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How Long Can Twitter Videos Be in 2023? [Answered]

Twitter is a whirlpool of information and opinions. Although it is a social media platform, it differs from its peers such as Facebook, Reddit and so on. Contrary to Facebook, Instagram and Reddit, Twitter has a lower, fixed cap on characters in a tweet.

It was buzzing recently when Twitter announced and brought about a step-up of the character limit from 140 to a drastic 280 maximum characters cap. In fact, Twitter Blue subscribers can now share tweets up to 10,000 characters long and with formatting like bold and italics.

Since Twitter has put down restrictions on posts such as word limits, it is quite natural to ponder whether there exists any such restriction when uploading media such as videos, images, GIFs and so on.

Well yes, the length of videos is indeed restricted on Twitter. The maximum length of a video that you can upload is 140 seconds or 2 mins 20 seconds.

Note that this is not the same for users with Twitter ads account set up. They can be granted special rights to upload clips up to 10 minutes long. Furthermore, after increasing the character limit of tweets for Twitter Blue subscribers, the company also increased the video limit for them, which we will discuss in a later section.

Psst! There’s an extensive cheat sheet that covers all the very best dimensions and specifications you need to know for your videos to stand out on Twitter. Scroll down to find out!

How Long Can Twitter Videos Be?

The Twitter video length limit is: 140 Seconds for regular users.

As aforementioned, Twitter permits uploading video clips up to 2 mins 20 seconds long. Besides the video length lock, there are a few more restrictions that you need to pay close attention to.

However, for Twitter Blue users, the video length limit has been extended from the usual 140-seconds limit to a 2-hour limit. Yes, you read that right! If you have a Twitter Blue subscription, you can post 1080p videos up to 2 hours long in your tweets. Regular users will be able to view these videos on the platform, but they cannot share such long videos from their Twitter account.

It can be a bummer when Twitter rejects your content because of regulations that are unheard of. Well, we are here to save the day with this article which will clarify all your doubts regarding video uploads on Twitter.

Maximum File Size of a Twitter Video

Along with the run time of the video, you also need to pay attention to its size.

The Twitter video size limit for a regular user is: 512MB.

Now, according to the recent changes, the video size limit for Twitter Blue subscribers is 8GB.

This is pretty convenient and more than enough to fit in clear quality 1080p videos. Yes, Twitter supports 1080p videos. However, if your video somehow seems to cross the file size limit, you can always compress and upload them.

Best Video Resolution and Framerate for Twitter Videos

It can be really disappointing when Twitter auto-cuts and resizes your perfectly shot clips to fit its frame. To avoid going through the hassle of reuploading and re-editing your videos to fit in the Twitter standards, make sure to keep the following numbers in mind.

  • Minimum Video Resolution for Twitter: 32 x 32 pixels
  • Maximum Video Resolution for Twitter: 1900 x 1200 (Landscape View), 1200 x 1900 (Portrait View)
  • Maximum Framerate of Videos for Twitter: 60 Frames Per Second (Yep, Twitter allows sweet 60fps master race)
  • Minimum Framerate of Videos for Twitter: There isn’t a lower limit of allowed fps but it’s advised to keep your videos’ FPS between the 30-60 mark. Anything below 24 FPS appears choppy and is very unpleasant to the eyes.

Trivia: The human eye can only see up to 30 FPS.

Supported File Formats for Twitter Videos

Support video formats on Twitter: MP4, MOV on Twitter mobile. MP4 with H.264 encoding and AAC audio for Twitter Web.

Twitter supports the generic .MP4 file format (Recommended) and .MOV(2nd favoured) file formats for uploading videos.

If you are on Twitter Web, you should stick to uploading .MP4 with H.264 encoding and AAC audio encoding to achieve the highest quality content.

Tecvalue Cheatsheet for Uploading Videos on Twitter

Behold! For we present you the Holy Grail of Twitter video upload requirements. Go through this cheat sheet once and you will never have to search for any video upload related query ever!

