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How to Get the Apple TV App on Your Samsung Smart TV?

Since its launch back in 2016, the Apple TV online streaming service has been a viable alternative to other popular streaming platforms across the globe. It hosts a curated collection of many of the best TV shows and movies for your binge-watching sessions. 

In an attempt to reach out to a wider audience base, the Apple TV app extended its support to several non-apple devices by 2020, allowing users to enjoy this streaming service without paying a hefty premium for a dedicated Apple device. 

Now comes the question: How can I get the Apple TV app installed on my Samsung Smart TV and if I could, how will I be able to gain access to all the exclusive features of this service after the installation process?

We at TecValue are here to tell you exactly that. The following sections of this article will provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to install the Apple TV app on a Samsung Smart TV. 

How to Install the Apple TV App on Your Samsung Smart TV? (2018 and Newer Models)

Before going any further, you need to make sure that your current Samsung Smart TV is featured as a compatible device in Apple’s list of supported/approved models. You can easily check that out by visiting either Apple’s or Samsung’s official website and navigating to the support page. 

If your Smart TV isn’t listed as a supported device, you can still get the Apple TV app by employing a different method. I’ll be discussing that at the end of this article. Be sure to check that out!

Install Apple TV App on Your Samsung Smart TV

Nevertheless, most Samsung Smart TVs from 2019 onwards have the Apple TV app pre-installed. You should be able to open the app from the apps section on the home screen. If you are unable to find the app as is the case with some older models from 2018, follow these steps:

Step 1: From the Home Screen of your TV, navigate to the Apps icon and open it. This will take you to the Samsung App Store

Step 2: After opening the App Store, find the Search icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Step 3: Select the Search icon and type in Apple TV using the virtual keyboard on your screen. Doing so will bring the app as a search result.

Step 4: Select the Apple TV icon and open it. If the app has already been installed on your device, it will automatically take you to the Apple TV Home Screen. If not, follow the on-screen instructions to download the app.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the Apple TV app on your Samsung Smart TV. 

However, to gain access to all of its features, you’ll need to sign in to your account using an Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID, then make sure to have one by creating an account in the Apple Music App on your Smartphone or iTunes on your PC. 

The Apple TV app works on a subscription-based model for individual channels and saves you from the hassle of downloading any additional application for content consumption. You have the option of only subscribing to those channels that you are willing to watch. 

Furthermore, the same method is applicable for watching movies on Apple TV. The streaming service incorporates a Buy or Rent acquisition scheme wherein you can either purchase a movie of your choice and it will be yours to keep forever or you can rent a movie at a much cheaper price and watch it within its period of validity. 

How to Install the Apple TV+ App on Your Samsung Smart TV? (2017 Models)

If you’ve read this far into the article, I’m sure you’ve come to know that the Apple TV app is natively supported on most Samsung Smart TV models since 2019. Although a few select models from 2018 do get access to this app by simply downloading it from the app store, what about the older models from 2017? Do they have access to Apple’s online streaming service? The short answer is Yes. But there’s a catch! 

Install Apple TV+ App on Your Samsung Smart TV

Apple took the initiative and managed to squeeze in the Apple TV+ app for 2017 Samsung Smart TV Models. This app is essentially a cut-down version of the original Apple TV app where you can only access exclusive movies and TV shows without the inclusion of any Apple TV channels or other features. 

To get the Apple TV+ app installed on your Samsung Smart TV (2017 model), follow the steps listed down below. 

Step 1: Your 2017 Samsung Smart TV model will not come with the Apple TV+ app pre-installed. You’ll need to download it from the App Store. Navigate to the Apps icon from the Home Screen and open it. This will take you to the Samsung App Store

Step 2: Once you’ve opened the App Store, look for the Search icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Using the virtual keyboard, type in Apple TV+. Doing so will bring the app as a search result.

Step 3: Select the Apple TV+ icon and download the app by following the on-screen instructions. After the installation process, open the app and log into your account using an Apple ID. You’re good to go!

How to Get the Apple TV App on Any Samsung TV? (2016 Models or Older)

Suppose you are someone who has never owned a Samsung Smart TV in your lifetime. You’re pretty satisfied with your old LED or LCD model and don’t see a reason to upgrade to a fancy new 4K or 8K OLED TV. But what about your desire for online content streaming from your TV? Will you be able to watch all the latest and greatest TV shows and movies from the Apple TV app? 

Well, it’s possible but you’ll need to make an investment. However, the investment that I’m talking about will be a worthy one. Follow these steps: 

Step 1: First and foremost, make sure that your TV has at least one HDMI port. 

Step 2: Next, you need to have a stable wireless connection with decent upload and download speeds. 

Step 3: Finally, the investment will be based upon purchasing an Apple TV-compatible media streaming device. The Amazon Fire Stick or the Roku Streaming Stick is an inexpensive yet capable streaming device in this regard. 

Step 4: Connect the streaming device to the HDMI port, usually located at the back of your TV. Power on the TV and follow the on-screen instructions for setting up the device (requires sign-in and activation). 

After activating the device, open the Apple TV app, sign in to your account using an Apple ID and you’re done! With the addition of an external media streaming device, your old Samsung TV will gain a good few years to its life cycle. 

To sum it up, I’ve covered almost all of the methods using which you can get the Apple TV app installed on your Samsung Smart TV, be it a newer model or an older one. Hope you found this article helpful. For more simple yet intuitive How-To guides, leave a comment down below. 

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