitable for 10 devices.
  • Large: Large plan costs $137.95 per year, and is suitable for 15 devices. 



Keep your kids safe using fenced.ai, which is one of my favorite parental control apps. Fenced.ai provides you with updates about your kid’s online activities anytime and anywhere you want.

It keeps an eye on your kid’s digital habits and protects kids from online dangers. This app ensures your kids only use the apps and websites that you allow them to use. 

With fenced.ai, you can monitor the social media activities of your kids. This app monitor social media like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, and many more.

It ensures your kids are not talking with any online predators or scammers on their social media. Apart from that, you can also view apps that your kids have installed on their devices. 

The most amazing feature about fenced.ai is that it sends you uninstall alerts whenever your kids try to uninstall fenced.ai without your permission. This will help to ensure that your kids will not uninstall the app from their devices. 

Feature of fenced.ai

  • Monitors contacts that your kids have saved on their devices.
  • Track all incoming and outgoing email activities.
  • Provides you your kid’s browsing habits, including website URL, number of times they visited the websites, timestamp, and so on. 
  • Geofencing feature keeps track of your kid’s location and alerts if your kids visit a restricted area.
  • Monitors photos and videos that your kids save on their devices. 

Pricing of fenced.ai

Fenced.ai has three price plans, which are:

  • Free: Free plan of fenced.ai is free of cost.
  • Basic: The basic plan of fenced.ai costs $69.99 per year.
  • Premium: A premium plan of fenced.ai costs $99.99 per year. 



Next, we have is Bark, which protects your kids from online predators and scammers. It keeps track of kids’ device activities 24/7. This app helps you manage your kid’s screen time and monitor the content they view on their device. 

The bark is also known for detecting cyberbullies and protecting kids’ mental health. With bark, you can manage your kid’s screen time and set time when your kids can use the Internet, and you can remotely restrict inappropriate websites on your kid’s device. 

The best feature of this app is it sends you an alert whenever the app detects issues related to mental health or bullies. However, this app does not send you an alert whenever your kids try to uninstall the app, which is the drawback of Bark. 

Features of Bark

  • Monitors photos and videos that your kids save on their devices.
  • Filters websites that are inappropriate for your kids. 
  • Monitors your kid’s location through their check-in.
  • Tracks conversations that your kids do on their social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. 
  • Detects your kid’s device 24/7.

Pricing of Bark

Bark provides two price plans, which are:

  • Bark Jr: Bark Jr costs $5 per month. 
  • Bark Premium: Bark Premium costs $14 per month. 



KidLogger is a parental control app that is suitable for both Android and IOS. It remotely shows you what your kids are doing on their phones. You can also listen to your kid’s phone call through a call recorder that the app provides.

You can also view the call log of your kid’s device. It also records all the messages that your kids send and receive on their devices.

KidLogger takes a random screenshot of your kid’s device. It records keywords that kids enter on their devices. This app also records text that kids copied on their devices.

You can also detect apps that your kids use the most. Besides that, you can track the total time your kids spend on their devices. 

My favorite feature of KidLoggers is tracking USB and DVD that your kids connect with their device. One drawback of this app is it lacks a geofencing feature, which most parents look for in the parental control app.

Features of KidLogger

  • Takes a random screenshot of your kid’s device when your kid types a specific keyword.
  • It shows you photos that your kids take on their devices.
  • Tracks app that your kids use most on the target device.
  • Shows files and folders that kids open the most on their PC or their mobile phone.
  • Records keywords that are typed on the target device. 

Pricing of KidLogger

KidLoggers offers three price plans, which are:

  • Basic: This plan is free of cost.
  • Standard: Standard plan costs $29 per year.
  • Professional: Professional plan of KidLogger costs $89 per year. 



NetNanny helps to control your kid’s screen time. With NetNanny, you can restrict your kids from browsing inappropriate websites in real-time. This app also helps you monitor your kid’s digital habits and protect kids from viewing harmful content. 

With NetNanny, you can block pornography and limit exposure to pornography in real-time. You can get peace of mind using NetNanny, the Internet filter feature, and the Websites blocker feature also blocks inappropriate websites. NetNanny’s social media shows children’s activities on social media. 

The best feature about NetNanny is it ensures children’s digital safety by blocking pornography. However, one drawback that NetNanny has is it is a bit expensive.

Features of NetNanny

  • Sends you daily reports of your kid’s online activities. 
  • Provides you peace of mind by tracking your kid’s location. 
  • With the screen time management feature, you can set a time limit for device usage. 
  • Monitors YouTube activities of your kids along with the name of the video, length, YouTube history, and so on. 
  • Allow you to block apps that you do not want your kids to use. 

Pricing of NetNanny

The price plan of NetNanny differs based on the number of devices used. Here’s the price plan of NetNanny:

  • For 1 DeskTop: It costs $39.99 per year.
  • For 5 Device: For 5 devices, you need to pay $54.99 per year.
  • For 20 Devices: For 20 devices, you need to pay $89.99 per year. 



Using 3 simple steps install mSpy on your kid’s device and view what your kids are doing on their phone. With mSpy, you can track your kid’s device and know what your kids are doing. You can manage your kid’s phone calls and text messages, and you will receive reports of your kid’s digital habits.

mSpy provides read mails features that read all incoming and outgoing emails on your kid’s device. Not just read email, you can also read social media messages like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, and so on. You can also view the battery status of your target device with mSpy. 

One of the best features of mSpy is it sends you to alert when your kids try to uninstall mSpy. Besides that, it also notifies your when your kids type any restricted keywords. However, one drawback of mSpy is it is quite expensive. 