Below are the recommended video resolutions that will make your content look clean and professional and keep the video black-bar free. Quick! Screenshot this!

Video FormatMinimum ResolutionMaximum Resolution
Landscape 320×1801280×720
Best Dimensions for Twitter Videos

Wait! We aren’t done yet. Along with this best video resolution for Twitter cheatsheet, we also provide you with all the other equally important specifications in a fresh cheatsheet. Screenshot away!

Video Lenght2 min 20 sec1 min or < 1 min 50 sec
File Format~MP4 
File Size512 MB~
Video Bitrate 2048K768K Landscape, 1024K portrait
Audio Bitrate128K128K or > 64k
Recommend Twitter Video Specifications

Twitter Video Upload Failed — Causes & Fixes

There is a short scope of reasons why you can’t upload videos on Twitter. We’ve provided a possible list of reasons along with quick remedies. Go through the run down to pick your fix:

1. Unsupported Video Format

If you have gone through our cheat sheet, you would know that Twitter ONLY accepts .MP4 and .MOV video files. If you are trying to upload anything other than the official formats say( .AVI, .MKV, .WMV), these won’t work and your video upload will fail.

Now, what if your video is only available in an unsupported format?

Well, in this case, you can simply use an online video converter. Now, what if you don’t know any such site? What to do?

Google! Yes, the solution will be at your fingertips after one simple google search for instance,Convert AVI to MP4 . You may choose any site that piques your interest.

Replace “AVI” in the example with your video file type, sit back and relax.

2. Video Exceeds File Size Limit

Twitter isn’t the go-to social media platform for uploading 4K HD videos. As previously mentioned, the maximum video size on Twitter is 512 MB. If you go beyond that, you’ll get an error prompt saying your file is too big.

In such a scenario, look for online video compressors. Simply Google the term “Online Video Compressor” and solutions will find you.

3. Video Too Long

Uploading a longer video by accident is a typical occurrence. As per the guidelines, you can only upload videos that are up to 140 seconds, or 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.

You can easily get around this by creating a free Twitter ad account. All you have to do is enter your card and banking credentials to get started.

Don’t worry, unless you purposefully produce an ad for your video, you won’t be charged anything. You will still be getting the increased time limit quota of up to 10 minutes.

4. Slow Internet Issues

It’s also possible that you won’t be able to upload to Twitter because of a slow internet connection. Uploading files to the internet, especially using a browser, can prove to be risky business. You risk losing all of your progress and being unable to upload your video if your internet connection is slow or choppy.

To make sure your net connection is good enough for video upload, use an online internet speed tester.

Yep, you guessed it, Google is the answer once again. Simply Googling the term “Internet speed test” will fetch you an instant speed testing feature.

If the Download and Upload speeds are above 10 Mbps, your internet is sufficient enough.

Final Comments

All of your queries regarding the length, size, resolution, etc of Twitter videos should be cleared. If you still feel that something is missing, do comment to let us know! We further hope that the carefully curated cheatsheet provided here is fruitful to you.

Is there a limit for sharing videos on Twitter?

Although there is no limit for the number of videos that you can share on the platform, Twitter does impose limits on the video length and size. They are different for regular Twitter users and Twitter Blue subscribers.

How long should a video be for sharing on Twitter?

For regular users, the length of the video that they are sharing should not exceed 140 seconds. For Twitter Blue users, on the other hand, the video length can be up to 2 hours.

Will the video quality be affected for longer videos on Twitter?

Although Twitter maintains the highest standards when it comes to video quality, it can still be modified by the company, depending on the speed and reliability of the internet connection of a viewer. If a user has a weak internet connection, the resolution and the bitrate of the original video can be brought down.

Why is my video not uploading on Twitter?

Some of the most common reasons why you cannot upload a video on Twitter can be: video size limit exceeded, video length limit exceeded, unsupported video format, unstable internet connection, and issues with Twitter servers.

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