Features of mSpy

  • Tracks text messages that your kids send and receive on their devices. 
  • View all the installed apps on your device. 
  • Get notified when your kids enter the restricted area with the geofencing feature.
  • Shows multimedia like photos and videos that are stored on your kid’s device.
  • Filters all inappropriate web content, show your kids browsing history, and so on.

Pricing of mSpy

mSpy offers three price plans, which are:

  • For 1 Month: For 1 month, mSpy costs $48.99 per month.
  • For 3 Months: For 3 months, mSpy costs $27.99 per month.
  • For 12 Months: If you choose mSpy for 12 months, you need to pay $11.66 per month.



Mobicip is well known for protecting kids on the Internet. With this app, you can limit your kid’s screen time and provide healthy digital habits. Mobicip ensures your kids are only viewing age-appropriate content on their phones using the block websites feature. 

You can prevent your kids from screen addiction by managing their screen time. Mobicip allows you to set daily and weekly device usage schedules.

You can even check your kid’s browsing history and block apps and websites in real-time. Mobicip allows you to manage multiple devices of your kids on a single dashboard. You can even invite your spouse or partner to be the admin of the app. 

The best feature of Mobicip is it has a time instant locking feature that allows you to lock your kid’s device remotely during their study time or dinner time. The drawback of Mobicip is it does not have a call blocker feature. 

Features of Mobicip

  • Shows your kid’s location in real-time.
  • Allow you to schedule screen time for your kids.
  • Supervise video that kids view on their devices and even restrict inappropriate video.
  • Allow you to create your kid’s profile and set the time limit of each device. 
  • Shows your kids are browsing history and filtering content in real-time.

Pricing of Mobicip

Mobicip offers three price plans, which are:

  • Small: Small plan of Mobicip costs $3.99 per month.
  • Medium: Medium plan of Mobicip costs $4.99 per month.
  • X-Large: X-Large plan costs $9.99 per month.



The next parental control app is FamilyTime, which claims to manage all the contents that your kids view on their devices.

Family Time lets you manage your family screen time and blocks inappropriate apps. This app provides safe search features which you can use on Google, YouTube, and Bing. 

Family Time app also provides a geofencing feature that sends you an instant alert when your kids visit a restricted area.

You can also know where your kids are at the moment with the family locator. Family Time also provides distracting app feature that blocks distracting apps from your kid’s device. 

Taking about the best feature of Family Time, it provides a bedtime feature that allows you to limit screen time during nighttime.

You can also use the homework time feature to lock your kid’s devices remotely when doing their homework. While drawback of Family Time is it does not work on Windows and Mac.

Features of Family Time

  • Provides panic button or SOS button that sends you an instant alert when you are in danger. 
  • With the family pause feature, you can lock your kid’s device remotely. 
  • Limit your kid’s screen time with the limit screen time feature.
  • View people who are on your child’s devices’ contact list.
  • With the teen safe drive feature, you can receive an alert when they over speed while driving.

Pricing of Family Time

Family Time offers four price plans, which are:

  • MyFamily: MyFamily plan costs $2.25 per month. 
  • MyFamily3: MyFamily3 plan costs $1.24 per month.
  • MyFamily5: MyFamily5 plan costs $1.15 per month.
  • MyFamily2: MyFamily2 plan costs $1.46 per month. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids protects kids’ online and offline activities. This apps helps you to safeguard your kids from online dangers.

With this app, you can help your kids focus on their education, and you can protect your kids from viewing inappropriate content and websites. 

With Kaspersky Safe Kids, you can monitor your kid’s online behavior and tech time healthy digital behavior.

You can control the screen time of your kids and set schedules for device usage. This app stops your kids from using their digital devices while doing homework or for a specific period. 

The best feature of Kaspersky Safe Kids is a battery tracker that notifies you when your kids’ device battery gets low.

Many features of Kaspersky Safe Kids are not available on IOS devices which is the drawback of the app. 

Features of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • YouTube search history feature shows what your kids are searching on YouTube.
  • Manage app usage based on app usage time and age restriction. 
  • With a GPS child locator, you can view where your kids visit. 
  • It sends you an alert when your kids try to visit inappropriate sites or use inappropriate apps. 
  • Online content filter filters inappropriate content and websites. 

Pricing of Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids offers two price plans, which are:

  • Free Plan: It is free of cost.
  • Premium Plan: The premium plan costs $14.99 per 



Boomerang is a parental control app that allows you to limit device usage among kids. The app allows you to schedule device usage time, which helps maintain a healthy digital habit. With this app, you can be sure that your kids are using their digital devices safely. 

Boomerang monitors texts your kids are typing on their devices and notify you if they type any inappropriate words.

Even if unknown numbers try to contact you, the app will send you notifications. Your kids can get make and receive phone calls only from saved numbers. 

My personal favorite feature of Boomerang is it helps to maintain healthy sleep habits among your kids through its bedtime feature. While talking about the drawback of Boomerang, it only monitors cell phone devices; it does not monitor PCs. 

Features of Boomerang

  • Block any apps that you want through parent mode.
  • Allow you to pause your kid’s device once their device usage time is over.
  • Tracks your kid’s location 24/7 with a location tracking feature. 
  • View the YouTube history of your kids. 
  • Monitors words that kids type on their devices. 

Pricing of Boomerang

There are three price plans that Boomerang offers, which are:

  • Trail Pack: This plan offers a free trial period of 14 days.
  • Family Pack: The family pack plan will cost you $30.99 per year.
  • Single Device License: Single device license costs $15.99 per year. 

Wrapping up

Wrapping up, these are the top 10 parental control software for 2022 that you can choose to protect your kids from online danger.

Since parental control apps are essential for kids as kids are getting addicted to their digital devices and online, dangers are increasing.

If you plan to try parental control apps, I would like to suggest you use any of the ones mentioned above. If you have used any apps mentioned above, I would love to listen to your experience; do write in the comment section below. 

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